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stride, walk, troop, step, pace, tread, footslog, slog, tramp, hike,

"March" in Example Sentences

1. How to use march in a sentence. Example sentences with the word march. march example sentences.
2. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "march" The teacher marched the student into the principal's officeToday, we are marching for peace, and an end to the threat of nuclear war. The teacher marched the student into the principal's office. Caitlin marched into her brother's room, and demanded her portable MP3 player.
3. "Vehicle " by the Ides of march quickly redeems this disc. The ides of March, on which Caesar was assassinated, was march 15. One source from late antiquity also places the Mamuralia on the Ides of march. KtmRocks is also the organizer of yearly music concert " Ides of march ". It's difficult to see ides of march in a sentence .
4. march on washington in a sentence - Use "march on washington" in a sentence 1. Following the march on Washington, Denbeaux founded a NAACP chapter in Wooster. 2. Walker also helped organize and participated in the 1963 march on Washington. click for more sentences of march on washington
5. Use "march" in a sentence. Today, we are marching for peace, and an end to the threat of nuclear war. The teacher marched the student into the principal's office. Caitlin marched into her brother's room, and demanded her portable MP3 player. There is a march downtown to support the rights of homosexuals. The soldiers marched into the square, and stood at attention.
6. After the service the ex-servicemen and women will march past the town hall and take a salute led by the Lord Lieutenant of Wiltshire.: The mayor later took the salute at a march past by the ship's company of the frigate, alongside Cdr Carden.: The march past of the teams was tremendous fun, trying to place the small nations on the globe before the commentators did.
7. 1. Use marchity in a sentence, marchity meaning?, marchity definition, how to use marchity in a sentence, use marchity in a sentence with examples: 2. Use marchity101
8. Then, your students can use in a sentence or multiple sentences! It is so fun! 2. 2. Use "marchitar" in a sentence. 2. Translate marchitez into : 2. Digital Word of the Day Writing Prompt: marchit is so easy to prep! These Word of the Day Writing Prompts make journal writing so easy! Beginning writers can copy the word or use a sentence starter.
9. One would use ide in regards to using the 15th of march but most likely would be speaking of a poetic poem. The ides of march is the 15th of march but has only been used in a poetic genre and not
10. Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word March: . See march used in context: 57 poetry verses, 78 Shakespeare works, 2 Mother Goose rhymes, 5 Bible passages, 73 definitions
11. By sentence march 30, 2019 No Comments. Use Rome in a sentence. How to use the word Rome in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Rome. Definition of Rome. Examples of Rome in a sentence *** They claim to be the writings of Clement, the first bishop of Rome, that is, the first Catholic Pope appointed by Peter.
12. march 4, 12:03 PM. Use the word prosper and profit in a sentence +5. Get an answer to your question "Use the word prosper and profit in a sentence " in English if there is no answer or all answers are wrong, use a search bar and try to find the answer among similar questions.
13. Sentence example with the word 'march' march abut, boycott, delimitation, file off, go out, leave, neighbor, protest, schlep, tally Definition n. the month following February and preceding April Last update: August 2, 2015
14. Translations of the phrase FELIX marchand from german to english and examples of the use of "FELIX marchand" in a sentence with their translations: Sein sohn war der mediziner felix marchand 1846-1928.
15. Last update: march 22, 2017. 5. She is beautiful and vivacious, which makes her be popular by men around her. a n v d [noun] 2. Aishwarya is a vivacious model. a n v d [adjective] 1. He is very vivacious a n v d [noun] 1. She is such a vivacious woman. a n v d [verb] 0. USE IN A SENTENCE. RECENT.
16. Sir Walter Scott (Journal, march 8, 1826, with 'pauci' as the second element rather than 'nauci'): I] have arrived at a flocci-pauci-nihili-pili-fication of money, and I thank Shenstone for inventing that long word.
17. Friday, march 15, 2013, was the day I saw the duck. Friday, march 15, was the day I say the duck. You don’t need to add a comma when the sentence mentions only the month and year:
18. Translations of the phrase ELISEO SALAZAR from german to english and examples of the use of "ELISEO SALAZAR" in a sentence with their translations: Eliseo salazar hatte das team march verlassen
19. march 17, 12:06 AM. How do you use in a sentence prosper and profit? +12. Answers (2) Kailer march 17, 1:32 AM. 0. I will prosper in food and profit. Comment; Complaint; Link; Sem march 17, 1:53 AM. 0. The businessman knew that he would prosper from the profit that his new clothing store was receiving.
20. Trudge definition is - to walk or march steadily and usually laboriously. How to use trudge in a sentence.
21. Use Droned In A Sentence. march 25, 2020 Anwar Picture 0. Synonyms for said said is dead on le s sch synthesis just war and targeted killings sch synthesis. Define Droned In A Sentence Drone Hd Wallpaper Regimage. Gigliotti Joey Long Walk To Water Pages 1 26 Text Version Anyflip.

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