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recommends (third person present) · recommended (past tense) · recommended (past participle) · recommending (present participle)

  - put forward (someone or something) with approval as being suitable for a particular purpose or role.


advocate, endorse, commend, approve, suggest, propose, advance, nominate, mention, push,

"Recommend" in Example Sentences

1. The same authorities recommend a powder, composed of larvicide (an aniline substance), chrysanthemum flowers, and valerian root, to be burnt in bedrooms. Anointing the skin with strong-smelling substances is of little use in the open air, but more effective in the house; turpentine appears to be the best.
2. Learn how to use recommend using many example sentences. Learn collocations of recommend with free vocabulary lessons.
3. Many recommend Tylenol for a headache, but I advocate using natural remedies when possible. 🔊 The librarian did not recommend children under 12 to read the book since some of the material is a little mature. 🔊 After the surgery, the patient asked the doctor to recommend a good home health nurse for continued care. 🔊
4. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "recommend" Health experts recommend a diet low in meats, and high in fruits and vegetablesWhich restaurant would you recommend? I wouldn't recommend that movie to anyone. It was really boring.
5. How to use recommended in a sentence. Example sentences with the word recommended. recommended example sentences. recommended Sentence Examples. The use of a sliding weight is not recommended in depths much exceeding 200 fathoms on account of the time required and the risk of the line sagging at a low angle and so stopping the weight. 0. 0.
6. The Word "Recommend" in Example Sentences Page 1. 2235731 I recommended Tom. CK 1 2247802 I'll recommend it. CK 1 2244709 Tom recommended me. CK 1 2246050 I recommend caution. CK 1 2239836 Tom was recommended. CK 1 2271909 I don't recommend it. CK 1 2547873 I'd not recommend it.
7. We recommend never taking unscanned work because it frequently results in problems for the transcriptionist. We recommend that youngsters start riding with an older, well-educated horse. I recommend his case to your favour, the more because I ever found him very affectionate and a zealous wellwiller to the public cause.
8. Use the word recommend in a sentence. ESL students, people who enjoy word games, & those learning a new language may enjoy the contents of this post. The lines of text below use recommend in a sentence, and provide visitors a sentence for recommend. Also see sentences for: praise. Allow me to recommend you to go straight to the drawing-room. (10)
9. How to use recommend in a sentence. Example sentences with the word recommend. recommend example sentences. recommend the use of gigabyte switches and category 6 cable for those with gigabyte network cards. Our team may recommend an antibacterial mouth rinse to help control plaque and reduce gingivitis, recommending recommends last : 2. 11.
10. How do you use the word recommend in a sentence? Throughout the past year I have came to know very well and I would like to recomend her for the job that you are hiring for.

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