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1. tempier in a sentence - Use "tempier" in a sentence 1. It is not clear what Tempier's intentions were in issuing this condemnation. 2. tempier finished the race in 11th place, 2 : 23 behind the winner. click for more sentences of tempier
2. In 1270 Etienne Tempier, bishop of Paris, supported by an assembly of theologians, anathematized thirteen propositions bearing the stamp of Arabian authorship; but in 1277 the same views and others more directly offensive to Christians and theologians had to be censured again.
3. Use an insulated thermos or ice pack to keep beverages cold. Then I had a drink from my thermos and a comforting chunk of chocolate. Even the humble espresso machine got bad press, despite being the size of a thermos cup and brought as a joke. She does not drink water, only red wine from Domaine Tempier, Champagne, and a thermos of tisane
4. Paris Condemnations of Bishop tempier of 1270 and 1277 in which Boethius was centrally involved, and to the attempts of St Thomas Aquinas to produce a coherent synthesis of pagan philosophy and Christian theology. The moral and intellectual privilege of the philosopher is a prominent theme in Spinoza (Ethics, proposition 41, Scholium). c.w.
5. On March 7, 1277, Etienne Tempier, Bishop of Paris, condemned a list of 219 theological and philosophical theses. This condemnation had a lasting impact on the teaching of philosophy and theology at the late-medieval universities, and many philosophical and theological texts of this time contain references to the “Parisian articles.”

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