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"Teaspoonsful" in Example Sentences

1. teaspoonsful definition: Noun 1. plural form of teaspoonful
2. Use plural society in a sentence. When the subject is plural do you use a plural verb? teaspoonsful is not necessarily incorrect, but dictionaries use teaspoonfuls as the plural.
3. teaspoonsful How to spell . The word above "Teaspoonsful" is the correct spelling for the word.It is very easy to misspell a word like Teaspoonsful, therefore you can use TellSpell as a spell checker.
4. Teaspoonful: teaspoonfuls, teaspoonsful. Numerals and uppercase letters standing alone (with the exception of A, I, M, and U) require only s in plural formation (no apostrophe). W-2s and 1040s Usually occurs when two nouns appear together in a sentence, with the first noun possessing or owning the second noun. the woman['s] presentation the
5. The Indefinite Articles (a / an) 4.1.1. form 4.1.2. use 4.1.3. omission 4.2.The go-betweens teaspoonful 3 teaspoonsful of sugar 3 teaspoonfuls of sugar has-beens place, thing, or an abstract idea. A noun can function in a sentence as a subject, a direct
6. Also, it's teaspoonsful, mothers-in-law, attorneys-at-law, etc. It really bugs me to see people combining nouns into new nouns, as though they were all one word to begin with, and taking an adjective and a noun and twisting the combination into a pair, like "He free-shoots well".
7. "Teaspoonsful" or "teaspoonfuls"? Answer: "Will you please use the techniques suggested in the ninth-grade curriculum on grammar with your [Please do not substitute "impact" for "affect" in a sentence like this one. "Impact" should be reserved for striking with strong force like a bomb on a building.] "Affect" as a verb: “She affected
8. Teaspoonful or teaspoonsful. tin, not used to described food and drinks packaging. Use can or canned. tin foil, do not use, use either baking aluminium or wrapping foil Stronger Communities, written as ‘a stronger Co-op and stronger communities’ in a sentence. support centre (not ‘head office’) till (not ‘checkout’) Ways of
9. Function in a Sentence Nouns have certain functions (jobs) in a We can use the indefinite article a/an with teaspoonful 3 teaspoonsful of sugar 3 teasponfuls of sugar truckful 5 trucksful of sand 5 truckfuls of sand bucketful 2 bucketsful of water 2 bucketfuls of water cupful 4 cupsful of rice 4 cupfuls of rice Some compound

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