Use overdramatized in a sentence


[ˌōvərˈdräməˌtīz, ˌōvərˈdramətīz]



sensational, sensationalist, melodramatic, exaggerated, overdramatized, extravagant, colorful, trashy, cheap, pulp,

"Overdramatized" in Example Sentences

1. To carry readers into the discussion, Tierney utilizes the use of pathos while using overdramatized wording authority that conveys a touch of humor to the piece by influencing the circumstance to appear to be crazy. To begin with, he starts to clarify the past play area hardware as “hazards” (268) and “risks” (269).
2. Most people chose this as the best definition of overdramatized: Simple past tense and pas See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples.
3. Use overdramatize in a sentence, overdramatize meaning?, overdramatize definition, how to use overdramatize in a sentence, use overdramatize in a sentence with examples. simple past and past participle overdramatized) To dramatize to excess ; to make overdramatic . 6.
4. Overdramatize definition: Verb (third-person singular simple present overdramatizes, present participle overdramatizing, simple past and past participle overdramatized) 1. To dramatize to excess; to make overdramatic.Origin over- +‎ dramatize
5. Examples of Substantially in a sentence Having to pay ten dollars for a small Sprite at the movie theater is a substantially expensive price to pay for a drink. So everyone would believe how horribly the woman was treated at the store, she substantially overdramatized the event.
6. The use of insincere or overdramatized sentimentality. Term. caricature: arouse emotion, or represent abstractions. Traditionally, an “image” is said to use terms related to the five senses, but in practice, the terms gets used more often as a way of identifying rhetorical patterns (so that one refers to the scatological imagery in
7. The two largest revolutions most often pointed by the popular press as resulting in bloodbaths by the "mob" were overdramatized or no such thing. The French and Russian revolutions were expropriated by factions, Jacobins and Bolsheviks respectively, who proceeded to settle scores [though Parisians- the mob- did dispense justice for a time].
8. Jester had seen the reality shows on TV, and while she was certain everything was overdramatized it was pretty obvious the job wasn’t an easy one. “Oh man, that’s hard work.” “Back breaking,” he agreed. “And dangerous as fuck.”
9. In a sentence that again breaks, you start the third line with a preposition which also does not require punctuation before, usually. You are good to roll through from line one to line three without any stops, as line breaks in poems can serve as natural pauses. It might be overdramatized for effect. I get it. I'm there. This is how life
10. "Turns out that's not overdramatized at all, it's like that all of the time." "No way, you're making that up." "No, I'm pretty sure I haven't seen the sun since I got here. It's really awful given the stark contrast between this place and where you are.

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