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1. 1. 1. Find another word for stroopwafels: 4. EEG theta and gamma responses to semantic violations in online sentence processing. and it was observed (albeit only over the left hemisphere) during the processing of open-class words occurring in a sentence context (Bastiaansen et al., stroopwafels zijn koekjes die ROND/LEEG en lekker zijn. 5.
2. Stroopwafel definition: Noun (plural stroopwafels) 1. A Dutch waffle made from two thin wafers with syrup in between.Origin From Dutch stroopwafel (“syrup waffle”).
3. stroopwafels definition: Noun 1. plural form of stroopwafel
4. Copied from User talk:Soham321#Some stroopwafels for you! by Joshua Jonathan, for a clarification. I have nothing personal against you. In fact i like you as a person. It is just that i do not think your editing on the Two truths doctrine was leading to the article becoming better; in fact the article was becoming worse in my opinion. I wish
5. So, here is an important insight. Instead of trying to remember different dialogues, the first thing that you need to do is to learn how to make sentences all by yourself in Dutch, about any subject that you like! These subjects could be anything from “economie” (economics) and “mediatie” (mediation) to “stroopwafels”.
6. Dutch stroopwafels (Syrup Waffles) Recip See what Ana Taffel (ahtaffel) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas. Ana Taffel. 85 Followers. • 59 Following Using WAFFLE from a servlet and subsequently passing the authorization to another resource using HTTPClient from Waffle to create Single Sign-On for an exsisting
7. Poffertjes, which are like mini pancakes, these are usually eaten with butter and icing sugar. Or cheese or stroopwafels which are cruchy wafers with caramel inside. They are very yummy. My mum is

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