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1. How to use studies in a sentence. Example sentences with the word studies. studies example sentences.
2. 1. How to use studies in a sentence. Example sentences with the word studies.studies example sentences.: 2. Listen to all | All sentences (with pause) Used with adjectives: " She will return to her graduate studies next year. (graduate, postgraduate, full-time, part-time, language) " This online course is perfect for independent study.
3. English words and Examples of Usage use "studies" in a sentence Repeated studies of animals in the laboratory show that punishment procedures usually result in aggressive behavior. It has been shown in repeated studies that vitamin C aids in the prevention of colds and infections.
4. Canadian studies in a sentence - Use "canadian studies" in a sentence 1. She is the Chair of the South African Association of Canadian studies. 2. The patients in the Canadian study were 29 to 53 years old. click for more sentences of canadian studies
5. Support studies in a sentence - Use "support studies" in a sentence 1. Schlesinger supports studies in the consumer, healthcare, jury, finance, IT and business markets. 2. "We support studies aimed at developing techniques for therapeutic cloning, " she said. click for more sentences of support studies
6. For Clay Shirky, an author, scholar, and New York University professor who studies the effects of the Internet and technology on society, the flood of ellipses is one signifier of a unique and : 8. Use "shirky" in a sentence. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. shirky in a sentence.
7. Use "studies show that " in a sentence studies show that constant exposure to media content normalizes violence, with the result that children come to believe that society is violent. Many people wonder why we continue to arrest young people for possession of marijuana, when studies show that it is less harmful than tobacco.
8. Fused in a sentence up(0) down(1) There have been studies that have reported on degeneration occurring at the cephalad and caudad levels adjacent to the fused levels. Because of the use of QPSO, the fused image is more relative with the multi-spectral and panchromatic imagery.S .
9. 1. Some studies in use by teachers are undeserving of their popularity, according to my way of thinking. 🔊 2. There are some studies, which can be advantageously attended to by the whole school together; such as Punctuation, and, to some extent, Spelling.; 3. Then he merely said that he had been spending the time at Chioggia, with a French painter who was making some studies down there, and
10. Use “field work” in a sentence | “field work” sentence examples. field work 1 More field work studies of systems analysts and how they relate to managers should illuminate this little known area of managerial work.
11. Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word studies: . See studies used in context: 9 poetry verses, 11 Shakespeare works, 300 definitions
12. Use Prospective in a sentence. How to use the word Prospective in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Prospective. Definition of Prospective Examples of Prospective in a sentence *** Prospective research studies are needed to facilitate the prediction of clients most likely to successfully join AA. *** President Donald Trump uses a select groupRead More
13. Examples of several studies in a sentence: 1. They enjoyed many a book together, and she chose to pursue several studies with him. 2. It may be of interest to those of my house that I should give some account of my progress in the several studies, to show that our family is not wholly a soldiering one.
14. Social studies. English. Share . Tweet . Email . Print . Explore state by state cost analysis of US colleges in an interactive article . moodboard/moodboard/Getty Images . How to Figure Out if You Use "Sang" or "Sung" in a Sentence. Tanya Mozias Slavin - Updated August 01, 2018 . Share . Tweet . Email . Print . Related.
15. Get an answer to your question "How to use continental in a sentence? " in Social studies if there is no answer or all answers are wrong, use a search bar and try to find the answer among similar questions.
16. Use Intermediate In A Sentence my written needs. The writers are reliable, honest, extremely knowledgeable, and the results are always top of the class! - Pam, 3rd Year Art Visual studies. Report a complaint. Website That Writes Essays for Use Intermediate In A Sentence You: Important Things to Consider
17. Discipline: Business studies . Max Keyword Density. Enable this option if you wish to generate essay by selecting the Use Meanwhile In A Sentence paragraphs that matches most closely to the topic entered. Note all subsequent generation will have no variations. 0. 98% success rate.
18. But across studies and cultures, we found that women use “I,” “me,” and “mine” more. Women are more self-attentive and aware of their internal state. Men use more articles: “a

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