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"Rickety" in Example Sentences

1. How to use rickety in a sentence. Example sentences with the word rickety. rickety example sentences.
2. Examples of rickety in a sentence. The rickety chairs need to be repaired before anyone sits in them. 🔊 rickety and overcrowded, the lifeboat’s passengers prayed that it wouldn’t collapse. 🔊 Repairing the rickety, old fence will be a challenge since every part of it seems unstable. 🔊 The wagon’s rickety wheels are so unstable
3. Thanks to its basting heat, any old pocket of draughty pavement can now boast a rickety table and chairs.: The Man Without a Past is a fable about strange, unanchored people, negotiating the rickety but promising world around them.: A few soldiers in the black uniforms of the Pakistani Frontier Corps sit on rickety chairs, sipping green tea.: Instead of days and nights on the river in a cool
4. 1. How to use rickety in a sentence. Example sentences with the word rickety.rickety example sentences. The psychopathic, the tubercular, the rickety, and the gouty constitution may all be transmitted through a line of ascendants, and only require the necessary exciting agents to render them apparent.
5. rickety in a sentence - Use "rickety" in a sentence 1. And despite the rickety infrastructure, computer networks are growing fast. 2. The papers had meager staffs, rickety equipment and shaky finances. click for more sentences of rickety
6. Use rickety in a sentence? 1. Answer. Top Answer. Wiki User. 2013-06-03 04:30:04 2013-06-03 04:30:04. The stairway was old and rickety, and Joel tested each step before putting his full weight on
7. Use "rickety" in a sentence. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. rickety in a sentence. Rickety; I hate this rickety thing. We are in the same rickety boat. We are all in the same rickety boat. Allison was placed in a rickety wooden cart.
8. 1. She went slowly down the rickety staircase feeling as if she should sink at every step.; 2. Then they seated themselves equidistant fore and aft in the rickety craft, and pushed off.; 3. It was old and rickety and wretched, in keeping with the slum of which it formed a part.; 4. Al brought another rickety wooden chair over to a small table where the musicians were gathered.
9. Sentence Examples for rickety. The house has a rickety wooden gate. How to use rickety in a sentence is shown in this page. Check the meaning of rickety.
10. 1. 1. Examples of 'rickety' in a sentence rickety. 4. ricketiness is a 11 letter word, used as a noun, and has the letters ceeiiknrsst (ceiknrst). Starts with r, ends with s, seven consonants, four vowels and four syllables. Learn how to use the easiest words finder here.
11. English words and Examples of Usage use "rickety" in a sentence However, the apparent stability was supported by a rickety framework of constantly revolving foreign credits and high world grain prices; therefore, Hungary remained undeveloped in comparison with the wealthier western European countries. joubert's proud boast of restricting his
12. rickety definition is - affected with rickets. How to use rickety in a sentence.
13. rickety rocket in a sentence - Use "rickety rocket" in a sentence 1. He became fascinated with space travel at 16, building a crude, rickety rocket powered by gunpowder and airplane glue. click for more sentences of rickety rocket
14. Example sentences for: rickety How can you use “rickety” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: The rest of the year, life goes on at its accustomed pace: rickety machines chugging in two-man factories, children in school uniforms being ferried home to houseboats, and the old fishermen stirring shrimp paste.
15. Synonym: ballot, certificate, citation, credential, label, pass, seal, slate, stamp, sticker, subpoena, summons, tag, token, voucher. Similar words: ticket office, return ticket, rickets, rickety, cricket, picketing, pernickety, picket line. Meaning: ['tɪkɪt] n. 1. a commercial document showing that the holder is entitled to something (as to ride on public transportation or to enter a public
16. rickety sentence examplesThe only method of boarding the boat below the lock was a rather rickety ladder attached to the left hand wing wall.Having climbed the rickety wooden stairs, three men
17. Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word rickety: . Help Advanced Feedback Android iPhone/iPad API Blog Privacy Copyright © 2020 Datamuse
18. Use “rickety” in a sentence | “rickety” sentence examples یادگیری لغت rickety در جمله و متن؛ یک روش موثر برای حفظ لغت rickety اساتید زبان همیشه شاهد اعتراضات زبان‌آموزان هستند که در حفظ لغات ناکام‌اند و معمولاً جملات
19. Examples of 'rickety' in a sentence rickety. 4. ricketiness is a 11 letter word, used as a noun, and has the letters ceeiiknrsst (ceiknrst). Starts with r, ends with s, seven consonants, four vowels and four syllables. Learn how to use the easiest words finder here. 5. ricketiness. How to use unsteadiness in a sentence? 3.
20. rickety definition: 1. of or having rickets 2. weak in the joints; tottering 3. liable to collapse or break down because weak or unsteady
21. rickety definition: A rickety structure or piece of furniture is not very strong or well made, and seems | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples
22. Ricketty definition: Adjective (comparative more ricketty, superlative most ricketty) 1. Alternative spelling of rickety.
23. rickety quotes from YourDictionary: The city’s architecture is the surest sign that Goa evolved independently of the rest of India. In the small old quarters of Fontainhas and Sao Tomé, winding alleyways are lined with Portuguese-style houses, boast
24. Use “ajar” in a sentence | “ajar” sentence examples rickety grey picket fence, low gate ajar. 18. She had left her bedroom door ajar and could hear her parents talking downstairs. 19. The door was ajar, letting out the warmth and scent of heaven. 20. I’ll leave the door ajar.
25. Mothers in a sentence . Definition of Mothers . Third-person singular simple present indicative form of mother | plural of mother. A little later in the day quite a number of the fathers and mothers of the children arrived in their rickety vehicles. The mothers av childer shall mock you behind your back when you're wringing over the wash-tub.
26. Use ‘tinsels’ in a sentence | ‘tinsels’ example sentences 1- tinsels – Twisted little elves in rickety Town that attack by throwing presents and stabbing with sharpened candy canes. 2- Traditional materials were threads, yarns, furs, feathers, hair, tinsels , cork, balsa and wire.
27. How do you use ungainly in a sentence? ungainly Sentence Examples. He was ungainly, with rickety legs. The general shape of the animal is ungainly, owing to a huge hump on the withers, at which point the height is about 3 ft. The horses and cattle are of a degenerate type, small, ungainly and inured to neglect and hard usage.
28. Examples of shepherd in a sentence, how to use it. 98 examples: They then transferred in turn to a whaleboat that landed them on a rickety…
29. "That whole rather rickety edifice is being swept away and replaced with a much simpler system," Sampson said. Source null; By far the most wonderful works of art in the edifice are the windows of stained glass and the musical facilities. Tips for Using edifice in a Sentence.
30. What does rickety mean? Information and translations of rickety in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Examples of rickety in a Sentence. Vanna Bonta: Ridicule has historically proven itself a rickety fence for great ideas. Images & Illustrations of rickety.
31. Repairing sentence examples: rickety barn needs Rs for Repairing and maintenance were reduced after the low frequency sound wave deashing device was iths spent most of their time Repairing tools and shoeing have already finished Repairing the ional mate
32. Use sirenb in a sentence, sirenb meaning?, sirenb definition, how to use sirenb in a sentence, use sirenb in a sentence with examples: Recently Searched › Idealist [īˈdē(ə)ləst] › Scutter [ˈskədər] › sirenb [ˈsīrən] › Midgets [ˈmijit] › Goatherder › rickety [ˈrikidē] › Cloggings [ˈkläɡiNG] 3.
33. Use cowled in a sentence - Example Sentences for cowled ' He was half dragging, half supporting his master to the concealment of the bushes, when he perceived that the new-comers were two friars, cowled, black gowned, corded, and barefooted. And just then, at the striking of a rickety great bell of the Middle Age, in the hands of a cowled
34. Climbed sentence examples: Climbed the rickety wooden Climbed down from the girls hurried outside, Climbed into the car, and drove off4.i never got such a turn in my life as when i saw him grinning at me with his head on his shoulder as i Climbed through the he ran on ahead
35. Other countries with rickety public finances are nevertheless splurging on science and universities. 20: Splurging on "treats, " like shopping, drinking, or ice cream, can cheer you up for a minute, but then make you feel worse when regret and guilt set in. 21
36. (of an organization or a system) badly organized or designed and not likely to last very long synonym rickety. The opposition criticized the government’s ramshackle economic policies. Word Origin early 19th cent. (originally dialect in the sense ‘irregular, disorderly’):

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