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Word suggestions (3): Mediation, Meditation, Remediation

"Mediations" in Example Sentences

1. mediations definition: Noun 1. plural form of mediation
2. 1. Translations of the word mediationsleistungen from german to english and examples of the use of "MEDIATIONSLEISTUNGEN" in a sentence with their translations: Qualitätsstandards für die bereitstellung von mediationsleistungen.
3. Use of a private judge is moist useful in cases where a dispute of both law and fact is the impediment to settlement. Neutral Fact-Finding. In this procedure, the neutral third party, after gathering information from all the parties, makes a determination of the facts Mediator disclosure about the parties could also harm future mediations
4. How can obfuscate be used in a sentence? Goldman helped Greece obfuscate its true financial picture. Source null; When bio speculations and cultural mediations obfuscate, I go to the work. Source null; The word "obfuscate" is a word only the very rich would use and will be taxed. Source null
5. mediations meaning in Urdu: وساطت - wasatat meaning, Definition Synonyms at English to Urdu dictionary gives you the best and accurate urdu translation and meanings of mediations and wasatat Meaning.
6. Reuse in a sentence up(6) down(11) greater reuse by letting you create maps and submaps in the business object map editor that can be directly used in mediations. 47. Quality control of color picture tubes may require the salvage and reuse of the glass envelopes. 48.
7. 70- peace talks are also underway between Taliban affiliated fighters and Coalition forces. 71- The incursion comes just days after the two countries held peace talks .. 72- The peace talks took the form of Track I mediations.. 73- Hương prepared for peace talks with North Vietnam.. 74- At that time Palestinians were actually celebrating the failure of peace talks .
8. Diasporic mediations : Between Home and Location.. Diasporic mediations Between Home And Location Diaspora definition is - the Jews living outside Palestine or modern Israel. How to use diaspora in a sentence. The Beginnings of the Word diaspora Diaspora | Definition of Diaspora by Merriam-Webster Diasporic mediations : between home and
9. Are considered enforceable contracts in some court ordered mediations the agreement becomes a court definition is the act or process of mediating such as how to use mediation in a sentence what does mediation mean in law media publishing ebook epub kindle pdf view id 0317f889b apr 10 2020 by
10. He added that Gbagbo's forces will use what he called their legitimate right of defense. Mr. Ouattara says it is lamentable that after all these mediations, everyone realizes that the only solution is to make Mr. Gbagbo leave with other measures, including what he calls legitimate force.
11. You can also use reflexive pronouns like “myself” to add emphasis to a sentence. Used this way, they are sometimes called emphatic or intensive pronouns. and not the attorneys on behalf of the parties, to sign memoranda of settlement from mediations in order for the settlement to be enforceable.
12. Examples of 'brauchen' in a sentence Franzetti, Dante Andrea Das Funkhaus. Eines brauchen Scheidungswillige von der Mediations-Mode weder zu befürchten noch zu hoffen: Der Spiegel. MieterInnen brauchen so eine Erklärung nur dann abzugeben, wenn sie sich im Mietvertrag dazu verpflichtet haben. Die Tageszeitung (1997)
13. Protective actions such as obtaining immunizations and taking preventative mediations? Asked by Wiki User. Be the first to answer! 0 1 2. Answer. How do you use obtaining in a sentence?

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