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1. How to use power in a sentence. Example sentences with the word power. power example sentences.
2. 3. Words have a magical power.They can bring either the greatest happiness or deepestdespair; can transferknowledge from teacher to students words enable the orator to sway his audience and dictate its decisions .Words are capable of arousingthe strongest emotions and prompting all man's actions , Do not ridicule the use of words in psychotherapy.
3. Listen to all | All sentences (with pause) Used with verbs: " Don't underestimate the power of prayer. (underestimate) " She had great power over her people. (had, possessed, assumed, held) " She uses her power to get what she wants. (uses, exercised) " He lacked power to do anything. (lacked) " She gained power over the people. (gained, seized) " We must limit the government's power.
4. A sentence using the word power. The sentences below are ordered by length from shorter and easier to longer and more complex. They use power in a sentence, providing visitors a sentence for power.
5. 1. How to use power in a sentence. Example sentences with the word power.power example sentences.: 2. Use "political power" in a sentence Mao Zedong once said that political power grows out of the barrel of a gun. Mao Zedong once suggested that political power grows out of the barrel of a gun. An era of democracy began in South Africa in 1994 when blacks took political power in the country for
6. How to use powers in a sentence. Example sentences with the word powers. powers example sentences. If the demons had the power to transform and fly, he could access his demon powers, too, even if the Immortal side of him was bound by Death's underworld. "Berries," Toby commanded the tree before him.
7. Durable power of attorney documents, like wills and trusts, can be changed or rewritten as needed.: There clearly are some issues that cannot be adequately covered by the enduring power of attorney legislation currently provided in law.: If he was told there was such a veto power or power of attorney, why did he not ask to see proof of same.: In theory it is possible for competent adults to
8. Examples of how to use “electric power” in a sentence from the Cambridge Dictionary Labs
9. Examples of Division of powers in a sentence The founding fathers decided on a division of powers that gives some power to the states and other to the central government. Under the division of powers principle, the states are responsible for many parts of education.
10. 64+2 sentence examples: 1. The Voting Rights Act was needed to empower minority groups. 2. The new laws empower the police to stop anybody in the street. 3. Modern science and technology empower human beings to control natural forces more effectively
11. The balance of power in Brussels is likely to remain with the free marketeers because the EU treaty puts the Commission in the driver's seat on trade. Yet the balance of power is so evenly matched that the superpowers are superpowerless to use their awesome might in any situation short of an actual enemy attack.
12. Examples of how to use “separation of powers” in a sentence from the Cambridge Dictionary Labs
13. Use them wisely, for persuasion, not manipulation. Stringing words together to create a powerful sentence or finding that one best word, is an art and a craft that can be easily learned. power
14. power in a sentence - Use "power" in a sentence 1. From feudal days, power alliances meant far more than ideas. 2. Life off the power grid doesn't mean total independence. click for more sentences of power
15. Great power in a sentence - Use "great power" in a sentence 1. Backers of the system say critics naively credit foes with great powers. 2. We have gotten over the delusion that Russia is a great power. click for more sentences of great power
16. Use "power" in a sentence Patricia Schroeder once suggested that many women have more power than they recognize, and they're very hesitant to use it for they fear they won't be loved. power carries responsibility with it. California has experienced numerous power shortages over the last couple of years.
17. To grant authority or power to act in a certain way. Examples of Empower in a sentence. A good manager never fails to empower his employees with the ability to meet the needs of the customer. 🔊 During the trial, the judge will empower the jury to make a judgment on the case. 🔊
18. Legislative power is vested upon the Legislature.. He exercised legislative powers until September 1, 1900. In addition, they did retain some theoretical legislative powers . Our legislative power over the colonies is sovereign and supreme. The Diet of Bosnia had very limited legislative powers . The General Assembly has sole legislative power within the state government.
19. Use "political power" in a sentence Mao Zedong once said that political power grows out of the barrel of a gun. Mao Zedong once suggested that political power grows out of the barrel of a gun. An era of democracy began in South Africa in 1994 when blacks took political power in the country for the first time in more than 300 years.
20. How to use power in a sentence. The power list of example sentences with power.
21. power definition is - ability to act or produce an effect. How to use power in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of power.
22. Examples of how to use the word 'power' in a sentence. How to connect 'power' with other words to make correct English sentences.power (n): ability to control people and eventsUse 'power' in a sentence He is trying to confirm his power. The power of love is enormous. Knowledge is power. Don't underestimate his power. I will do everything in my power to help you.
23. Use "power" in a sentence Stephen R. Covey once observed that our ultimate freedom is the right and power to decide how anybody or anything outside ourselves will affect us. Prussia became an aggressive military power under the leadership of Frederick the Great.
24. The President is vested with executive powers . The mayor has executive power . The legislative and executive powers were concentrated in his hands. The municipal council is the executive power in the commune. Constituent policies create executive power entities, or deal with laws. Massachusetts recognizes inherent executive powers in the office of governor.
25. Power: 1. Ability to cause or prevent an action, make things happen; the discretion to act or not act. Opposite of disability, it differs from a right in that it has no accompanying duties.
26. Abuse of power: The act of using one's position of power in an abusive way. This can take many forms, such as taking advantage of someone, gaining access to information that shouldn't be accessible to the public, or just manipulating someone with the ability to punish them if they don't comply.
27. In power definition: in authority | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples
28. To use the heats we build a power station. In an ordinary electric power station, we burn fuel to get heat. Men are using more and more power in the modern world. Nuclear power stations are now in use in several country. The power used by modern man is much more than that used by man a hundred years ago.
29. Yes you can use the word balance of power in a sentence I have a good sentence for you but I just forgot it but you can still think cause humans have brains.
30. Use these 'power sentences' to advance in your career . By Sylvia Lafair – Contributing Writer, Jan 6, 2016, 7:20am EST. After years of listening, responding and experimenting with ways to get a
31. I lost all power in my house during the thunderstorm. The power went out at 7 a.m. and was not restored until midnight. I had power to half of my house, so the electric company advised me to check
32. A power user is a user of computers, software and other electronic devices, who uses advanced features of computer hardware, operating systems, programs, or websites which are not used by the average user. A power user may not have extensive technical knowledge of the systems they use and may not be capable of computer programming or system administration, but is rather characterized by the
33. Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word power: . See power used in context: 100 poetry verses, 196 Shakespeare works, 10 quotations, 195 Bible passages, 821 definitions
34. Examples of 'in power' in a sentence in power. While Maelgwn and his family had been in power there hadn't been any serious threat to this town. Traci Harding THE ANCIENT FUTURE: THE DARK AGE (1996) The more secure those in power feel, the more certain everyone can be.
35. When you raise something to some power, you are performing exponentiation.In other words, raising x to the power k is simply x k.. I assume that your excerpt comes from this article on moment. In the article, they call r the "distance to some point". They let n denote some power. Then again, that distance r raised to some power n is r n.. In the product of the distance to some point, raised to
36. Use power in a sentence. December 12, 2018 0. Use Followed in a Sentence – How to use “Followed” in a sentence. June 4, 2020 0. Writer – Sentence for Writer – Use Writer in a Sentence
37. Use power words in your subject lines to entice your subscribers to open your emails. You worked hard to write them, so they might as well be read by as many people as possible. power Words In Your Business or Domain Name. For all of you who haven’t yet started your business, one great place to use power words is in your business’s name.
38. With power BI Desktop, you can enter data directly and use that data in your reports and visualizations. For example, you can copy portions of a workbook or web page, then paste it into power BI Desktop. To enter data directly into power BI Desktop in the form of a new table, select Enter Data from the Home ribbon.
39. power definition: The definition of power is operating electrically or having strength or force. (adjective) An example of power is the functioning of a gasoline-driven saw or tool. An example of power is a big game move.
40. 1. 1. USE IT IN A SENTENCE I ate so much over the long weekend, pies were as defenceless as plankton against the current of my appetite. 2. "It is about right and wrong, free will, the power of choice, and howultimately in the end, though we make struggle with decision, the powerwe hold inside ourselves and over our own lives is the greatest of all : 2.
41. power Sentences is a 234-page, 8½ x 11 inch spiral-bound workbook intended for students to write in and keep as a reference.; power Sentences contains discussion, examples, practices, reviews, and pre-tests.; power Sentences includes suggestions in footnotes so that teachers, parents, tutors, and students have immediate access to the why's and how's of the program.
42. A huge list of power words you can use, bookmark, and reference (again and again). Download All 801+ power Words (in one handy, free PDF) Want to bring your ideas to life, to make them take up residence in the reader’s mind, lurking in the background, tugging, pulling, and cajoling their emotions until they think and feel exactly as you want?
43. ‘I can use any number of tools, from the powers of composition and imagination to the power of a computer, to make an image be what I want it to be.’ ‘The power of speech went first, as my tongue swelled to the size of a bouncy castle.’
44. power play definition is - a military, diplomatic, political, or administrative maneuver in which power is brought to bear. How to use power play in a sentence.
45. Position power: The assumed authority or influence a person holds over others by virtue of the title of his or her position. power exercised in correlation with the perceived level of a position relative to others in the organization.

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