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supply, give, issue, furnish, dispense, bestow, impart, produce, yield, bear,

"Provide" in Example Sentences

1. How to use provide in a sentence. Example sentences with the word provide. provide example sentences. Meanwhile Agrippa gave the Levites the right to wear the linen robe of the priests and sanctioned the use of the temple treasure to provide work - the paving of the city with white stones - for the workmen who had finished the Temple (64
2. Definition of provide. to give or supply. Examples of provide in a sentence. Militants refused to surrender or provide opposing forces with information about their mission. 🔊 Parents are expected to provide their children with enough crayons to last them all school year. 🔊
3. provide definition is - to supply or make available (something wanted or needed); also : afford. How to use provide in a sentence.
4. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "provide" Many restaurants are happy to provide free birthday cake if you let them know in advance that you will be bringing a group for a partyMy son's hockey team was provided with free drinks by a local sponsor following every game. Many restaurants are happy to provide free birthday cake if you let them
5. provide in a sentence - Use "provide" in a sentence 1. The bank had no legal obligation to provide the financial assistance. 2. The care we provide to our members is very high quality, click for more sentences of provide
6. Bayoumi and Rubin provide insight into Said's work by prefacing each selection with introductory remarks.: Further studies may provide insight into the precise role of this receptor in neuroendocrine cells.: The results of our study provide insight into the importance of post-emergence offspring mortality in the life history of a long-lived organism.: The biogeographic patterns of vicariance
7. David Suzuki has remarked that science can only provide tiny fragmented insights into the natural world. Only first 15 results shown. - Example Sentences for provide use the word provide in a sentence Example sentences with the provide, a sentence example for provide, Collocations for provide how do I use the word provide in a sentence?
8. The definition of "provide" is to make available for use, supply, prepare for, or to furnish. A sample sentence is "Parents provide shelter, food, and love for their children."
9. Seeing a specific word used in a sentence can provide more context and help you better understand proper usage. Find sentence examples at Your Dictionary.
10. They use provide in a sentence, providing visitors a sentence for provide. His anxiety is to provide for you. (10) Thus I provide to meet contingencies. (10) Our investigations provide an unbroken chain. (12) He undertakes likewise to provide her pin-money. (10) We will provide ourselves with tablets and a pencil. (4)
11. How to use provide More in a Sentence? 1. Something had to be done at once to provide more money for these inferior schools. 2. in others it will supply the needs of what American writers rather unpleasingly call the "higher life." 19. e., a fall of snow six to ten feet deep, 7.
12. Use basic in a sentence. How to use the word basic in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word basic. Definition of basic Examples of basic in a sentence *** The basic concept of integral calculus is an indefinite integral circular function and the definite integral. *** Examination of a body of proverbs will provideread More: 11. 2. 2. Use
13. Translations of the phrase provide EXCLUSIVE from english to finnish and examples of the use of "provide EXCLUSIVE" in a sentence with their translations: park and collect awards that provide exclusive benefits.
14. PROVIDE, make a possibility or provide opportunity for; permit to be attainable or cause to remain; PROVIDE, to make (something) available : How to use the word 'provide' in a sentence. The Web site provides information about local activities. The curtains on the windows provide privacy.
15. Translations of the phrase provide ANY DETAILS from english to german and examples of the use of "provide ANY DETAILS" in a sentence with their translations: Buyers will not have to provide any details , just to make the
16. Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word provide: . See provide used in context: 100 poetry verses, 30 Shakespeare works, 1 quotation, 11 Bible passages, 407 definitions
17. provide details and share your research! Use of “That” as a single word in a sentence. 2. Using “that” before or after a clause. 0. How could this that-clause come out in this sentence? 0. Can there be a sentence after comma + that? Hot Network Questions
18. | (transitive, computing) To supply (a user) with an account, resources, etc. Similar words: envision, division, provide, province, provided, provider, decision, profession. so that they can use a system. 2. provision in a sentence - Use The tax provision ensures lenders will not raise interest rates above a certain percentage.Since Ann’s
19. No, the word 'furnish' is a verb (furnish, furnishes, furnishing, furnished), which means to provide or supply something. Example sentence:The company has promised to furnish the sound systems for
20. Sentence Examples for provide. In Board exams some schools provide writing pads also with answer sheets. How to use provide in a sentence is shown in this page. Check the meaning of provide.
21. It twines, so you'll want to provide support. Tie with kitchen twine to keep the loin tightly rolled up. Twinings Lemon & Ginger Herb Tea, caffeine free. Kathleen wondered if we could try to secure them with twine. It's difficult to see twine in a sentence . Tie rolls firmly in several places with butcher's twine.
22. What example sentences are: ·To place the term in a context in which it is likely to appear, addressing level of formality, dialect, etc.· To provide notable collocations, particularly those that are not idiomatic.· To select scenarios in which the meaning of the example itself is clear. To illustrate the meaning of the term to the extent that a
23. Tag: use tailed in a sentence. tailed in a sentence. April 25, 2020 ilker78. It is important to learn the English words in context, that’s why this site tries to provide as many sentences as possible to help you learn words in a sentence.
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