Use rhizome in a sentence




rhizomes (plural noun)

  - a continuously growing horizontal underground stem which puts out lateral shoots and adventitious roots at intervals.Compare with bulb, corm.


bulb, corm, radicle, rootstock, tuber, rootlet,

"Rhizome" in Example Sentences

1. The rhizome is always solid, and has the usual internal structure of the monocotyledonous stem. 0 Other aromatic members are Andropogon Nardus, a native of India, but also cultivated, the rhizome , leaves and especially the spikelets of which contain a volatile oil, which on distillation yields the citronella oil of commerce.
2. In most cases this can be performed with little risk, but the gleichenias, for example, must only be cut into large portions, as small divisions of the rhizomes are almost certain to die; in such cases, however, the points of the rhizomes can be led over and layered into small pots, several in succession, and allowed to remain unsevered from the parent plant until they become well-rooted.
3. 121 sentence examples: 1. This is a perennating rhizome from which flowering shoots arise annually. 2. Sometimes side-shoots grow from the rhizome. 3. The rhizome cutting will produce shoots very quickly, and strong, fine roots will develop. 4. They
4. How to use rhizome in a sentence Looking for sentences and phrases with the word rhizome? Here are some examples. Sentence Examples. It grows from a creeping tuberous rhizome, a root-like horizontal stem growing just below the surface of the soil.
5. The finance committee has granted appreciable amount for the building work. How to use appreciable in a sentence is shown in this page. Check the meaning of appreciable. Toggle navigation fatLingo . There is foliar growth at the time of plowing but not appreciable rhizome growth. a n v d USE IN A SENTENCE. 3. How to use rhizomes in a sentence: 4.
6. Rhizomes example sentences. rhizome buds may remain dormant or develop into aerial shoots or new rhizome buds may remain dormant or develop into aerial shoots or new rhizomes. 4. 3. How to use rhizomes in a sentence Looking for sentences and phrases with the word : 8. 3. Use embalmers in a sentence? i do not know how to use embalming in a sentence.
7. rhizome in a sentence 🔊 Definition of rhizome (botany) A horizontal, underground stem of some plants that sends out roots and shoots from its nodes. | (philosophy) A so-called "image of thought" that apprehends multiplicities. See rhizome (philosophy). Short Example Sentences for rhizome . 1.
8. If the soil is dry, give it a good soaking otherwise the rhizomes can be difficult to lift, especially when congested.: In heavy clay soils, plant the rhizomes so the upper bud is no more than 1 to 2 inches below the surface.: The flowers are probably wind-pollinated, and the plants can reproduce vegetatively by lateral offshoots, and by rhizomes.: It has short, creeping rhizomes from which
9. The rhizome is the stem of the fern plant. This can creep along or under the ground ,it may grow into a short or tall trunk (a vertical rhizome), or it may be a solid mass that gives rise to a
10. Rhizomes in a sentence 🔊 Definition of rhizomes . plural of rhizome. Short Example Sentences for rhizomes . 1. It is no easy task to secure their deep-rooted rhizomes in the meadow. 🔊 How to use rhizomes in Sentences? Previous Word . Next Word . About Us. This website can serve as a reference for the one who is looking how to use a word
11. rhizome definition: a creeping stem lying, usually horizontally, at or under the surface of the soil and differing from a root in having scale leaves, bearing leaves or aerial shoots near its tips, and producing roots from its undersurfaceOrigin of rh
12. 121 sentence examples: 1. Hordeum brevisubulatum is a typical clonal plant of grass family with short rhizome. 2. Studies on morpha and microstructure in rhizome and leaf of Pyrola calliantha H. 3. Ingredient: rhizome , Star - anise, Atractylodes Rhi

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