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1. The largest of the rivers through which Argentina drains into the Plata system are the Pilcomayo, which rises in Bolivia and flows south-east along the Argentine frontier for about 400 m.; the Bermejo, which rises on the northern frontier and flows south-east into the Paraguay; and the Salado del Norte (called Rio del Juramento in its upper course), which rises on the high mountain slopes of
2. Use the word rivers in a sentence. Those in an MBA program, readers, and those taking online classes might especially like this page. The lines of text below use rivers in a sentence, and provide visitors a sentence for rivers. 7. rivers in a sentence - Use "rivers" in a sentence 1. I wonder if both river men have mentally crossed their fingers.
3. How to use rivers in a Sentence? 1. Many of the rivers are navigable for short distances. 🔊 2. Vulcan began to dry up even the rivers themselves. 🔊 3. I would not leave my rivers in the shadow. 🔊 4. Marked with lines like rivers in maps. 🔊 5.
4. English words and Examples of Usage use "rivers" in a sentence Garbage which is dumped into streams and rivers often accumulates on beaches, where it alters the environment of the oceans. All rivers and streams carry a certain amount of dissolved material which is derived principally from ground water.
5. rivers in a sentence - Use "rivers" in a sentence 1. I wonder if both river men have mentally crossed their fingers. 2. A river of hostas runs along the back of the house. click for more sentences of rivers
6. It's difficult to see river in a sentence . For years, Rene Ewald measured the currents of Haitian rivers. The alternative is to rent a houseboat on an inland river. rivers joked, " so I got this ." River Bottom is a community united by and bound to water. "The River Wild " starts out calmly enough.
7. How to use The rivers in a Sentence? 1. The rivers, too, brimming over, flowed swiftly to the sea. 🔊 2. Rivulose: Marked by lines like the rivers of a map. 🔊 3. From the rivers of France. 🔊 4. The rivers of the Island. 🔊 5. Slate and shale form the beds of the rivers Suake and Moi. 🔊
8. Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word rivers: . See rivers used in context: 37 poetry verses, 20 Shakespeare works, 56 Bible passages, 89 definitions
9. The chief rivers on the west are the Nera, with its tributaries the Velino and Salto, and the Aniene, both of which fall into the Tiber.: The Vale of York is drained southwards by the River Ouse and its tributaries, the Ure, the Nidd and the Foss.: The variation in these factors is also reflected in the contrasting runoff characteristics and subsequent inflows of the principal tributaries.
10. Translations of the phrase MIGHTY rivers from english to swedish and examples of the use of "MIGHTY RIVERS" in a sentence with their translations: as they float down the mighty rivers of british columbia.
11. The use of the is governed by the rules of grammar. For your case, Use "the" before the names of rivers, oceans, seas and groups of lakes. For e.g., the Nile, the English channel, the Atlantic, the Great Lakes; Do not use "the" before the names of lakes and bays. For e.g., Lake Geneva, Lake Erie; If you want a more thorough list, head over here.
12. Confluence definition: The definition of confluence is the place where two or more things merge, or the act of merging. (noun) The location were two rivers merge is an example of a confluence.
13. Lessen is a verb that means to make or become less; diminish; decrease; reduce; or mitigate. 2. lessen in a sentence - Use "lessen" in a sentence 1. : Another lesson learned is that it is easier to toll new highways than reinstitute tolls on roads that abandoned them. Joan rivers - Imdb, Health Care System Pdf
14. This is a style question. Some style guides specifically recommend lowercasing the plural form rivers in exactly the situation that the OP raises. For example, Chicago Manual of Style, Fifteenth Edition (2003) has this: 8.57 Mountains, rivers, and the like. Names of mountains, rivers, oceans, islands, and so forth are capitalized.
15. Use the word rivers in a sentence. The sentences below are ordered by length from shorter and easier to longer and more complex. They use rivers in a sentence, providing visitors a sentence for rivers. You have seen, in a small way, that the pound of flesh draws rivers of blood. (10)
16. Sentence examples with the word even. How to use “even” with example sentences. Definition of even. Examples of even in a sentence *** Even the most boring meeting was encouraged by Dan’s presence. *** Harvesting will be even better when the flood waters in the upper part of the rivers decrease, close to the former gold mining cities.
17. Sentence Examples for rivers. Of Lake Tsana, unites its waters with a number of other rivers which also rise in the Abyssinian highlands, and flows north-west Boo m. How to use rivers in a sentence is shown in this page. Check the meaning of rivers.
18. Such a use cryptic in a sentence yahoo dating query in Russian provides sites for male foreigners looking for a warm young Slavic body. Every word is important except for the one that indicates the temperature. And to check it is very easy. and Little Scioto rivers. St century old white male in Portsmouth,
19. How to use wyl in a sentence. Wyl pronunciation. Cydweli was probably so called from cyd, a junction, and wyl , a flow, or gushing out, being situated near the junction of the rivers Gwendraeth fawr and fychan; but Leland gives its name a very singular derivation, and worthy of our credulous and superstitious author Giraldus.
20. Sentence Examples for estuaries. The shore line is broken on both sides by the estuaries of several rivers. How to use estuaries in a sentence is shown in this page. Check the meaning of estuaries.
21. Review: The Girl in the Well is Me by Karen rivers. By Kasey Giard | March 14, 2016 - 7:00 am | August 11, 2016 Blogger's Favorites, Book Review and Content, Contemporary, Middle Grade 8-12. The Girl in the Well is Me Karen rivers Algonquin Young Readers
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23. The water cycle begins with surface water, which is represented by rivers, lakes, and oceans. Next, it moves through evaporation , or the process by which water is converted from its liquid state
24. 'The' is also used when a noun refers to something unique and with nouns like water, oceans, seas, rivers, deserts, gulfs, peninsulas and points on the globe. The Sun The Moon
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