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1. tetromino definition: Noun (plural tetrominoes) 1. (geometry) A polyomino made up of four squares.Origin tetra- +‎ polyomino
2. In France, contrepeteries are a classic class of word plays, where two sounds in a sentence are inverted to produce a new sentence with a different, funny, often saucy meaning. The spelling is ignored, only the sonority matters. tetromino Nurikabe: Five Fours Should I use constitute or constitutes here?
3. Time_exists += time_since_last_update // or +1 if you are using a fixed framerate while (time_exists > time_simulated) tetromino.y -= 1 time_simulated += 1 / cells_per_time_unit That means if you have a falling speed of 2.5 cells per frame, then the above code will alternate between moving it 2 cells and 3 cells.
4. The tetromino page says there are 3D configurations made of cubes; and the pentomino page says mirror-image ones count as the same. The set rule is to use Greek prefixes, but 9 and 11 are exceptions in many series of this type, e.g. "nonagon". and before A n is used in a sentence or a formula.
5. (Aka tetromino Puzzle). + Blue Red White + Blue Red White + Blue Red White-----= White White White What Numbers are Blue, Red, White ? Blue digit sum should be 3 to make it 5, thus blue is 1. "All will be well if you use your mind for your decisions, and mind only your decisions." . Don’t really need equations, just work from 0 to 9.

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