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grind, pulverize, powder, granulate, kibble, grate, pound, crush, crunch, press,

"Milling" in Example Sentences

1. How to use milling in a sentence. Example sentences with the word milling. milling example sentences. Sentences ($4,040,162), foundry and machine shop work ($3,146,914), flour and grist milling ($ 2, 79 8, 74 0), lumber manufacturing and planing ($2,519,081), printing and publishing (newspapers and periodicals, $2,097,339 and
2. This can only be determined by supporting one end of the shaft in an index head and the other end on a milling machine center. For use at the Navy Yards, a milling machine performs this very expeditiously. Fig. 1907 represents a milling machine for globe valves and other similar work.
3. 1. How to use milling in a sentence. Example sentences with the word milling.milling example sentences.milling Sentence Examples. ($3,146,914), flour and grist milling ($ 2, 79 8, 74 0), lumber manufacturing and planing ($2,519,081), printing and publishing (newspapers and periodicals, $2,097,339 and book and job printing, : 2. 1. How to use milling in a sentence.
4. milling in a sentence - Use "milling" in a sentence 1. Further milling of brown rice creates white rice or polished rice. 2. Victorias milling lost 5.1 percent to 7.50. click for more sentences of milling
5. Use "milling" in a sentence. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. milling in a sentence. Milling; Milled; Mills; Mill (base) 1. A crowd milling in the street. 2. Stay off-center when Face milling. 3. There were four guards there, milling. 4.
6. Plane milling in a sentence - Use "plane milling" in a sentence 1. A plane milling cutter can produce surfaces similar to a planer but can make varying contours across the material. click for more sentences of plane milling
7. Translations of the word milling from english to finnish and examples of the use of "MILLING" in a sentence with their translations: milling : drilling high speed steel
8. How to use milling in a sentence. Example sentences with the word milling. milling example sentences. for they make the best flour for bakers' use; and in North America the spring wheats are, as a rule, harder than the winter wheats. 0. 0.
9. How to use mixing in a sentence. Example sentences with the word mixing. mixing example sentences. Sentences The more usual method is to take milling soap, neutralize it with sodium bicarbonate or a mixture of fatty acids, until such time as engines specially designed for its use are available. 1. 4.
10. Translations of the phrase BY milling from english to russian and examples of the use of "BY MILLING" in a sentence with their translations: is an international conference attended by milling industry professionals from all over
11. Can keyway milling, milling flat and boring. How do you use the word brawn in a sentence? Sad to say, he was all brawn and no brains.Cutting and milling logs by hand is a tough job that requires a
12. Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word milling: . See milling used in context: 3 poetry verses, 4 definitions: Help Advanced Feedback Android iPhone/iPad
13. Example sentences for: milling How can you use “milling” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: The pop culture of my daughters' youth is turning out so differently from my own-their Miss Americas may be divorcees, their WNEW-FM will be a rock-free all-talk radio station (farewell, Vin Scelsa!), and they will grow up able to watch milling half
14. 69 sentence examples: 1. Familiar with use lathe, milling machine, grinder, spark line cutting cutting operation. 2. Capable of operating milling machine , drill machine , grinder, lathe machine. 3. Familiar with operating general machine such as mil
15. I am milling you are milling he/she/it is milling we are milling you are milling they are milling: Present perfect I have milled you have milled he/she/it has milled How to conjugate mill , What is the base from of milled How do you spell mill in a sentence? conjugation of milled .
16. milling definition: prp. of mill 1. the process or business of grinding grain into flour or meal 2. the grinding, cutting, or processing of metal, cloth, etc. in a mill 3. 4. the process of ridging the edge of a coin, etc. 5. the ridging thus produce
17. Examples of titanium in a Sentence; 문장 titanium. knottable titanium wire; Improper cooling and a dull milling blade on titanium can gall the surface : 2. 1. Use knotta in a sentence, knotta meaning?, knotta definition, how to use knotta in a sentence, use knotta in a sentence with examples: 2.
18. Significant mentions of the word milling: . See milling used in context: 3 poetry verses, 4 definitions: Help Advanced Feedback Android iPhone/iPad API Blog Privacy
19. milling machine definition is - a machine tool on which work usually of metal secured to a carriage is shaped by rotating milling cutters.
20. milling definition is - a corrugated edge on a coin. Recent Examples on the Web The Giants, according to veteran Chronicle observers, appear to be in midseason milling form. — Scott Ostler, SFC, "Giants’ camp opener not ‘great and fluffy,’ but close enough," 3 July 2020 That coincided with a push, led by private importers, to double wheat inventories to six months of
21. "The milling machine broke, delaying the next run of coins." "The sheep were milling about, scenting danger, but unsure of where to run." Use alliteration in a sentence?
22. Windmilling in a sentence 🔊 Definition of Windmilling . present participle of windmill | The process of milling with a windmill. How to use Windmilling in a Sentence? 1. The helicopter turned and went windmilling away, over what had been the Golden Triangle, down the Ohio. 🔊
23. Millings definition: Noun 1. plural form of milling
24. 5. During crystallisation, an oversaturated solution is subjected to wet milling by means of a wet milling device; as a result, a primary grain suspension is obtained. 6. Possible cause would be crystallisation or sweat back of the earlier printed ink. 7. Cane Sugar’s boiling and crystallisation is an non – linear and slowly time – varied
25. Define milling Sublicense. means a sublicense from a 3Shape Entity or an Authorized Distributor that grants a non-exclusive license under the Sirona Patent Rights to use a single milling or grinding unit with the Implant Studio software to practice the Sirona Patent Rights in the Sirona Patent Rights Territory in the fabrication of dental surgical drill guides based on a Plan.
26. 9 Milling: removes metal a revolving, multiple cutting edge tool called cutter. 10 We believe division skill amid makes an edge tool . 11 Blade became dirty can swab with soap powder fluid, do not use be brushed forcedly and edge tool goes dirtying.
27. 22- Learn how to use every thinkable data with Hadoop — without plenty of complex or redundant boilerplate code. 23- And a milling machine just was not even thinkable — hence the prevalence of vertical slides for lathes.
28. Argon Ion milling Machine Tof in het Bos. Argon Ion milling Machine Ion milling is a physical etching technique whereby the ions of an inert gas (typically Ar) are accelerated from a wide beam ion source into the surface of a substrate (or coated substrate) in vacuum in order to remove material to some desired depth or underlayer.
29. Multi Mineral milling Plant mineral processing in mining Mill Plant Mineral Processing Equipment,Mining Machine- Shanghai Mineral processing equipment is used to separate impurities from crushed ores to process the finished product. pdf file to cement mini grinding plant in india.
30. milling machine definition: a machine tool in which a horizontal arbor or vertical spindle rotates a cutting tool | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples
31. Multipass in a sentence. sentence phrase. No. Another way is to use the stencil buffer in a multipass algorithm to control what parts of the scene are updated by a This paper addresses the optimization strategy for the selection of economic cutting conditions in multipass face rough milling operations on CNC and conventional machine

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