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rejection, refusal, rebuff, dismissal, spurning, repudiation, repulse, discouragement, snub, slight,

"Turndown" in Example Sentences

1. Sentence examples. turndown. turndown ratio of 5.1 to 1 the modulating burner ensures optimum load matching and peak seasonal performance. 1. 0. turndown service, which is sure to make your stay even more enjoyable. 1. 0. turndown amenities including hot water bottle.
2. Examples of turndown in a Sentence Noun the request to use the restroom was just a formality—I really didn't expect a turndown Verb I'm afraid that I will have to turn down your invitation. Recent Examples on the Web: Noun Among their protocols include social distancing measures and reduced interaction with guests—no turndown service and room service simply left at your door, for example.
3. 12 sentence examples: 1. The turndown was polite but very firm. 2. But the worldwide economic turndown is affecting the plans of some schools, for exmple. 3. New turndown services enhance brand identity and add incremental revenues. 4. Sometime, men
4. turndown in Chinese : :翻领…. click for more detailed Chinese translation, definition, pronunciation and example sentences.
5. As you can see, i.e. is often used to offer a definition of a term, as in the first example that explains exactly what "turndown service" is. It can also be used to clarify what the writer means by a term - explaining that "secret admirer" is really Shana’s husband. In some cases, i.e. is used to redefine a term to give it a new or unusual meaning.
6. turndown service: Hotel service in which a room is cleaned and refreshed, and bed linen is turned down for sleeping, usually during the period guest is not in the room.
7. Another word for turndown. Find more ways to say turndown, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at T, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.
8. After this turndown, Darrow registered the game under patent number 2,026,082 and started to present the game to retailers in Philadelphia and F.A.O Schwarz in New York - both of which placed large orders.
9. Turndowns definition: Noun 1. plural form of turndown
10. Its is process term which means the reduced capacity w.r.t. the rated capacity. For example if plant rated capacity is x and turndown capacity is 85% that means 0.85x.
11. Translate turndown into Spanish. Find words for turndown in Spanish in this Spanish-English dictionary. Traducir turndown de Inglés a español.
12. RhymeZone: turndown rhymes Word:
13. 1. Use sinverb in a sentence, sinverb meaning?, sinverb definition, how to use sinverb in a sentence, use sinverb in a sentence with examples: Recently Searched › Dregs [dreɡz] › sinverb [sin] › Scorned [skôrn] › turndown [ˈtərnˌdoun] › Meek [mēk] › Foldout [ˈfōldout] › Burlap [ˈbərlap]: 2. Sins definition: Noun 1. plural form of sinverb 2. third-person singular simple
14. That last phrase borrows from a longtime contributor to the venerable New Yorker, John McPhee, whose turndown of choice was as mild as it is brief: “Not for us.” 2 Give your reasons. Besides compliments, another thing the person you’re saying no to might appreciate is knowing why. Sometimes it’s best to be candid about your constraints.
15. After the turndown eligible reservation attributes are configured, reservations with the defined attributes will have the turndown check box automatically checked on the Reservation screen, and based upon different rate codes throughout the stay, the check box status will dynamically change depending on the configuration of the attributes.
16. The beauty of an orifice plate is that you can make the hole bigger or smaller depending on the characteristics and sensitivity of the flow to the head added by the oriface. There is also one that is comprised of many small holes that yeilds the best span of turndown ratio for the widest range of flow with the best level of accuracy.
17. As a rule-of-thumb, many use a 100:1 turndown ratio when sizing and selecting self-operated regulators. DEMA’s pilot-piston valves are available for 3/8-1” pipes, have multiple orifice sizes from 9/32 to 3/4”, have brass bodies, stainless steel seats and Teflon seals.
18. turndown ratio refers to the width of the operational range of a device, and is defined as the ratio of the maximum capacity to minimum capacity. For example, a device with a maximum output of 10 units and a minimum output of 2 units has a turndown ratio of 5.

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