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insignificant, inconsequential, trivial, minor, slight, trifling, nonessential, immaterial, irrelevant, peripheral,

"Unimportant" in Example Sentences

1. How to use unimportant in a sentence. Example sentences with the word unimportant. unimportant example sentences.
2. Examples of unimportant in a sentence. The janitor’s job might seem unimportant, but the school could not function without this essential position. 🔊 As an overthinker, the woman spends lots of time worrying about things that are unimportant. 🔊 Spending several hours in the unimportant meeting was a total waste of the work day. 🔊
3. The use of connectives has been discussed when treating of emphasis secured by subdual of unimportant details. Increase of red corpuscles, or polycythemia, is unimportant . It respects the administration of such unimportant matters, that we should not look for any durability in its rule.
4. How to use unimportant in a Sentence? 1. The conversation in which she was engaged suddenly became trivial and unimportant to her. 2. Ending with a digression, or with an unimportant detail, is particularly to be avoided. 3. The casual, unimportant talk of ordinary occasions went on after the interruption. 4.
5. Sentence with word unimportant. The sentences below are ordered by length from shorter and easier to longer and more complex. They use unimportant in a sentence, providing visitors a sentence for unimportant. The question of money was to me perfectly unimportant. (10) I put it to you, dear Annette, is he so unimportant a person? (10)
6. unimportant in a sentence - Use "unimportant" in a sentence 1. 4. unimportant in a sentence - Use "unimportant" in a sentence 1. Let us remember how unimportant the things we are discussing are. 2. Too many people thought our forest resources were inexhaustable or unimportant. click for more sentences of unimportant: 5. Use "unimportant" in a
7. Examples of how to use the word 'unimportant' in a sentence. How to connect 'unimportant' with other words to make correct English sentences.unimportant (adj): not importantUse 'unimportant' in a sentence Relatively speaking, this matter is unimportant. Don't worry too much about unimportant things. Skip it. It's not an unimportant question.Back to “3000 Most Common Words in English”
8. Use "unimportant" in a sentence. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. unimportant in a sentence. Unimportant; 1. And it's all so unimportant. 2. It is unimportant to them if they. 3. However, that is unimportant, Alexis. 4.
9. Translations of the phrase THEY ARE unimportant from english to dutch and examples of the use of "THEY ARE UNIMPORTANT" in a sentence with their translations: not because they are unimportant but because they are dealt
10. unimportant quotes from YourDictionary: And what I've learned isnot to believe in magical leaders any more; that character and compassion are more important than ideology; and that even if it's absurd to think you can change things, it's even mor
11. unimportant definition is - lacking in importance : not important : minor, trivial. How to use unimportant in a sentence.
12. Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word unimportant: . See unimportant used in context: 2 poetry verses, 31 definitions: Help Advanced Feedback Android
13. Significant mentions of the word unimportant: . See unimportant used in context: 2 rhymes, several books and articles.: Help Advanced Feedback Android iPhone/iPad API
14. Translations of the phrase THEY ARE unimportant from english to spanish and examples of the use of "THEY ARE UNIMPORTANT" in a sentence with their translations: Presuming that they are unimportant .
15. 22 sentence examples: 1. The fraud depended on hundreds of bank accounts being opened on behalf of straw men. 2. Whether Lorenz's critics were firing a straw man is unimportant. 3. It's a snotty takedown of a straw man. 4. They made a straw man calle
16. Another word for unimportant. Find more ways to say unimportant, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at T, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.
17. Use In A Sentence#1: Meaning: used to describe a person who instead of looking at the big picture is overly concerned about the small unimportant details. Use In A Sentence: I know you are not happy about the advertisements, but don’t trade off the orchard for an apple. Try to look at the bigger picture.
18. unimportant 33. Unknown 34. Obvious 35. Clear 36. Conspicuous 37. Marked 38. Singular 39. Signal 40. Outstanding 41. Total 42. Complete 43. Utter 44. Absolute 45. Thorough 46. Perfect 47. Downright 48. Sheer 49. Legal See more » 1. From eminte (Erasmus : 5. Orwell's use of the word "reputation" shows that the other animals recognise his
19. To make something seem unimportant. Examples of Trivialize in a sentence. After the crash, the driver tried to trivialize the accident by calling it a fender bender. 🔊 The abused woman tried to trivialize the horrible cruelty. 🔊 Supporters attempted to trivialize the importance of the candidate releasing his financial documents. 🔊
20. What is passive voice in a sentence?(1 point) The subject performs the action stated by the verb. The sentence uses past tense verbs. The subject is acted upon by the verb.**** (1 point) A. when the person or thing performing the action is unimportant or unknown B. It is never appropriate to use the passive voice. C. when the person or
21. De nada (unimportant, of little value): Traje a casa una monedas de nada. (I brought home some worthless coins.) The phrase de nada is also frequently used as the equivalent of "you're welcome" after gracias (thank you), similar to saying "It's nothing" after being thanked.
22. What does unimportant mean? Information and translations of unimportant in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Examples of unimportant in a Sentence. Henry Miller: Sex is one of the nine reasons for reincarnation. . .The other eight are unimportant.
23. Translate unimportant into Spanish. Find words for unimportant in Spanish in this Spanish-English dictionary. Traducir unimportant de Inglés a español.
24. Do not begin a sentence with however or a similar unimportant word. —Jacob Cloyd Tressler, English in Action, 1929. Do not begin a sentence with “also” or “likewise.” —George Hitchcock, Sermon Composition, 1908. Or never begins a sentence, paragraph, or chapter. —James Brown, The American System of English Grammar, 1826
25. Using “Besides” in a Sentence. Besides can be used either as a preposition meaning “in addition” or an adverb meaning “moreover,” and it is a little less stiff and formal to use than those two terms. Beside the point is a common idiom that means “unimportant” or “not relevant to the matter at hand”.
26. Alienation is making a member of a party feel unimportant or unnoticed. Use embalmers in a sentence? i do not know how to use embalming in a sentence. (there is the sentence)
27. The ubiquitous use of email for feedback in the classroom is lending the medium a new level of credence as an educational tool. How to use ubiquitous in a sentence is shown in this page. Check the meaning of ubiquitous. Toggle navigation fatLingo . The first of these was an unimportant affair,
28. 弄 and 做 have different nuances. It is easy to see this by looking closer at character etymology: 弄 depicts two hands 廾 playing around with a piece of jade 王 (reduced from 玉), extended to mean fiddling around/tinkering with and doing trivial or unimportant things.Note that, in the latter sense, 弄 is sometimes interchangeable with 玩, which also has the semantic component jade (王).
29. Lawyers who like to get worked up over unimportant issues often grow contentious in their opinions over whether to put one space or two spaces after the period in legal documents. Generational Divide . Many lawyers are sharply divided on this issue, with opinions often breaking along generational lines based on when the lawyer originally

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