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"Ordnance" in Example Sentences

1. Since the assumption of command by the third sirdar, Colonel (afterwards Lord) Kitchener, the ordnance, supply and engineer services have been separately administered, and a financial secretary is charged with the duty of preparing the budget, making contracts, &c. The total annual expenditure is 500,000.
2. The piece of ordnance referred to, was mounted in a separate fortress, constructed of lattice-work. Near these tumuli, on the ordnance map, is a place named Arbury. If the ordnance officer wanted it, let him come himself and get it! He quitted Edinburgh in 1824, and was given a post in the ordnance survey.
3. 67+1 sentence examples: 1. An ordnance Survey grid reference gives the position of a place to within 100 metres. 2. Robert Shadley, commander of the ordnance center and school. 3. Lorton paused to consult his ordnance Survey map. 4. One from the ordn
4. ordnance survey in a sentence - Use "ordnance survey" in a sentence 1. The mill was marked on the first 6 " ordnance Survey map. 2. In 1840 he joined the ordnance Survey of Ireland as a Cork. click for more sentences of ordnance survey
5. ordnance in a sentence - Use "ordnance" in a sentence 1. Parcels with live ordnance might be cordoned off as bird sanctuaries. 2. Categories include " Military ordnance ( dangerous )," click for more sentences of ordnance
6. ordnance definition is - military supplies including weapons, ammunition, combat vehicles, and maintenance tools and equipment. How to use ordnance in a sentence.
7. How to use ordnance-survey in a sentence. Example sentences with the word ordnance-survey. ordnance-survey example sentences. In 1864 was founded the Palestine Exploration Fund, under the auspices of which an ordnance survey map of the country was completed (published 1881), and accompanied by volumes containing memoirs on the topography
8. Translations of the word ordnance from english to russian and examples of the use of "ORDNANCE" in a sentence with their translations: the possible presence of explosive ordnance and other risks.
9. ordnance Sentence Examples | Use ordnance in a sentence. 1. at least one person in lebanon was killed by an unexploded ordnance as refugees began returning to their home. 2. a company of infantry of the line had come up and occupied the end of the street behind the piece of ordnance. 11.
10. Translations of the phrase ordnance BOARD from english to finnish and examples of the use of "ordnance BOARD" in a sentence with their translations: part in the newly formed ordnance board during the second world war
11. ordnance in a sentence. January 29, 2020 Sentence Dictionary. Sentence with the word ordnance. Col. Hauck, who developed an expertise in ordnance, was a veteran of the Korean and Vietnam wars. As in apparently the large amount of expended depleted uranium ordnance is having a very bad effect on the health of Afghanis.
12. You would use an ordnance survey like you would use any map. It also has the necessary information a person would need to fire artillery pieces over long distances using range and bearing
13. Use "ordnance" in a sentence. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. ordnance in a sentence. Ordnance; A Case for the ordnance. I never touched the ordnance. Other airplanes were there with ordnance. The marine pointed at the ordnance survey map.
14. ordnance definition: ordnance refers to military supplies, especially weapons . | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples
15. Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word ordnance: . See ordnance used in context: 7 Shakespeare works: Help Advanced Feedback Android iPhone/iPad API Blog
16. At this stage, the rules in use are known to all, and all agree on what the rules are. 82. Cut-Through Lane was in use as a tank testing ground by the ordnance Depot at Chilwell and everything was on wartime footing.
17. Use "cavalcade" in a sentence Rufus Lion in Comic Cavalcade, among other work. On 2 February 2008, Gurmeet Gurmeet Singh's cavalcade was attacked, injuring 11 persons. Sussex Cavalcade. p. 46 It was cast in one piece, using a pattern based on the latest bronze ordnance.
18. Define Unexploded ordnance. means military munitions that have been primed, fused, armed, or otherwise prepared for action, and have been fired, dropped, launched, projected, or placed in such a manner as to constitute a hazard to operations, installation, personnel, or material and remain unexploded either by malfunction, design, or any other cause.
19. Use 'anniston' in a sentence | 'anniston' sentence examples. Toggle navigation 'Daily Use'. Anniston led from start to finish, although Andalusia kept it close Anniston is near an Army ordnance depot where nerve gas and other chemical weapons are stored. (open, save, copy) . Anniston Army Depot in Alabama announced plans to lay
20. Examples of encasing in a sentence: 1. In desperation, the sailor-gunners tried to manufacture a crude piece of ordnance by lashing iron and steel together, and encasing it in wood. 2. The fourth season, accordingly, was spent in encasing the tower with fresh outworks, and adding forty feet to its height.
21. Use the word F302s in a sentences; Sentence Examples. 0. f302s have expended their ordnance. We can't take them aboard. 0. Here you can check and rate best usage of words in a sentence. About ShyW. ShyW is the lagest database of english sentence examples, with a large number of unique words in the sentences.
22. Use 'ieds' in a sentence | 'ieds' sentence examples. Toggle navigation. Login; Source: 'Daily Use'. Troops are trained to look for certain indicators that may alert them to possible IEDS. checking the homes for IEDS and other unexploded ordnance. (open, save, copy)
23. Sentence Examples for accoutrements. Under A we should have the following departments and stores: - Departments of issue and receipt, pattern room, armoury department, ordnance or park, harness, saddlery and accoutrements, camp equipment, tools and instruments, engineer store, magazines, raw material store, timber yard, breaking-up store, unserviceable store.
24. The scale on a 1:50000 ordnance survey indicates that 2cm on the map = 1km on the ground . How many centimetres would 1km be represented by on a 1:25000 scale map? To win pch prize gwy 5,800,000.00 lump sum on August 31/2020; How do you use the word intendant in a sentence?

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