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realer (comparative adjective) · realest (superlative adjective)

  - actually existing as a thing or occurring in fact; not imagined or supposed.

  - (of a substance or thing) not imitation or artificial; genuine.

  - adjusted for changes in the value of money; assessed by purchasing power.


reals (plural noun) · reais (plural noun)

  - really; very.


  - the basic monetary unit of Brazil since 1994, equal to 100 centavos.


actual, existent, nonfictional, factual, historical, material, physical, tangible, concrete, palpable,

"Real" in Example Sentences

1. real estate records were scoured for any known relative of the now deceased murderer in an attempt to locate family owned property, a difficult chore as mother Grasso wedded three men and lived with countless others.
2. How to use real in a sentence Looking for sentences and phrases with the word real? Here are some examples. Sentence Examples. As interest rates have begun to rise, the real estate market nears the top of the roller coaster ride.
3. His paintings on wood panel layer dioptric fragments of an imagined world, against a fractured kaleidoscope of the real world. Prairie dogs use their language to refer to real dangers in the real world, so it definitely has meaning. These lethetic fictions cut their ties to the real world, refusing to be mirrors of life.
4. Use "real" in a sentence The fact that labor costs are lower in neighboring countries puts us at a real disadvantage. Going camping by themselves for the first time was a real adventure for the boys. Going shopping in the little village market was a real adventure because no one spoke a word of English.
5. Get a dictionary look for the word find the definiton use it as a sentence okay, if you want a real sentence, use this one: the little cottage was secluded from the big city.
6. real is an adjective.Really is an adverb. It is not OK to use these words interchangeably. A good idea is to take a really quick look at the real difference between adjectives and adverbs. Adjectives: An adjective describes a noun.(people, places, or things) Adjectives give a little different meaning to a noun.
7. real property: The interests, benefits, and rights inherent in real estate ownership; land and anything else of a permanent nature that is affixed to the land.
8. real definition is - having objective independent existence. How to use real in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of real.
9. English words and Examples of Usage use "real" in a sentence Luigi Pirandello once said, "In bed, my real love has always been the sleep that rescued me by allowing me to dream.
10. Definition of genuine. real, authentic, and exactly as it appears. Examples of genuine in a sentence. When the bride took her engagement ring to be reset she was shocked to discover that her diamond was not genuine but cubic zirconia. 7. How to use genuine in a sentence Looking for sentences and phrases with the word genuine? Here are some
11. Why doesn't artificial banana flavoring taste anything like real banana? Would a four-day workweek make people more or less productive? Use realm in a sentence? Answer. Wiki User
12. You also add -er after two-syllable words whose second syllable includes -y, as in prettier, grittier, nuttier. You use more with words of two syllables or more, as in more intelligent, more focused. So, why then is real said in "more real" and not "realer"? My gut reaction tells me to say "more real" rather "realer". Still, why?
13. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. Use splendorman in a sentence, splendorman meaning?, splendorman definition, how to use splendorman in a sentence, use splendorman in a sentence with examples: 2. Is splendorman real what are the lyrics to real man by tiara Nicole: heyyy i wanna real man oohh ohhh i wanna real man i wanna real man That's always there for me a real man that ain't scared to
14. real gross domestic product (real GDP): An economic assessment that involves quantifying the inflation adjusted market value of goods and services produced by an economic system during a given time. A business might use the real gross domestic product (real GDP) of a nation to indicate the standard of living within that country that can help
15. Use simple sentences to communicate clearly. Use simple sentences make important points. You can use compound sentences to add detail, for example adding justification and further detail to what you are presenting, thus helping people to see the real value. And then summarize in a simple sentence.
16. real or Really?. real is an adjective. It modifies only nouns or pronouns. Really is an adverb. It modifies verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs. Correct: He stayed at hotels with real class. (Class is a noun.The adjective modifies it.) Incorrect: He stayed at a real classy hotel. (Classy is an adjective.It should be modified by an adverb.)
17. "real life" is a phrase used originally in literature to distinguish between the real world and fictional or idealized worlds, and in acting to distinguish between performers and the characters they portray. More recently, it has become a popular term on the Internet to describe events, people, activities, and interactions occurring offline; or otherwise not primarily through the medium of the
18. Tips 019: 3 Ways To Use “Lo” In A Sentence. In the latest episode of the real Fast Spanish tips podcast, we will be looking at a common Spanish word that can be used in a number of different contexts. One of the reasons that this word causes students trouble is that it can mean slightly different things in different scenarios. But is a high
19. How to use a word in a sentence. Charlien Sun Oct 07, 2007 9:25 pm GMT. Type in your word in the search box and it'll show you real example sentences of the word used by authors and novelists in English literatue. That's how I find additional example sentences. Plus, there are not written by ordinary fols so there is a less chance of being
20. 1. 1. 1. How to use courtesy in a sentence. Example sentences with the word courtesy. courtesy example sentences. reverendus, gerundive of revereri, to revere, pay respect to), a term of respect or courtesy, When a wife dies intestate leaving a husband and issue the husband has the use of all her real estate for life, 4.
21. Definition of as is: Term included in sale agreements to notify the buyer that no express or implied warranty is provided. Use 'as is' in a Sentence. This used Honda Civic, originally purchased in the year 2005, has some damage from hail and is being sold as is. A short sale is a real estate transaction for the purchase of a home before
22. If you understand how we use this word, you will have a key to how we look at the world. And if you learn how to use this word, we will understand you clearly. The is one of the grammatical words of English. It does not have any real meaning by itself, but rather it is used as a way of sending a signal about other words.
23. real definition, true; not merely ostensible, nominal, or apparent: the real reason for an act. See more.

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