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"Traverse" in Example Sentences

1. How to use traverse in a sentence. Example sentences with the word traverse. traverse example sentences.
2. Definition of traverse . to travel a rough path. Examples of traverse in a sentence. To get to the highest mountain peak in the world, we will have to traverse a very rocky path. 🔊 Individuals who are serious about becoming doctors should be prepared to traverse a demanding educational journey. 🔊
3. Backbones may also have to traverse greater distances than horizontal networks, so it is common for them to use fiber-optic cable, which can span much longer distances than copper. 99. As man progresses in the journey to the Father in Paradise, he does traverse a state of being at one time analogous to the state of the angels, but mortal man
4. The rest of those twenty feet took eons to traverse, and it was immeasurable suffering.: The pressure required to traverse an arterial stenosis and perfuse the distal tissues of the foot may not be met.: It wasn't corniced at all and we enjoyed a straightforward traverse to the mountain's south-east ridge.: Crawl through then traverse around the corner and along the small ledge to belay in the
5. How to use traverse in a sentence. Example sentences with the word traverse. traverse example sentences. 37. Shop 2020 Chevrolet traverse vehicles for sale at C. Research, compare and save listings, or contact sellers directly from 7 2020 traverse models nationwide. 38. traverse is a method in
6. 98 sentence examples: 1. We began a traverse across the rock face. 2. We need to traverse the last century thoroughly. 3. It is difficult to traverse the shaky bridge. 4. Several railroads traverse the district. 5. An estimated 250,000 cars traverse
7. Use traverse in a sentence. traverse ; Meaning: [verb] to move across a land ; It took two minutes to traverse the city square.. How do monarch butterflies traverse over long distances?. A reported 17,000 vehicles traverse this bridge daily.
8. traverse in a sentence - Use "traverse" in a sentence 1. The terrain they're traversing is often mountainous and rough. 2. He traversed the ridge tied by a rope between two companions. click for more sentences of traverse
9. I was afraid to traverse the street because of the traffic.Lewis and Clark had to traverse the wilderness to reach the Pacific.(noun)The shortest traverse led from a snowy ridge to the summit.
10. The address of the traverse Area District Library is: 610 Woodmere Avenue, traverse City, 49686 3102 Write a C program to count the numbers of word in a sentence without using arrays?
11. At the time, Walney residents where frustrated by the fact that they had to use a ferry to traverse the Walney Channel, and they also saw it as an opportunity to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria. The Clachlet traverse is a 25 km north-to-south route linking the inn at Inveroran with the Kingshouse.
12. They use traverse in a sentence, providing visitors a sentence for traverse. The descent was very nasty; there was a particularly bad traverse. (8) I was ready to vow that one might traverse the larger island similarly respected. (10) Again he directs his eyes forward; they slowly traverse that malign and awful crest. (1)
13. ‘There are several ways to obtain the starting data, and surveyors should make an effort to use the best data available to begin a traverse.’ 4.1 A tract surveyed by traversing. ‘Whilst surveying a traverse, the horizontal angle at station B, between two adjacent stations A and C, was measured as having a value of 153o 44' 50".’
14. Most people chose this as the best definition of traverse: traverse is defined as so See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples.
15. ‘There are several ways to obtain the starting data, and surveyors should make an effort to use the best data available to begin a traverse.’ 4.1 An area of land surveyed with a traverse. ‘Whilst surveying a traverse, the horizontal angle at station B, between two adjacent stations A and C, was measured as having a value of 153o 44' 50".’
16. Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word traverse: . See traverse used in context: 3 poetry verses, 4 Shakespeare works, 12 definitions
17. traverse definition is - to go or travel across or over. How to use traverse in a sentence.
18. traverse In A Sen In A Sentence . How To Use traverse In A Sen In A Sentence? Short & Simple Example Sentence For traverse In A Sen | traverse In A Sen Sentence. Other website visitors are viewing the following words: traverse In A Sen in a sentence | Short example sentence for traverse in a sen.
19. Reverse Words in a Sentence. Problem Statement. Reverse the order of words in a given sentence (an array of characters). Take the “Hello World” string for example: traverse the string and reverse each word in place. Become 2x the developer in half the time. LEARN. Courses. Early Access Courses. Edpresso. Blog. Pricing. For business.
20. Program to replace a word with asterisks in a sentence Then traverse the word list. For every word in the word list, check if it matches with given word. If yes, then replace the word with stars in the list. Finally merge the words of list and print. C++. filter_none.
21. traverse board definition is - a navigation device consisting of a small board marked with the four points of the compass with eight holes bored at each point to represent each half hour in a watch and used to peg the courses made by a ship in each half hour.
22. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. Transdisciplinarity : is the semantic and practical unificationis the semantic and practical unification of the meanings that traverse and lieof the meanings that traverse and lie beyond different different disciplines : 8.
23. The verb traverse means to travel across an extended area. "Her dream was to traverse the country by car, so she could meet new people and see all the kitschy sites — like the giant roadside tire in Michigan or the shoe house in Pennsylvania."
24. How do you use traverse, illusory, and immoderate in a sentence? I know what they mean. I just can't put them into sentences. And please use separate sentences for each word. thank you. Source(s): traverse illusory immoderate sentence: https:///vgBhD. 0 0. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.
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26. In this tutorial, you will find out different ways to iterate strings in Python. You could use a for loop, range in Python, slicing operator, and a few more methods to traverse the characters in a string.. Multiple Ways to Iterate Strings in Python. The following are various ways to iterate the chars in a Python string.Let’s first begin with the for loop method.
27. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "comparatively "There's a comparatively large cinema complex inside the mall. owing to the distance which the light had to traverse, and the consequent increase of the chromatic and spherical aberrations.
28. Approach: traverse the string from the last character, and move towards the first character. While traversing, if a space character is encountered, put a NULL in that position and print the remaining string just after the NULL character. Repeat this until the loop is over and when the loop ends, print the string, the %s will make the printing
29. Another word for traverse. Find more ways to say traverse, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at T, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.
30. TRAVERSE, crim. law practice. This is a technical term, which means to turnover: it is applied to an issue taken upon an indictment for a misdemeanor, and means nothing more than turning over or putting off the trial to a following sessions or assize; it has, perhaps with more propriety, been applied to the denying or taking issue upon an indictment, without reference to the delay of trial.
31. 38 examples of joy in a sentence. Use real, simple examples to better understand joy and improve your vocabulary. here below, -- delights of a moment, which at most only aid us to traverse in a dream this valley of tears! Source null; Even as the pain pierces my chest and my tears splash upon his brow, the joy is there, the love is there
32. It's difficult to see tributary in a sentence . Other major Montana tributaries of the Missouri include the Great Falls. The Nairobi River and its tributaries traverse through the Nairobi County. Major tributaries in this section are the Lahn and the Moselle. Industrial scale production of crops use both rivers and their tributaries.
33. You probably don't mean to say "system that client data transverses" (since transverse is an adjective and not a verb) but rather "traverses", as @Dan-Ray suggests. traverse is common in computing, but usually means to explore thoroughly. I can see why you want to use transient —if you wish flowery language, perhaps try "the data makes a brief, transitory pass through the server".
34. Tra·verse (trə-vûrs′, trăv′ərs) v. tra·versed, tra·vers·ing, tra·vers·es . 1. a. To travel or pass across, over, or through: a ship traversing a channel; light traversing a window. b. To move to and fro over; cross and recross: traversed the room in thought for an hour. c. To go up, down, or across (a slope) diagonally, as in skiing. 2
35. Translate traverse into Spanish. Find words for traverse in Spanish in this Spanish-English dictionary. Traducir traverse de Inglés a español.

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