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"Repetitious" in Example Sentences

1. How to use repetitious in a sentence. Example sentences with the word repetitious. repetitious example sentences. When you suffer boredom due to your repetitious meal plan, just remind yourself that the diet is only temporary and, someday soon, your menu selections will widen and your symptoms will be gone. 4. 10.
2. Just when it seems he is falling into a repetitious, stylistic pit, he reinvents the presentation.: They're a bit of recognition for excelling at jobs that, Wasserstein admits, are often boring and repetitious.: However, rather than presenting images and the stories behind them, there is once again a repetitious use of the same emblematic images with little contextualization.
3. Use "repetitious" in a sentence. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. repetitious in a sentence. Repetitious; It became repetitious work. What a repetitious and boring bird, thought Krishna. This may sound repetitious, but take a minute and really try to.
4. repetitious definition is - characterized or marked by repetition; especially : tediously repeating. How to use repetitious in a sentence.
5. repetitious definition: The definition of repetitious is something repeated over and over. (adjective) When someone tells the time story multiple times, this is an example of being repetitious.
6. Use "repetitiously" in a sentence. 8. repetitious in a sentence - Use "repetitious" in a sentence 1. It is most often boring and repetitious, possibly even dangerous. 2. That availability often spares patients from repetitious tests or unnecessary biopsies. click for more sentences of repetitious: 9. 4.
7. Examples of repetitious in a sentence, how to use it. 23 examples: Because of a lack of editing and integration, the chapters are repetitious in… Cambridge Dictionary +Plus My profile
8. repetitious in a sentence up(0) down(0) It turns out that a great deal of our conversational interaction involves the repetitious use of structure. 23. Multi-arch tunnel has some specific characters such as large excavation scope and repetitious disturbances during excavation.
9. Logorrhea is a noun, and is used in a sentence as such. For an example of how to use this word, synonymous for incoherent or repetitious speech, can be found by continuing to read. "Logorrhea is
10. repetitious definition: Something that is repetitious involves actions or elements that are repeated many times | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Examples of 'repetitious' in a sentence repetitious. These examples have been automatically selected and may contain sensitive content.
11. repetitious in a sentence: Senator Carl Levin referred to what he called a repetitious bugle, saying that simply things are going well and the U.S. needs to stay the course, and questioning whether or…
12. repetitious quotes from YourDictionary: The rich were dull and they drank too much or they played too much backgammon. They were dull and they were repetitious. He remembered poor Julian and his romantic awe of them and how he had started a story once
13. Repetitive definition is - repetitious. How to use repetitive in a sentence. an injury caused by repetitive wrist movements She left the job because the work was too repetitive. At the risk of being repetitive, I must remind you again to be careful.
14. Repetitiously definition: Adverb (comparative more repetitiously, superlative most repetitiously) 1. In a repetitious manner.Origin repetitious +‎ -ly
15. -ness use in a sentence? Tenderness is a word often used in sentences. How do you use repetitious in a sentence? Our pastor's sermons are often lengthy and repetitious.
16. Translate repetitious into Spanish. Find words for repetitious in Spanish in this Spanish-English dictionary. Traducir repetitious de Inglés a español.
17. The above sentence demonstrates how clumsy and repetitious writing can be without the use of pronouns. When properly used, the sentence can be cleaned up as follows: The girl spent the weekend sewing her dress so that she would have enough time to make alterations to it on Monday.
18. Repetitive: something that repeats. A heart beat, waves, breath. Repetitious: this is something or someone that repeats, but the definition goes even further to say that it has a negative connotation. There is too much repetition, so now the repet
19. Repetitive use of the verb 'to be' in a sentence - English Only forum Repetitive, repetitious - English Only forum repetitive? - English Only forum safe haven: repetitive? - English Only forum So I prepared a report so that we have some numbers [repetitive 'so'] - English Only forum The usage of And and ommission of repetitive nouns - English
20. As mentioned above, using too many short sentences causes writing to seem needlessly choppy or repetitious. An occasional short sentence, however, not only helps to keep readers’ interest by staving off an overabundance of long sentences, but it is also a simple way to emphasize an idea. Example:
21. Can you use the word 'appall' in a sentence? PLEASE dont use appalled. use appall without the ed, PLEASE. Im not allowed to use appalled, as my teacher says its too easy. use appall please, NOT APPALLED. Sir Richard has accused me of posting an answer which was both 'appalling and repetitious nonsense'..I am appalled;in fact I cannot

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