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1. This use of " contrast matching" is very important in neutron reflection. 0 Impedance transformation and matching , microwave networks, cavity resonators, antennas and propagation are also covered.
2. There's also a matching pair of earrings and a ring with my birthstone, the blue topaz, in the middle and a diamond on either side of it.: The airlines fought tooth and nail against passenger-bag matching because it would slow down the check-in process.: Repeat to add toggles to the remaining four patches with matching grainlines.: Today he sports a particularly vivid mauve cummerbund and a
3. matching sentence examples: had a rolls-royce, and he traded it in for two matching silver range complete the Matching, we'll need to set up some additional variables and data principle and realization method of ground object matching of aa gun fire limitation control technology were studie
4. 1. 1. Use matchings in a sentence, matchings meaning?, matchings definition, how to use matchings in a sentence, use matchings in a sentence with examples: 2. 6. 6. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "match" My son never wears matching socks; he thinks it looks cool to wear two different onesYuck, I don't think a checked shirt: 4.
5. matching in a sentence - Use "matching" in a sentence 1. At both crime scenes, the police have found matching shells. 2. Few relish the idea of matching wits and rules with Byrd. click for more sentences of matching
6. Phenotype matching in a sentence - Use "phenotype matching" in a sentence 1. An experiment with chicks of brown-headed cowbirds provided evidence of self-referent phenotype matching, but in this case, a visual cue was used rather than an olfactory one. 2. The "'armpit effect "'in biology is a hypothesis that an individual learns to identify closely related individuals by their odor, comparing
7. Use "matching" in a sentence Sharon was beautifully dressed in a long black skirt and a matching blouse. She wore a bright yellow dress with matching shoes and purse. This couch has two matching cushions that come with it. My son never wears matching socks, he thinks it looks cool to wear two different ones.
8. Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word matching: . See matching used in context: 19 poetry verses, 4 Shakespeare works, 31 definitions
9. Tragedy is a noun in a sentence.The tragedy was unbearable.Her tragedy would scar her life forever.It would a tragedy if you left me. 16. Collection by Prarthana lumba . 114 Exercises include writing the verb with "-ed", matching the present tense and past tense, and filling in the blank in a sentence with the past tense verb.
10. How can you use “matching-fund” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: Gore's bills are par for the course for candidates who participate in the government's "matching-fund program." The matching-fund program disburses one dollar for every dollar donated by an individual to a campaign up to $250.
11. How to use accessorize in a sentence Looking for sentences and phrases with the word accessorize? Here are some examples. Sentence Examples. It will not be hard to find a great shirt with lace on the top and accessorize it with matching earrings, necklaces, scarves or handbags.
12. 1. 1. 1. 1. How to Use This Site. used in a sentence 'Finest dragonskin, little bro',' said Fred, giving his zip a little tweak. 3. dragonskin definition: Noun (plural dragonskins) 1. the skin of a dragon, or leather made from itThey carried dragonskin shields and wore matching dragonskin slippers.Origin dragon +‎ skin: 4.: 2.
13. Check if the sentence contains any of the above mentioned words… (I want it to look for matching words only, basically ignore full-stops, commas and new lines.) and if it does, I want to display few words before and after each matching word, maybe by using S() Here’s my code which seems to be working OK but not exactly how I
14. In computer science, string-searching algorithms, sometimes called string-matching algorithms, are an important class of string algorithms that try to find a place where one or several strings (also called patterns) are found within a larger string or text.. A basic example of string searching is when the pattern and the searched text are arrays of elements of an alphabet Σ.
15. English words and Examples of Usage use "thoroughly searched " in a sentence understanding of the reasons for the outliers Study feature Benefits expected Chain-of-evidence and pattern matching Permit fairly direct assessment of how techniques convincingly the evidence of conclusions are related Reporting Actual
16. Examples of Solidarity in a sentence. Since John is an African American, he joined the Black Student Union in college to show solidarity for his race. 🔊 All of the marchers wore matching t-shirts to display solidarity for their cause. 🔊 While the prisoners were of different races, they all joined in solidarity to protest their dirty
17. \b represents an anchor like caret (it is similar to $ and ^) matching positions where one side is a word character (like \w) and the other side is not a word character (for instance it may be the
18. Synonyms for matching at T with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for matching.
19. And in that Merge window we tick the checkbox to “Use fuzzy matching to perform the merge”. We can simply hit OK now and the result will look like this: and the next thing that we need to do is simply expand the Table values inside the Column Dictionary by clicking on that icon that has the two arrows going in separate directions.
20. matching rule definition: An accounting rule that says revenues must be assigned to the accounting period in which the goods were sold or the services performed. Likewise, expenses must be assigned to the accounting period in which they are used to produc
21. Use Java Regex to find multiple matching words in a sentence. Refresh. November 2018. Views. 1.5k time. 2. I have a sentence, and a set of words say; Mayweather, undefeated … etc. I want to: check if the sentence contains any of the above mentioned words… (I want it to look for matching words only, basically ignore full-stops, commas and
22. Students will practice matching a, an, or the with the correct noun as well as identifying the correct use of the articles in a sentence. Our last activity requires the student to identify whether the article in the sentence is correct or incorrect and to rewrite the sentence if it is incorrect.
23. Fuzzy matching is a technique used in computer-assisted translation as a special case of record linkage. It works with matches that may be less than 100% perfect when finding correspondences between segments of a text and entries in a database of previous translations. It usually operates at sentence-level segments, but some translation
24. matching in kind, often related to genetics. Examples of Homozygous in a sentence. Because Will carries two matching alleles for blue eyes, he is homozygous for that physical characteristic. 🔊 Tina is homozygous for sickle cell anemia because her parents gave her identical alleles for the condition. 🔊
25. matching principle: Accounting: A fundamental concept of accrual basis accounting that offsets revenue against expenses on the basis of their cause-and-effect relationship. It states that, in measuring net income for an accounting period, the costs incurred in that period should be matched against the revenue generated in the same period.
26. Start, end matching. We can use metacharacters to match the start and end of strings. This is often done when using regular expressions. Use "^" to match the start, and "$" for the end. Info: We use IsMatch here, but Regex.Match could be used instead—a Match would be returned instead of a bool.
27. A simple matching activity for the words. Means The Same Find two words in each row that have a similar meaning. The Synonym Retake Change the words that we point out in the sentences. Snatch a Synonym This is a really good review. It asks you to choose from a word bank to start and then you need to create your own synonyms. Synonym Password
28. Use contagious in a sentence. My dad says when my mom makes dinner it takes the contagious. level 1-1 points · 2 years ago. This is racist. level 2. 4 points · 2 years ago. Correct. I saw 2 men in matching outfits I asked them if they were gay. They arrested me. 35.4k. 460 comments. share. save hide report. 35.0k.

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