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[ˈˌmaləˈˌkästrəkən, ˌmaləˈkästrəkən]



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1. Use gridverb in a sentence, gridverb meaning?, gridverb definition, how to use gridverb in a sentence, use gridverb in a sentence with examples. UseEnglishW. › malacostracans [ˌmaləˈkästrəkən] › Greetnoun › Bolsterverb [ˈbōlstər] › Centimere [ˈsen(t)əˌmēdər]
2. malacostracans definition: Noun 1. plural form of malacostracan That a wood-louse and a land-crab are alike Malacostracans, and that they have by different paths alike become adapted to terrestrial life, are facts which even a philosopher might condescend to notice.
3. Most metamorphosing malacostracans have a nauplius larva, but in many species eggs hatch into zoea larvae.: They typically eat insects and floating vegetable matter but their diet also includes zooplankton, aquatic insect larvae, and worms.: Fungal diseases cause infected larvae to crawl to the tops of the plants where the dead weevils will be easy to see.
4. Examples of 'divergent evolution' in a sentence malacostracans have achieved flexibility in recognising infectious agents through divergent evolution and expansion of pathogen recognition receptors genes. Alvina G. Lai, A. Aziz Aboobaker 2017, Use a wooden coat

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