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"Rampen" in Example Sentences

1. 1. Use ramp in a sentence, ramp meaning?, ramp definition, how to use ramp in a sentence, use ramp in a sentence with examples Middle English rampen from Old French : 3. ME rampen OFr ramper, to climb, The use of manual ramps for the first time on the Underground has opened up parts of London previously out of bounds to : 4. 8.
2. Use ramp in a sentence. 6. Use ramp in a sentence. A woman using a wheelchair ramp. noun. The definition of a ramp is a sloped or curved surface that joins different levels. An example of a ramp is how someone in a wheelchair would get onto a sidewalk from a street. Middle English rampen from Old French ramper, to climb, 2. 2. 2. 11. 3. 10.
3. Nichiren in a sentence 🔊 Short Example Sentence for Nichiren . 1. Nichiren zag in die groote rampen de hand van het Noodlot. 🔊 2. Nichiren was een beeldenstormer van een zeer geprononceerd karakter. 🔊 3. Kobo Daishi, Nichiren en Shodo Shonin XX. 🔊 4. Nichiren was de stichter der Buddhistische secte, die naar hem heet.
4. rampen pl · Perrons pl · Podien were marked by the introduction into commercial service platforms and VAS-expanding range of intelligent services in a sentence operators, development of partnerships between providers, the emergence of new players and increasing marketing or use of a product or prohibiting the provision or use of a

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