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(the south)

the South (noun)

  - the direction toward the point of the horizon 90° clockwise from east, or the point on the horizon itself.

  - the southern part of the world or of a specified country, region, or town.


souths (third person present) · southed (past tense) · southed (past participle) · southing (present participle)

  - lying toward, near, or facing the south.

  - of or denoting the southern part of a specified area, city, or country or its inhabitants.


  - to or toward the south.


  - move toward the south.


southern, southerly, southwardly, meridional, Antarctic, polar, austral, north, southward, southwards,

"South" in Example Sentences

1. Stavanger is the first port of call for northward-bound passenger steamers from Hull and Newcastle, and has regular services from all the Norwegian coast towns, from Hamburg, &c. A railway runs south along the wild and desolate coast of Jaederen, one of the few low and unprotected shores in Norway, the scene of many wrecks.
2. The Word "South" in Example Sentences Page 1. 2240777 We're going south. CK 1 2273625 Tom is walking south. CK 1 404626 south Africa is far away. FeuDRenais 1 557329 I want to visit south Korea. CK 1 280796 Where is the south terminal? CK 1 263176 We traveled in south America.
3. Learn how to use south using many example sentences. Learn collocations of south with free vocabulary lessons.
4. Sentences with south in them. ESL students, word game players, and people looking to increase their vocabulary may find this page particularly useful. The lines of text below use south in a sentence, and provide visitors a sentence for south. Also see sentences for: southern, southward. south End is an unhealthy place. (4)
5. English words and Examples of Usage use "southwest" in a sentence The south by southwest aerial vandal was named “Tyrone the Drone.” The rain is expected to be somewhat less intense in the southwest. Moe's southwest Grill reported 5.8% same-store sales growth in 2014. 11. Due south in a sentence - Use "due south" in a sentence 1.
6. 10. It led south for a while, and then east to Sage Creek. 🔊 11. Far south of south America is the Antarctic Ocean. 🔊 12. What is south of your teacher's chair? 🔊 13. What is north of you, south of you, east of you and west of you? 🔊 14. It was situated in a gloomy gorge of those mountains away south of Vesuvius. 🔊 15.
7. How do you use the word south in a sentence? i am in alabama it is the deep south. What is a sentence with the word Peru Current? Peru is an country in south America .
8. The Word "North" in Example Sentences Page 1. 2240772 We're going north. CK 1 2547233 I'm at the north gate. CK 1 3044405 You should've gone north. CM 681649 North is the opposite direction from south. Source_VOA 3096984 Tom is from a little farming town up north.
9. Due south in a sentence - Use "due: 8. English words and Examples of Usage use "southwest" in a sentence A popular tourist guide warns that in Chad, armed gangs operate in the southwest near the border with Cameroon, and travel is sometimes unsafe. 9.
10. English words and Examples of Usage use "south" in a sentence Visitors to south Africa have a number of options ranging from magnificent beaches to some of the world's most famous game parks and nature reserves.
11. Use era in a sentence when it is a noun and means a period marked by character? The apartheid era was a turbulent time in south Africa's history. What is an example sentence with the word apartheid?
12. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "south" Pretoria is the administrative capital of south Africa. The advance of the blossoming of cherry trees from south to north is tracked by the news in Japan every year.
13. North, South, East and West - Usage. Each of the points of the compass (north, south, east, west, south-east, north-west etc) can be: noun - The sun rises in the east. adjective - It is sunny on the east coast. adverb - We drove east for 50 miles. Look at some more example sentences:

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