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satiates (third person present) · satiated (past tense) · satiated (past participle) · satiating (present participle)

  - another term for sate.


  - satisfied to the full; satiated.


sate, fill, sate, slake, quench, gorge, stuff, overfill, overfeed, surfeit,

"Satiate" in Example Sentences

1. Examples of satiate in a sentence Hopefully this feast I am preparing will satiate your hunger. When I was pregnant, all it took to satiate my cravings was a chocolate ice cream cone.
2. Examples of how to use the word satiate in a sentence. Definitions, synonyms and translations are also available.
3. How to use satiate in a sentence. Example sentences with the word satiate. satiate example sentences. satiate Sentence Examples. Even if this Guitar Hero World Tour song list isn't enough to satiate your appetite for little guitars and plastic drums, the good people at Activision and Neversoft have more for to you to enjoy as well. 3. 1.
4. Thus satiated, the Deans were early to bed as the weekend ended, not for sleep or sex, although the later thought crossed the Mr.'s mind, but more as a private escape from being nice to the guests.
5. How to use satiate in a sentence Looking for sentences and phrases with the word satiate? Here are some examples. Sentence Examples. And the highlight of the programme was the scrumptious feast, where there were a variety of typical Sindhi delicacies lined up to satiate hunger.
6. 17 sentence examples: 1. The dinner was enough to satiate the gourmets. 2. It appears to be almost impossible to satiate those seeking recognition in large doses. 3. More than 27 shops and nine restaurants will satiate your appetite for consumption.
7. How to use satiate in a sentence. satiate pronunciation. Be spectators and auditors of every particular phenomenon and every individual proposition within the extent of my mansion; satiate yourselves with all that can fall here under the consideration of your visual or auscultating powers,
8. 9. Whether it were sweeter thus to vex public desire, to give so much and no more, or to satiate the public with the full accomplishment, was a nice question. 🔊 10. I could not satiate myself with the sight, revolving in my mind all those classic prophecies that had given the Nile up to perpetual obscurity and concealment. 🔊 11.
9. Use "satiate" in a sentence. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. satiate in a sentence . satiate won’t she turn more so eager to keep him in good humor? Of course, the more she gives her man; even more she satiates him, doesn’t she? And it’s only time before she finds her paramour bypass : 8.

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