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wilder (comparative adjective) · wildest (superlative adjective)

  - (of an animal or plant) living or growing in the natural environment; not domesticated or cultivated.

  - (of a place or region) uninhabited, uncultivated, or inhospitable.

  - lacking discipline or restraint.

  - not based on sound reasoning or probability.

  - (of a playing card) deemed to have any value, suit, color, or other property in a game at the discretion of the player holding it.See also wild card.

(the wild)

wilds (plural noun) · the wilds (plural noun)

  - a natural state or uncultivated or uninhabited region.


wilds (third person present) · wilded (past tense) · wilded (past participle) · wilding (present participle)

  - treat (a person or animal) harshly, so that they become untrusting or nervous.


untamed, undomesticated, feral, unbroken, fierce, ferocious, savage, uncultivated, natural, native,

"Wild" in Example Sentences

1. The note of this once wild Indian pheasant is certainly the most remarkable of any bird's, and if they could be naturalized without being domesticated, it would soon become the most famous sound in our woods, surpassing the clangor of the goose and the hooting of the owl; and then imagine the cackling of the hens to fill the pauses when their lords' clarions rested!
2. CK 1 2835763 Tom took a wild guess. CK 1 63324 A fox is a wild animal. CK 1 425812 Foxes are wild animals. blay_paul 1 322812 It was a wild goose chase. CK 1 262017 I'm afraid of wild animals. CK 1 1557300 Tom was killed by wild animals. Spamster 1 1887718 I think it's a wild goose chase. CK 1 267383 Don't let your imagination run wild.
3. Glad you visited this page with a sentence for wild. Perhaps also see a sentence for waddy and ways to use wag in a sentence. Now that you’ve seen how to use wild in a sentence hope you might explore the rest of this educational reference site S to see many other example sentences which provide word usage information.
4. English words and Examples of Usage use "wild" in a sentence A lion in the wild usually makes no more than 20 kills a year. I found some wild mushrooms under the log. Global warming can cause serious problems for wild animals, too.
5. wild Definition, Define wild, how to use wild in a sentence with some examples best for learning english: 10. Something had run wild Example sentence - The wild flowers on the mountainside fragrantly enhanced the scene. 11. Here are 15 fantastic examples of sentences with "wild goose chase". 12. wild guess in a sentence - Use "wild guess
6. How to use wild in a sentence Looking for sentences and phrases with the word wild? Here are some examples. Sentence Examples. He found he was being labelled as the poet of the wild, writing only about animals. Dovre national park hosts wild Fennoscandian reindeer of Beringia origin.
7. 19. The wild flight of one part of the army had demoralized the other. 🔊 20. The horrible villany of this wild scamp actually paralysed me. 🔊 21. With a wild peal of laughter he hurled the second glass into the air. 🔊 22. She alone is bold enough to force her way through this wild rocky labyrinth. 🔊 23.
8. English words and Examples of Usage use "wild" in a sentence The ancestor of all domestic cats is the African wild Cat, which still exists today. We anchored the boat offshore and stayed there because we were afraid of the wild animals that were walking around on the beach.
9. How can you use the words a wild goose chase in a sentence? ana is a foolish person . How do you use spread like wildfire in a sentence? spreed like wild fire.
10. How to use wild goose chase in a sentence Looking for sentences with "wild goose chase"? Here are some examples. Sentence Examples. I set off an a wild goose chase for corned beef and white pudding, but having no luck, I returned to the hotel for a late lunch.
11. wild definition is - living in a state of nature and not ordinarily tame or domesticated. How to use wild in a sentence.
12. wild guess in a sentence - Use "wild guess" in a sentence 1. "I took a wild guess and said 1, 000, " he said. 2. *wild guess here, but possibly a sinker used for fishing . "' click for more sentences of wild guess

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