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1. The regulation as to convents seems partly due to a desire to avoid the worry and expenditure of time involved in the discharge of such offices and partly to a conviction that penitents living in enclosure, as all religious persons then were, would be of no effective use to the Society; whereas the founder, against the wishes of several of his companions, laid much stress on the duty of
2. After finding Lily and Rin asleep, the two boys decided they would worry about the time lapse the following day.: Seeing your worry written out externalizes what you have been agonizing over.: Back in my day, we didn't worry about self-esteem or agonize over feelings.: With two reams, he wouldn't have to worry about running out in the middle of a good part and having to get up to run to the store.
3. worry used in sentences. The sentences below are ordered by length from shorter and easier to longer and more complex. They use worry in a sentence, providing visitors a sentence for worry. Another worry! (8) Why worry her? (8) You worry me. (10) No worry; no excitement. (8) Please do not worry about me. (8) She was to love and not worry. (8)
4. English words and Examples of Usage use "worry" in a sentence When my students worry that they aren't improving, I use the analogy of my children's growth: I'm not aware of how much they've grown because I see them every day, but friends who see them infrequently certainly notice the change.
5. worry in a sentence - Use "worry" in a sentence 1. Amid the come-ons, there are hints of worry. 2. Communist or not, it remains a worry to Eastern Europeans. click for more sentences of worry
6. worry in a sentence - Use "worry" in a sentence 1. And I worry that one morning it will be my family. 2. Still, the women worry when their husbands are at sea. click for more sentences of worry
7. 2245713 I do worry.CK 1 506446 Don't worry. rtomharper 1 2111667 I'm worried.CK 1 2388239 I never worry.CK 1 1887946 I was worried.CK 1 1495911 Stop worrying.CK 1 2107657 Tom's worried.CK 1 2203589 We're worried.CK 1 2203588 Tom is worried.CK 1 2203587 You're worried.CK 1 2244969 Are you worried?CK 1 1891089 I'm not worried.CK 1 2249692 Now I'm worried.
8. How to use worrying in a sentence. Example sentences with the word worrying. worrying example sentences.
9. It sounds presumably confusing for others, however,it is correct since the word “need” can be used as semi-modal verb then to form negative sentence can be : * You needn't worry : semi-modal verb (it is commonly used to form negative sentence to e
10. How to use worry-free in a sentence Looking for sentences and phrases with the word worry-free? Here are some examples. Sentence Examples. We smugly headed for disaster, confident in our abilities and worry-free because nothing had ever gone wrong before. Find more words!
11. worry definition is - choke, strangle. How to use worry in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of worry.
12. Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word worry: . See worry used in context: 100 poetry verses, 1 Shakespeare work, 5 quotations, 44 definitions
13. Significant mentions of worry:. See worry used in context: 100+ rhymes, 1 Shakespeare work, several books and articles.: Help Advanced Feedback Android iPhone/iPad
14. Worrisome definition is - causing distress or worry. How to use worrisome in a sentence.
15. Examples of Incentive in a sentence. Many studios are coming here to make movies because of the large tax incentive offered by the state. 🔊 Now that Jill has a husband, she feels she no longer has any incentive to worry about her looks. 🔊 The teacher knew her students would behave well for an incentive as simple as a star sticker. 🔊
16. Another word for worry. Find more ways to say worry, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at T, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.
17. "About" How about you? How about 12:45? It's about time. He is about forty. He is about my age. He is about thirty. How about tomorrow? He is about my size. I got up about five. She is about my age. Don't worry about it. He is about your age. I got up at about six. Please think about it. She is about to leave. How about a cup of tea? They're about to leave. She was about to go out.
18. Use precedent in a sentence, precedent meaning?, precedent definition, how to use precedent in a sentence, use precedent in a sentence with examples. UseEnglishW. When hostages are being held for ransom, a government may worry about setting a bad precedent if it gives in. 31.
19. Don't worry about making mistakes, but also try not to forget which verb you have waiting in your head until the sentence ends. 10) Banish the terms, "subject", "direct object", and "indirect object" from your head.
20. I shouldn't worry about it. I shouldn't say anything. In these cases, the phrase "I should" really means something like "you should". should for pseudo subjunctive . We often use a special verb form called the subjunctive when talking about events that somebody wants to happen, hopes will happen or imagines happening, for example:
21. Sarah: Don’t worry, Monica. You will soon impress your friends. Does anyone already know how to use ‘Is’ , ‘Am’ and ‘Are’? Ken: ‘Is’ is mainly used in present tense form when we talk about doing some action. It is a form of the verb ‘To be’.
22. Use "need not worry" in a sentence? can i use this as a correct grammar? Answer Save. 8 Answers. Relevance. Dennis. Lv 7. 8 years ago. Favourite answer. You need not worry, I'll handle everything for you. 1 1. stukowski. Lv 4. 4 years ago. Need Not worry. Source(s): https:///bamkp. 0 0. Ty Vin. 8 years ago.
23. 41 Examples of Wheedle in a Sentence. Definition of Wheedle. wheedle (verb) - influence or urge by gentle urging, caressing, or flattering. View other definitions. I guarantee Blagojevich is too busy trying to wheedle his way out of this mess to worry about trying to implicate someone who - by Blagojevich's own taped words - wouldn't play
24. Not to worry, I will pardon you for asking such a silly question. Log in Ask Question. A good way to use retentive in a sentence is "How do you use the word retentive in a sentence?"
25. Any more and you can seem aggressive, much less and you appear evasive Do n't worry about the interviewer taking notes. a n v d [adjective] 0. I 'm sorry to be so evasive, but one cannot be quite dogmatic about all that. a n v d [adjective] 0. USE IN A SENTENCE. RECENT.
26. 10 things people worry about too much. Sometimes there is a good case for try and – for example, if you want to avoid repeating the word to in a sentence such as: "We're really going to try
27. About (adv, prep): relating to; concerning; on the subject of Use 'about' in a sentence What do you really think about it? I don't care about your past. What do you think about that issue? He genuinely cares about me. What is he angry about? Do you have any information about the project? She is worried about her weight. Don't worry about it. Our house is worth about 150,000 dollars. He seems
28. It doesn't look to me as though you have anything to worry about with your students. Finally, I don't think there's any necessity to use a comma before a coordinating conjunction when both clauses are as short as thee ones in your example sentence are. Warsaw Will Mar-04-2014.
29. I have much too much to worry about than have to worry about how much I use the word much in a sentence that worries about how much I use the word much, much much more than any other word. That's eight "muches" and three "worries" 0 3. Show more answers (4) Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.

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