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"Potting" in Example Sentences

1. 1. Use "in the same" in a Sentence Example Sentences for "in the same" If a plant has been in the same potting mix for a year or more and is no longer thriving, then it may be a candidate for nutrient replacement done by using a complete fertilizer at half the recommended label dilution rate;: 2. Examples of potting in a sentence: 1. Merely, as I say, the momentary pleasure of potting me.
2. It would have been of real use, and not so dangerous as this eternal potting work here.; This did not perturb him, for he supposed that the Lord Proprietor was potting at a stray rabbit.; Let this be repaid by the public refraining from potting away at waterhens and pigeons, or other birds on the banks.; But we often use the name shed to designate heated buildings, as the potting and packing
3. Use a combination of topsoil, sand and compost to create a well-draining soil for your herbs or get an organic potting mix. 0 It covers everything from the potting shed and the compost pile to fences and sculptures.
4. Translations of the phrase potting SHED from english to finnish and examples of the use of "potting SHED" in a sentence with their translations: They keep those in the potting shed .
5. It's difficult to see soil in a sentence . Bananas like a rich, friable soil and plenty of water. Just try picking up a handful of soil and squeezing it. Use a good potting soil that is high in organic material. The Soil Association registers most of Britain's organic farms. The townspeople soil their hands with each other's blood.
6. Sentence with the word potting. A fire safety blog produced by the Montgomery County fire department includes this warning: Do not use old planter pots that contain potting soil as an ashtray . A common ingredient in potting mixes is perlite, which makes the soils airier while also retaining moisture.. The soil is next consolidated by shaking the pot, and then lifting it up and setting it
7. Example sentences for: potting How can you use “potting” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: I set aside some of my own bulbs last fall, potting them to bring indoors to bloom in winter. Analysts speculated what would happen to Omnimedia if Martha were hit by a bus or cab (or succumbed to an accident in "the potting shed," as the New York
8. Compost in a sentence up(0) down(1) 28 I got a little work-bench in there, and me stores of sprays and weed-killers and potting compost. 29 Pot the tubers with their crowns exposed in a loam-free potting compost. 30 Cut back any plants around pond edges that are dying back,
9. Similarly, it is always best to use new potting compost when sowing seeds or transplanting seedlings. Fieldfare and redwings feed on the mounds of apples, Blackbirds and thrushes turn over the compost heap. Making two or more passes with the tiller helps blend the compost with the topsoil and break up any clumps of material.
10. I am potting you are potting he/she/it is potting we are potting you are potting they are potting: Present perfect I have potted you have potted he/she/it has potted How to conjugate pot , What is the base from of potted How do you spell pot in a sentence? conjugation of potted .
11. Examples of Control group in a sentence. Research found that the weight loss product worked because the control group maintained their weight whereas the experimental group took the product and lost a lot of weight. After using potting mix for the first group of plants, the control group for the second group of plants did not receive any
12. 21) Extra humidity can often be provided by the use of well watered pot plants. 22) Under no circumstances use the peat-based seed or potting compost formulated for the growing of bedding and pot plants. 23) In the commercial horticultural field, the mass production of pot plants has been facilitated through cloning.
13. Spanish Translation of “potting compost” | The official Collins English-Spanish Dictionary online. Over 100,000 Spanish translations of English words and phrases.
14. Study on epoxy potting sealant 新型环氧灌封胶的研究; Low cost , easy to use room temperature curing epoxy potting and casting compound , with a mix ratio of 1 to 1 by volume , the cured epoxy is a tough rigid plastic that is highly suited to most electrical or electronic potting and encapsulating applications 低成本,易使用的室温固化环氧灌封化合物,简单的混合
15. Compost in a sentence up(0) down(1) 113 Soak drills beforehand and cover the seeds with moist peat or old potting compost in dry weather. 114 Lowell, aware that his visitor's attention was deflected from him and on to the compost heap, was puzzled.
16. 1- Light needs are the same as for African violets . 2- This one is definitely African violet. 3- Note: African violets have something in common with callas. 4- These close relatives of the African violet have beautiful foliage in many color patterns. 5- Spider plants, African violets are propagated by pulling shoots off of the crown. 6- A rich houseplant potting mix, such as an African violet
17. Examples of cramped quarters in a sentence, how to use it. 19 examples: Similarly, the often spacious potting shed provided workers who may have lived…
18. Perlite definition is - volcanic glass that has a concentric structure, appears as if composed of concretions, is usually grayish and sometimes spherulitic, and when heated expands to form a lightweight aggregate used especially in concrete and plaster and as a medium for potting plants.
19. Yes, you can use dirt from your backyard for potting soil. However, it might not be very effective.
20. If your soil is too compact it will not hold water and it will drain too much -- repot, put the diaper/napkin product a the bottom of the pot, and make sure there is a good amount of peat, vermiculite and perlite mixed in with the soil -- or get a really good potting soil such as Scott's or Miracle Grow. Hope that helps.
21. Use “tulip” in a sentence | “tulip” sentence examples 1 He rooted the tulip bulbs in potting soil. 2 In a vase on the table stood a tulip. 3 Gene tells me that the citizens hold a tulip festival every year and that they also manufacture clogs. 4 Black chenille thick sweater with colourful tulip motif, £396.
22. At the end of the garden is the potting shed. There goes the bus. Over the road are the chemist's and the Post Office. Secondly, it usually happens with the verb BE, and rarely with other verbs. Thirdly, with the verb BE it can only happen with a complement of the verb , not with an adjunct (read adverbial). Consider:
23. 用epoxy potting造句和"epoxy potting"的例句: 1. Study on epoxy potting sealant新型環氧灌封膠的研究 2. Low cost , easy to use room temperature curing epoxy potting and casting compound , with a mix ratio of 1 to 1 by volume , the cured epoxy is a tough rigid plastic that is highly suited to most electrical or electronic potting and encapsulating applications低成本,易
24. potting soil造句和"potting soil"的例句: 1. Don ' t use garden soil as potting soil in containers不要使用花園土壤作為盆栽土壤。 2. Planting only the seed in good potting soil will have a parallel result在精心料理過的盆栽土壤中只種下種子,也將獲得同樣好的結果。 點擊查看更多potting soil的造句

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