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"Vivify" in Example Sentences

1. 1. vivify definition is - to endow with life or renewed life : animate. How to use vivify in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of vivify.: 2. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. Use "vivify" in a sentence. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word.
2. vivify definition is - to endow with life or renewed life : animate. How to use vivify in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of vivify.
3. How to use vivify in a sentence Looking for sentences and phrases with the word vivify? Here are some examples. Sentence Examples. Those few seconds vivify the language, and crystallize the urgency not to let it die. The film, though, has a strange, stately calm, an antidramatic tone that the melodramatic music tries to vivify.
4. vivify in a sentence 🔊 Definition of vivify . How to use vivify in Sentence? 1. Let our arms touch, and the thrill of ardent friendship vivify our new relation. 🔊 2. Nothing can prevent the radiance of the sun descending to warm and vivify the Divine Garden. 🔊 3.
5. 10 sentence examples: 1. Such experiences vivify learning and give children the opportunity to talk and, through talk, to explore ideas. 2. His remarks always vivify an otherwise dull story. 3. A smile may vivify a face. 4. Frank's remarks always viv
6. vivify definition: transitive verb -·fied·, -·fy·ing 1. to give life to; animate 2. to make more lively, active, striking, etc.Origin of vivifyFrench vivifier from Ecclesiastical Late Latin vivificare (as opposed to mortificare: s
7. English Verbs Conjugation English Verbs and - How to conjugate What is the first , second and third form of "vivify" I will vivify you will vivify he/she/it will vivify we will vivify you will vivify they will vivify: What is the base from of vivified How do you spell vivify in a sentence? conjugation of vivified .
8. Vivifies in a sentence 🔊 Definition of Vivifies . Third-person singular simple present indicative form of vivify. How to use Vivifies in Sentence? 1. Osiris is the soul that animates these, the soul that vivifies all things, and all things are but his body. 🔊 2.
9. vivify definition, to give life to; animate; quicken. See more.
10. Sentence Examples for vivify. I Kings vi., vii.), the sacrifices and festivals and the functions of priests and prince are prescribed, a stream issuing from under the temple is to vivify the Dead Sea and fertilize the land (this is meant literally), the land is divided into parallel strips and assigned to the tribes. How to use vivify in a sentence is shown in this page.
11. The word "vivify" is a transitive verb. An example of a sentence using the word would be: Somehow, his brush with death had seemed to vivify him.
12. What is the meaning of vivify in Chinese and how to say vivify in Chinese? vivify Chinese meaning, vivify的中文,vivify的中文,vivify的中文,translation, pronunciation, synonyms and example sentences are provided by .
13. Vivifies definition: Verb 1. third-person singular simple present indicative form of vivifySee also: vivifiés
14. Translate vivify into Spanish. Find words for vivify in Spanish in this Spanish-English dictionary. Traducir vivify de Inglés a español.
15. vivify is a 6 letter word, used as a verb, an SAT word and has the letters fiivvy (fivy). Starts with v, ends with y, four consonants, two vowels and three syllables. Learn how to use the easiest words finder here.
16. Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word vivify: . Help Advanced Feedback Android iPhone/iPad API Blog Privacy Copyright © 2020 Datamuse
17. vivify definition is to endow with life or renewed life : animate. And stretching himself on the divan, he soon snored like a forty-eight pounder. The government Beautiful redhead slut jerks dudes rigid has departments to deal with the special-interest groups that make themselves heardand felt.

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