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"Waveringly" in Example Sentences

1. Use "waveringly" in a sentence. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. waveringly in a sentence. Waveringly; Whistling to himself, he labored waveringly uphill. Seeing Nekhludoff she flushed, stopped waveringly, then frowned, and with downcast eyes approached him with quick step.
2. waveringly definition: Adverb (comparative more waveringly, superlative most waveringly) 1. In a wavering way; in a way involving wavering.Origin wavering +‎ -ly
3. In a vacillating manner; uncertainly, waveringly.Origin vacillating +‎ -ly: 3. vacillatingly - adverb vacillation - noun Use Vacillate in a sentence: 1. I try hard not to vacillate in my dedication to honesty so others will always trust me. 11. Use "uncertainly" in a sentence.
4. They use portentously in a sentence, providing visitors a sentence for portentously. The small stuffed shop appeared to grow portentously cavernous and waveringly illumined. (10) The countless windows along the broad front gleamed portentously with the reflection from the flames above.
5. How to use Checkers in a Sentence? 1. The game of checkers closed, and Ike and Bates moved around near Mr. Farindale. 🔊 2. A survey is so weak and more checkers any more checkers are solemn and loud and wild waveringly wet. 🔊 3.
6. The opposite of the adverb firmly (securely) is loosely.*When used to mean forcefully or determinedly (e.g. firmly stated), the opposite could be gently, weakly, or waveringly.
7. Let’s try and put it in a sentence: Gulf War = legitimisation of Sunni/Shia conflict = destabilisation of the Middle East = Arab Spring = destabilisation of North Africa also = ISIS-Daesh = terrorism = more refugees = increasing destabilisation of Europe = destabilisation of the US. Or waveringly: ‘Quit it Frank, this ain’t funny
8. Yet you know that it is a language that can be learned. More than that, you have gone there to learn it. Now that is the first rung in the ladder of faith. However weak or waveringly, in your heart you do believe that you can and will get it. Otherwise, obviously you wouldn’t try to learn it. So you plod on.
9. He shivered. “That was a dark time. I only thought of how I could have made things different, how I was the reason Arthus’ wife died, how I caused Laryon’s parents to die—even if I didn’t know how or why they happened.” He exhaled waveringly. “I know now it was really Arthus’ fault, in some way…but I couldn’t help but feel that.

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