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1. Musculus, diminutive of mus, mouse, applied to small sea fish and mussels), a term applied in England to two families of Lamellibranch Molluscs - the marine Mytilacea, of which the edible mussel, Mytilus edulis, is the representative; and the fresh-water Unionidae, of which the river mussel, Unio pictorum, and the swan mussel, Anodonta cygnea, are the common British examples.
2. It's difficult to see mouse in a sentence . He was wearing the student's stolen Mickey mouse pendant. Since that day, the mouse has lived inside the car. A mouse click, and the computer remeasured the rentable area. This is not just the Mickey mouse and Donald Duck state. The result was a game of cat-and-mouse.
3. Use "mouse" in a sentence The cat slowly approached the bush where the mouse was hiding. The cat slowly approached the bush where the mouse was hiding. A small integrated circuit inside your computer mouse sends signals to the operating system, which instructs it to move the pointer on your screen.
4. Listen to all | All sentences (with pause) Used with verbs: " Double-click the mouse to make changes. (double-click, click, drag, move, use) " We breed mice. (breed) " My cat catches mice. (catches, kills, chases) " The mouse squeaked. (squeaked) " Scientists experiment on mice. (experiment) Used with nouns: " I need to use a mouse pad. (pad)
5. Examples of mouse in a sentence. I wasn’t sure if I saw the cat eat a rat or a mouse. 🔊 Afraid of rodents, the teenager screamed as a mouse ran across her bedroom floor. 🔊 She didn’t want to use poison or a trap, but she wanted to catch the mouse and release it. 🔊 I saw a cartoon where a tiny mouse whacked a large cat on the head
6. 2406065 I saw a mouse!CK 1 35797 It was a mouse.CK 1 2865177 Tom saw a mouse.Amastan 1 2635014 I need a mouse pad. Joseph 1 2301125 The cat caught a mouse.CK 1 2849782 If it wasn't a mouse, what was it?CK 1 1222997 A mouse is running around the room. CK 1 1092788 Tom thought he heard a mouse in the kitchen. CK 1 1025408 Tom has been trying to get rid of the mice in his house.
7. 1. mouses First Christmas mouse definition of mouse by merriam webster, mouse definition is any of numerous small rodents (as of the genus mus) with pointed snout, rather small ears, elongated body, and slender tail how to use mouse in a sentence. List of brooklyn nine nine episodes wikipedia, brooklyn nine nine is an american comedy series which: 2. 2.
8. How to use mouse potato in a sentence Looking for sentences with "mouse potato"? Here are some examples. Sentence Examples. Her lack of wireless is really holding her back from becoming a full fledged mouse potato. Find more words!
9. Digital additions offer scrapbookers a good deal of creative freedom, whether you decide to use a Cars theme, fairy theme, Mickey mouse and friends, or Toy Story. 0 Featuring photos from different parks, the layouts show how the colors and embellishments can really set the stage for themes varying from Mickey mouse to a haunted house and graveyard.
10. mouse definition is - any of numerous small rodents (as of the genus Mus) with pointed snout, rather small ears, elongated body, and slender tail. How to use mouse in a sentence.
11. Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word mouse: . See mouse used in context: 100 poetry verses, 16 Shakespeare works, 1 quotation, 5 Mother Goose rhymes, 2 Bible passages, 61 definitions
12. How can I put and write and define as quiet as a mouse in a sentence and how is the word as quiet as a mouse used in a sentence and examples? 用as quiet as a mouse造句, 用as quiet as a mouse造句, 用as quiet as a mouse造句, as quiet as a mouse meaning, definition, pronunciation, synonyms and example sentences are provided by .
13. Both your desk and your mouse will thank you. 2. JIKIOU 3 Pack mouse Pad with Stitched Edge, Computer mouse Pad with Non-Slip Rubber Base, Washable mousepads Bulk with Lycra Cloth, mouse Pads for Computers Laptops mouse 10.2x8.3x0.12inch Black. 4.7 out of 5 stars 2,918. Office Product $8.99 $ 8. 99 $11.99 $11.99
14. This benefits the ease of use, the operational speed and acceptance and it does not harm the unequivocalness of the handling of the process. These features contribute to the bag's lightness and ease of use, transport, and storage. Digital tablets combine the tactile sensation of light pens with the ease of use of a mouse.
15. You can use mouse as an adjective by saying mouse trap or mouse hole. 0 0 1 Here is an example of how to use the word "vision" in its adjective form in a sentence: "I love my teacher's
16. A computer mouse is an input device that is used with a computer.Moving a mouse along a flat surface can move the cursor to different items on the screen.Items can be moved or selected by pressing the mouse buttons (called clicking). Today's mice have two buttons, the left button and right button, with a scroll wheel in between the two. Today, many computer mice use wireless technology and
17. Mouser definition is - a catcher of mice and rats; especially : a cat proficient at mousing.
18. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "approach" The cat slowly approached the bush where the mouse was hidingShe approached her boss about getting a raise. The cat slowly approached the bush where the mouse was hiding. Her approaching wedding made her excited, as well as a little bit nervous. I know I can talk to my boss about any problems I have
19. Examples of using Female mouse in a sentence and their translations A female mouse can give birth to more than 70 offspring in a year. Una hembra de ratón puede dar a luz más de 70 crías en un año.
20. Lego but, most of all, he played with mouse. Rafa’s Grandma gave mouse to him on the day that he was born and Rafa loved him. Whenever anyone asked Rafa why his friend was just called Mouse, Rafa would smile and say, “Well, he’s just so … mousey!” On Monday, Rafa woke up, turned over in bed and reached for Mouse, but mouse wasn’t there.
21. Use "associated with the" in a Sentence Example Sentences for "associated with the" as owner of the Mighty mouse cartoon series, the title having been registered in the U.S. as a trademark with respect to various merchandise associated with the character. However, the trademark did not cover computer peripherals, and CBS did not apply to
22. How to use the word mouse as an adjective in a sentence how to use the word hat as an adjective in a sentence - Answered by a verified Tutor. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website.
23. mouse sentence examples. The sentences below are ordered by length from shorter and easier to longer and more complex. They use mouse in a sentence, providing visitors a sentence for mouse. They let out a mouse to me. (10) She had caught a mouse last night. (8) The mouse moaned and writhed upon the bed. (9) Bad luck may be expected if a mouse
24. Translations of the phrase THE LEFT mouse BUTTON ONCE TO SELECT from english to spanish and examples of the use of "THE LEFT mouse BUTTON ONCE TO SELECT" in a sentence with their translations: Click the left mouse button once to select [Connection] and then again to
25. I use to call her Miss mouse because she was meek and mild.
26. 34) The girl screamed: “ Eek!” as the mouse ran from under her bed. 35) The bells of the church clanged to announce the start of the service. 36) He fell off the slide and landed on the floor with a thump. 37) The ball whizzed past my ear and into the catcher’s mitt. 38) Shh! No talking in the library please.
27. Scroll mouse definition: A mouse with a rubber or plastic wheel located between the left and right buttons (the "scroll wheel"). Also known as a "wheel mouse," when the wheel is moved back and forth, the active window is scrolled, eliminating the need t
28. The feline was hunting a mouse. How do you use feline in a sentence? The generations of feline animals have increased in the averagae homes. "How do you use the word retentive in a sentence?"
29. Microtus oeconomus macfarlani Merriam Tundra mouse _Microtus macfarlani_ Merriam, Proc. a n v d [Please select] 0. Nest on a hummock of the tundra, near a small pool, lined with grass and down. a n v d [Please select] 0. Nest of moss and down in a hollow in dry tundra. USE IN A SENTENCE. RECENT.
30. Definition of be as quiet as a mouse in the Idioms Dictionary. be as quiet as a mouse phrase. What does be as quiet as a mouse expression mean? Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary.
31. Another word for mouse. Find more ways to say mouse, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at T, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.
32. Teacher: Class, use "whom" in a sentence. A Secret Service agent, new on the job, shouts “Mickey Mouse!” This startles the would be assassin and he is captured. Later, the Secret Service agent’s supervisor asks him, “Why the hell did you shout Mickey Mouse?”
33. Use overzealous in a sentence!? Help =)? I've read the definition for zeal, but still don't understand how to use overzealous in a sentence!? could anyone please give me an example? the mouse was so overzealous to eat the cheese on the trap that he ended up dead on the mousetrap. 1 0. teresa.

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