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repel, foil, check, frustrate, rebut, rebuff, reject, spurn, snub, disdain,

"Repulse" in Example Sentences

1. How to use repulse in a sentence. Example sentences with the word repulse. repulse example sentences.
2. Definition of repulse. to repel or drive back. Examples of repulse in a sentence. Because of his rude behavior that would repulse many people, he was without close friends. 🔊 His gross eating habits would repulse anyone sharing a meal with him. 🔊 Since she enjoyed cleaning, the piles of garbage were sure to repulse the housekeeper. 🔊
3. 29 sentence examples: 1. Do not, for one repulse, give up the purpose that you resolved to effect. 2. Do not, for one repulse, forgo the purpose that you resolved to effort. 3. Do not, for one repulse, forgo the purpose that you resolved to effor. 4.
4. How to use repulsed in a sentence. Example sentences with the word repulsed. repulsed example sentences.
5. How to use repulse in a sentence Looking for sentences and phrases with the word repulse? Here are some examples. Sentence Examples. Despite this, the unit does manage to repulse the advancing rebel soldiers, leaving Henry feeling more demoralized than ever.
6. Use "repulse" in a sentence. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. repulse in a sentence. Repulse; Repulsing; Repulsed; Repulses; 1. To repulse the flow. 2. REPULSE, torpedoed by a German submarine. 3. They are in place to repulse the enemy, my king. 4.
7. Examples of repulse in a sentence, how to use it. 98 examples: The attacks were repulsed by means of tear smoke. - At night the post was…
8. repulse definition is - to drive or beat back : repel. How to use repulse in a sentence.
9. 1. How to use repulse in a sentence. Example sentences with the word repulse.repulse example sentences. A Venetian fleet of 1 20 sail came in 1123, and after aiding in the repulse of an attack, which the Egyptians had taken advantage of Baldwin II.'s captivity to deliver, they helped the regent Eustace to capture Tyre : 2. Definition of repulse. to repel or drive back.
10. Use "repulsed" in a sentence. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. repulsed in a sentence. repulsed; Repulsing; Repulses; repulse (base) 1. Mani was a bit repulsed. 2. I am repulsed on all sides. 3. repulsed, she spewed it out. 4. 3. 1. How to use repulsed in a sentence. 3. Use "repulsed" in a sentence.
11. Translations of the phrase TO repulse from english to french and examples of the use of "TO REPULSE" in a sentence with their translations: Apply an eco-friendly repellent to repulse adults and prevent them from
12. English words and Examples of Usage use "repulse" in a sentence However, this time the Vichy French managed to repulse the British torpedo-bomber attacks launched from the carrier HMS Ark Royal during several days of fighting with only light casualties on their side. They are known as "bodysnatchers", or "Zombies" to enthusiasts, by virtue of the fact
13. How do you use repulse in a sentence? Asked by Wiki User. 11 12 13. Answer. Top Answer. Wiki User Answered . 2009-10-15 22:49:09 2009-10-15 22:49:09. I was repulsed when I saw someone eat a worm
14. repulse definition: To repulse is to reject someone, to be disgusted by something, or to drive someone away. (verb) When you enter a room and say hi and everyone ignores you, this is an example of when you are repulsed. When you feel repelled and di
15. How to conjugate repulse , What is the base from of repulsed How do you spell repulse in a sentence? conjugation of repulsed . Search any verb conjugation. Translate Cambridge Dictionary Meaning Longman Dictionary Meaning
16. Sentence example with the word 'repulse' repulse abjuration, carom, contrecoup, disclamation, fend, nauseate, push back, rejection, revolt, stand, waive Definition n. an instance of driving away or warding off Last update: September 4, 2017
17. How can you use “repulse” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: So is counterintervention to help such a government repulse foreign invasion. I learned how to repulse a monkey, not a person. The waterfronts at repulse Bay and Stanley are lined with good cafés and restaurants.
18. Repulsed in a sentence . Definition of repulsed . simple past tense and past participle of repulse. Short Example Sentence for repulsed . 1. This temporarily repulsed them. 2. Twice they have been repulsed with ignominy. 3. Certa repulsed with his hand. 4. Instead of being repulsed he was encouraged. 5.
19. Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word repulse: . See repulse used in context: 1 poetry verse, 5 Shakespeare works: Help Advanced Feedback Android iPhone
20. USAGE Some people think that the use of repulse in sentences such as he was repulsed by what he saw is incorrect and that the correct word is repel. C16: from Latin repellere to drive back, repel. Examples of 'repulse' in a sentence repulse. These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content.
21. How do you use repulsed in a sentence? How do you use repulse in a sentence? I was repulsed when I saw someone eat a worm. How can the word 'insouciance' be used in a sentence?
22. I show repulse at my own poor use of 'grammer!' :)> Answer #2 | 05/02 2015 16:40 Our isolated position in the depths of repulse made this silence seem eerie.
23. repulse definition: If you are repulsed by something, you think that it is horrible and disgusting and you | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples
24. repulse in Chinese : :逐退…. click for more detailed Chinese translation, definition, pronunciation and example sentences.
25. They use repulse in a sentence, providing visitors a sentence for repulse. No repulse possible! (8) The long repulse, at first restrained and secret, at last open! (8) But how of his opinion of her character in the fret of a baffling, a repulse, a defeat? (10)
26. repulse quotes from YourDictionary: Take no repulse, whatever she doth say; For, "get you gone," she doth not mean, "away." Flatter and praise, commend, extol their graces; Though ne'er so black, say they have angels' faces. That man that hath a tongue
27. What is the meaning of repulse an enemy attack in Chinese and how to say repulse an enemy attack in Chinese? repulse an enemy attack Chinese meaning, repulse an enemy attack的中文,repulse an enemy attack的中文,repulse an enemy attack的中文,translation, pronunciation, synonyms and example sentences are provided by .
28. Abjure, brush aside, counter, disagree, disprove, hold out against, not consent, refuse, repulse, stand aloof, unsay Definition v. renounce a legal claim or title to Last update: September 15, 2015. 2. The banned militant group disclaim ed the responsibility of the bombing. USE IN A SENTENCE.
29. Use repulse in a sentence. Possible Answer:The moldy bread was REPULSING to smell. 500. How many syllables are in the word INSOLUBLE? What is four. 500. When would you use the word INSOLUBLE? When talking about something impossible to solve. Click to zoom. M e n u +-
30. What does repulse mean? Information and translations of repulse in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Examples of repulse in a Sentence. William Shakespeare: See first that the design is wise and just: that ascertained, pursue it resolutely;
31. From repulse Bay, on Aug. 30, in latitude 66 deg. 31 min. N., and longitude 86 deg. 3 min. W., he wrote to. Source null; The shades of evening grew rapidly denser, for the twilight in that latitude is short, and still he did not appear. Tips for Using latitude in a Sentence.

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