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[ˌəndəˈrektəd, ˌənˌdīˈrektəd]



uncoordinated, disorganized, unplanned, unpremeditated, indiscriminate, random, inconsistent, desultory, patchy, fragmentary,

"Undirected" in Example Sentences

1. How to use undirected in a sentence. Example sentences with the word undirected. undirected example sentences.
2. Use "undirected" in a sentence. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. undirected in a sentence. Undirected; 1. A journey without a destination is undirected and. 2. Articulation points for the above undirected graph are B, E, F. 3.
3. undirected definition is - not directed : not planned or guided. How to use undirected in a sentence.
4. Translations of the word undirected from finnish to english and examples of the use of "UNDIRECTED" in a sentence with their translations: Vastakohtana 2 undirected rivit, jotka muodostavat 2 eri
5. undirected definition: 1. not directed; not guided 2. not addressed, as a letter
6. undirected quotes from YourDictionary: Ages, precedents, have long been accumulating undirected materials, America brings builders, and brings its own styles. The immortal poets of Asia and Europe have done their work and pass'd to other spheres, A wor
7. Definition of undirected in the D dictionary. Meaning of undirected. What does undirected mean? Information and translations of undirected in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.
8. How to use inconsistent in a sentence Looking for sentences and phrases with the word inconsistent? Here are some examples. Sentence Examples. This campaign, let it be said, was improvised, inconsistent, and undirected. In its wake incompetent men are appointed to officiate at international games, who are inconsistent in their decisions.
9. The graph may be interpreted as a directed or undirected graph. The squadron provided air refueling support to USAF units as directed. It's difficult to see as directed in a sentence . Prepare pie filling mix with the milk as directed on package for pie. As directed by Parvathi Nandi worshipped Ganapathi by offering green grass.
10. It's difficult to see vertices in a sentence . In the tournament digraph, the vertices correspond to the players. Let be the first vertices on a shortest-path in. The 92 vertices lie on the surfaces of three concentric spheres. These have two types of vertices which can be alternately truncated. In the planar undirected graph with 5 vertices
11. A possible approach is to use G.to_undirected() for transforming the directed graph to an undirected graph. Then iterating over the edges for updating the desired properties for each edge, and finally converting the graph to a dataframe:
12. Undirected-path definition: Noun (plural undirected paths) 1. (graph theory) In a directed graph, a path in which the edges are not all oriented in the same direction.A path x→y←z is an undirected path.
13. How To Use Neurotic In A Sentence? Her entire body seemed in motion, surrendered to a neurotic and undirected energy. Many a neurotic patient, particularly, will not be improved until his dreads are relieved. He knows that the world contains not only neurotic misery,
14. Unfortunately, all the transitive signature schemes available are undirected ones and can only be used in the case of equivalence relation. 23. In 'She wrote a letter', the verb 'wrote' is transitive and the word 'letter' is the direct object.
15. 20 sentence examples: 1. Such undirected orientation is called kinesis. 2. AIM: To probe into the exactitude of color kinesis in assessing the systolic velocity of cardiac muscle. 3. How many of you believe in psycho - kinesis Raise my hand. 4. Objec
16. Use "used in the" in a Sentence Example Sentences for "used in the" They also present a faster algorithm that takes rounds in undirected graphs. Both of the above algorithms are scalable, as each node processes and sends only small (polylogarithmic in n, the network size) number of bits per round.
17. How To Use Unrestrained In A Sentence? It was unrestrained by any differences of political opinion or of religious sentiment. Emotion is the source of Social power, but power unrestrained and undirected is dangerous. The Poet imagines the reproofs,
18. Translate undirected into Spanish. Find words for undirected in Spanish in this Spanish-English dictionary. Traducir undirected de Inglés a español.
19. Use work as a noun in a sentence undirected. Infinitives carry the word to at the front; examples include to walk, to analyze, and to submit. Number is never indicated when the sense is obvious or can be gathered from the context; otherwise plurality is expressed by adjectives such as sagala, all, and banak, many more rarely by the
20. Neato is a program in the graphviz toolkit for generating visual layouts of undirected graphs. Its layout heuristic creates virtual physical models and runs an iterative solver to find low energy configurations. 8. Examples of Se Déplaçant in a Sentence. Can move and use abilities while channeling.
21. Although this is a big drawback, we still use undirected graphical models as they are useful - they are used to represent some special cases which cannot be represented by directed graphical models alone. (POS) tags for a sequence of words in a sentence, it helps to know the entire sequence of words while predicting the POS tag at time step
22. We use graph decomposition to derive an 1993; Manning & Sch utze, 1999]. Part-of-speech tagging involves assigning each word in a sentence a part-of-speech tag, such as noun We need the concept of triangulation (or chordality) to formally dene tree-width. Recall that a cycle of length l in an undirected graph ( is a sequence
23. Words can be considered vertices that are connected by a directed edge (i.e. a one-way connection between the vertices). Those edges can be labeled, for instance, as the relation that the words have in a dependency tree. Other representations of documents might make use of undirected edges, for example, when representing word co-occurrences.
24. Use in a sentence convulses. That is to say, of the bodily muscles, the respiratory are more constantly implicated than any others in those various acts which our feelings impel us to; and, hence, when there occurs an undirected discharge of nervous energy into the muscular system, it happens that, if the quantity be considerable, it convulses not only certain of the articulatory and vocal
25. I want to solve a problem where is given an undirected graph and its vertices, a value k, where k is the number of vertices that should be in each connected component, and I have to find all connected components of the given graph which has only even numbers vertices. I have to find out how many such connected components are there and save the value of each vertices from each connected components.
26. 4. Equivalence of directed tree DGM with undirected tree UGM (10 points) Let Gbe a directed tree and G0 its corresponding undirected tree, i.e., the orientation of edges is ignored. Prove that L(G) = L(G0). Hint: Recall that by the de nition of a directed tree, G does not contain any v-structure. 5. Hammersley-Cli ord counter-example (10 points)
27. In directed data mining, you are trying to predict a particular data point - the sales price of a house given information about other houses for sale in the neighborhood, for example.In undirected
28. In Figure 5, we use an undirected edge to represent the co-occurrence relationship between entities and this edge also represents a bidirectional edge when counting in- and out-degree of a node in the undirected network. Thus, the co-occurrence network is displayed as an undirected graph, where vertices represent PubMed articles and edges
29. This course is the first in a sequence of three. It describes the two basic PGM representations: Bayesian Networks, which rely on a directed graph; and Markov networks, which use an undirected graph. The course discusses both the theoretical properties of these representations as well as their use in practice.
30. Showing spontaneous and undirected playfulness. ‘As one might expect from this most ludic author, one of the more undeservedly unknown masters of twentieth-century prose, these essays are hardly traditional academic exercises.’

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