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unit, detail, squad, troop, contingent, outfit, crew, patrol, section, formation,

"Squadron" in Example Sentences

1. How to use squadron in a sentence. Example sentences with the word squadron. squadron example sentences.
2. Examples of squadron in a sentence. There are over six hundred soldiers in the army squadron on its way to the base. 🔊 During the war, a squadron of battleships protected the key port. 🔊 The marine squadron with the best time on the team obstacle course will win extra leave hours. 🔊
3. The squadron aided the Transjordanian army to quell unrest in the district.: The 5,000 hours in the cockpit has left Paul, a former squadron leader, now based at Warton, with nerves of steel.: To commemorate the day, the PMG's helicopter squadron organised a fly-past of the headquarters in Loloho.: To a lesser degree, senior NCOs and squadron and wing commanders who purport to lead airmen are
4. 1. How to use squadron in a sentence. Example sentences with the word squadron.squadron example sentences.: 2. The squadron aided the Transjordanian army to quell unrest in the district.: The 5,000 hours in the cockpit has left Paul, a former squadron leader, now based at Warton, with nerves of steel.: To commemorate the day, the PMG's helicopter squadron organised a fly-past of the
5. Use squadron in a sentence. The US military is bringing a squadron of Predator drones with missiles to the region.. A better pilot would have convinced his squadron commander to abort the mission.. The military says the squadron is only required to be ready for missions within 12 hours.. The U.S. squadron sank eight Spanish warships in the ensuing battle, inflicting more than 300 casualties.
6. Use "squadron" in a sentence. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. squadron in a sentence. Squadron; Guess what? His squadron won. The second squadron was his. There was silence in the squadron. Silence fell on the whole squadron.
7. squadron definition is - a unit of military organization: such as. How to use squadron in a sentence.
8. Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word squadron: . See squadron used in context: 2 poetry verses, 1 Shakespeare work, 8 definitions
9. Use "in the event that" in a sentence "On September 30, the American military withdrew it final four Air Force fighter jets and a rescue helicopter squadron from Keflav k Although Keflav k has closed and the American military has left iceland, the United States is still responsible for defending its ally and the facilities at Keflav k will
10. The infantry division consists of 2 brigades, each of 2 regiments of 3 or 4 battalion s (the 4 battalion regiments have recently been reduced for the most part to 3), with I squadron cavalry and 12 batteries, attached from the corps troops, in war a proportion of the artillery would, however, be taken back to form the corps artillery (see
11. Recce in a sentence - Use "recce" in a sentence 1. The Recce Wings had lost two entire squadrons worth of machines. 2. He served as a recce platoon commander for the British Army. click for more sentences of recce
12. squadron leader definition is - a commissioned officer in the British air force who ranks with a major in the army.
13. Examples of using Jagdgeschwader in a sentence and their translations. Fighter squadron. Jagdgeschwader eins zum Einsatz bereit machen. Loud rumbling prepare fighter squadron one for immediate deployment. Km von der Nordseeküste, in Wittmund, In a fighter squadron,
14. Mirage in a sentence up(0) down(1) The government said it was preparing a squadron of eighteen Mirage fighter planes. 18. As each of his seemingly decisive threats vanished like a mirage before his eyes Karpov once again sank into serious time pressure. 19.
15. Escadrille definition: a squadron of airplanes, usually six, with their men and equipment, as in the French armed forces of WWIOrigin of escadrilleFrench from Spanish escudrilla, diminutive of escuadra, squad, origin, originally , square from Vulgar L
16. squadron leader definition: A squadron leader is an officer of middle rank in the British air force. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples
17. English words and Examples of Usage use "frenetic" in a sentence Frustrated and in a frenetic quest for justice, the townspeople lynched several innocents, and the disappearances continued. Meanwhile, Du Pont's flanking squadron - including Augusta
18. Detailed In A Sentence . Definition of Detailed . Characterized by attention to detail and thoroughness of treatment. | simple past tense and past participle of detail A picked squadron was to be detailed for a hazardous enterprise, it was said. Johnny, in as few words as he could, then detailed the whole circumstance.
19. Use their opponent in a Sentence The First Battle of Algeciras was a naval battle fought on 6 July 1801 between a squadron of British Royal Navy ships of the line and a smaller French Navy squadron at anchor in the fortified Spanish port of Algeciras in the Strait of Gibraltar.
20. Use "much of the" in a Sentence but continued to equip a Special Reserve bomber squadron, 502 squadron at Aldergrove in Northern Ireland until 1929. The Vimy continued in use as a training aircraft, many being re-engined with Bristol Jupiter or Armstrong Siddeley Jaguar radial engines. The final Vimys, used as Target aircraft for
21. 1. harmingnies in a sentence - Use "harmingnies" in a sentence 1. On 23 August 1914 at Harmingnies, France, Corporal Garforth volunteered to cut wire under fire, which enabled his squadron to escape. click for more sentences of harmingnies
22. The squadron also conducted photographic reconnaissance in western United States between 1955 and 1957. A number of the P-51B and P-51C aircraft were fitted for photo reconnaissance and designated F-6C.
23. USE IN A SENTENCE. RECENT. hortative deportment hortatory squadron axiomatic evidencing axiomatic wizened auxiliary mattered primordial mattered verdict wizened unbraiding
24. Define squadron. squadron synonyms, squadron pronunciation, squadron translation, English dictionary definition of squadron. n. 1. A naval unit smaller than a fleet. 2. An armored cavalry unit subordinate to a regiment and consisting of two or more troops. 3. A cavalry or armored
25. Marine Heavy Helicopter squadron 361 had to bivouac in a field next to the airstrip during the military exercise.
26. Synchronize doesnt go with 2 people having dinner unless technically youre making the same moves like you take the spoon up and the other person do the same as if theyre mirroring actions simultaneously.,people who dance together and do the same moves (synchronization)..fair show aircraft squadron rolling together and turning together (synchronization)..but Having dinner together no, have sex
27. Pil Sung! can be used to show approval or gratitude, as a greeting or salutation, and is a suitable closing remark at any squadron function. Furthermore, it is the response required of any Assam Draggin who hears the words "two" and "five" (or variations thereof) in close proximity to each other in a sentence.
28. The treaty was accepted by the Japanese after a squadron of American warships anchored in the mouth of Tokyo Bay on July 8, 1853. Japan has been a closed society with very little contact with the rest of the world for 200 years, and there was an expectation that the Japanese Emperor would not be receptive to American overtures.

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