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"Refusals" in Example Sentences

1. refusals sentence examples The act contained stringent provisions forbidding strikes; but in this respect it failed to effect its purpose, several strikes occurring in the years following its enactment, in which there were direct refusals to obey awards. 1 1
2. Use "refusals" in a sentence. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. refusals in a sentence. Refusals; 1. Such refusals have also happened in Prussia. 2. In 1885 there were 130 refusals of this kind. 3. In the year 1885 there were 130 such refusals. 4.
3. refusals definition: Noun 1. plural form of refusal The act contained stringent provisions forbidding strikes; but in this respect it failed to effect its purpose, several strikes occurring in the years following its enactment, in which there were direct refusals to obey awards.; Harris's ardent loyalty to the Church of England, after three refusals to ordain him, and his personal contempt
4. Translations of the word refusals from english to dutch and examples of the use of "REFUSALS" in a sentence with their translations: Two refusals and linda is out.
5. Definition of refusals in the D dictionary. Meaning of refusals. What does refusals mean? Information and translations of refusals in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.
6. We often use would not to talk about past refusals: He wanted a divorce but his wife would not agree. Yesterday morning, the car wouldn't start. We sometimes use would (rather like used to) when talking about habitual past behaviour: Every weekday my father would come home from work at 6pm and watch TV. Every summer we'd go to the seaside.
7. Lowly in a sentence up(0) down(0) Their judicial proclamations range from grandiloquent declarations of sovereign citizenship to lowly refusals to pay speeding tickets. 24. Hereford just can't keep a clean sheet and their lowly league position reflects that. 25.
8. Only use the less sensitive phrasing if the person on the receiving end has been told numerous times and has not gotten the message for some reason. Give a reason for refusing and always wish the person you are refusing success elsewhere. Never make future offers to replace refusals unless you are sincere. This closes the door on future
9. 39 Examples of Abjure in a Sentence. Definition of Abjure. abjure (verb) - formally reject or disavow a formerly held belief, usually under pressure. and they only saw in her refusals to "abjure" an immediate reason for handing her over from the ecclesiastical justice to the secular, whose ways were swifter.
10. Combining two or more questions in a sentence. de-emphasizes each question. Which of the following statements about adjustment refusals is true? Shalene works for a hotel and needs to write a bad-news message to a group that has asked to use the hotel's conference space at a drastically reduced rate that wouldn't cover the expense of
11. refusals Example sentences How can you use “refurbished” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: The chambers were totally refurbished by Charles II, including larger windows to balance the design of the new extensions.
12. Then again, the phrase might have come into use simply because of its similarity to other rhyming, somewhat comic multilingual refusals, like “No way, Jose.” Whatever its origin may be, while Au contraire, mon frère is used in a funny way in English, it’s not really a thing in French.
13. Examples of pal in a sentence: 1. She was a pal worth having. 2. She was just a good pal for the time being. 3. My pal has a mechanical twist. So Pal Gregorics got so many refusals one after the other, that he was soon renowned in the whole neighborhood.
14. The simple negative won't is used for future negative actions or for refusals. I won't go to the store tomorrow if it's raining. (Future negative.) I won't go to the dance with you. (Refusal.) The negative wouldn't is used for counterfactual statements, and for future statements embedded in a past-tense narrative.
15. Nonrefusals definition: Noun 1. plural form of nonrefusal
16. Interpersonal use — polite requests, "softer form of will " Past willingness and refusals. She would call, but wouldn't come over. (be willing to do this not that) She wouldn't talk to me in person. (refusal, multiple events)
17. Recommendation refusals 2. Request refusals 3. Adjustment refusals 4. Credit refusals 5. Order refusals Request refusals A request refusal is written when a business must refuse a request for contributions, use of facilities, preferential treatment, or special discounts. How to write letter o Begin with a pleasant or neutral statement that
18. In addition, these words are presented in a pair while the two terms of a metaphor are linked in a sentence by the verb “to be” (“The moon is a light bulb”). It is this connection that gives the sentence its unconventional and “false” character if the sentence is taken literally. The prevalence of refusals within the 0 level
19. 'President Obama claims to be a supporter of Israel, but his repeated refusals to help our struggling ally in the Middle East, despite rising tensions and continued attacks in the region, say otherwise.' Does it mean that Obama's refusals prove in fact he's not a supporter of Israel? Thanks!
20. Compare these two refusals: Active voice: I cannot authorize you to take two weeks of vacation in August. Passive voice: Two weeks of vacation in August cannot be authorized. Your Task. Revise the following sentences to present the bad news with passive-voice verbs. 16. We cannot offer free shipping for orders under $100.
21. As a conjunction, that is for connecting clauses in a sentence, they are exactly the same. Speak English like a native use won't & wouldn't for refusals - Duration: 3:10. LetThemTalkTV 20,399
22. Table faults, refusals, and wrong courses there are. I wait in line for my turn for a run. When, oh when will the 20's be done? My dog's name is called; it's our turn, there's no doubt. The timer says "Go!", and two jumps I lead out. "Jump! Jump! Walk! Table!" then "Climb!" We have to hurry or we'll run out of time.

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