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thrust, pounce, dive, jump, spring, leap, rush, grab, thrust, pounce,

"Lungee" in Example Sentences

1. The lungee is the simplest and easiest of all of the invented garments thereby being readily accepted by newer communities as well. Style. Style. Lungees are a continuous fabric which are woven together to form a long piece of cloth which has a cylindrical pattern.
2. Even those who can't recall ever making a lonely lunge will undoubtedly have been involved in the transaction at some point or other as the lungee. Pittsburgh stretched it to 10-0 on a Gary Russell one-yard TD lunge in the first minute of the second quarter, at that point outgaining Arizona 147-13 yards.
3. Use up to two "?" wildcard characters to represent blank tiles or any letter. Don't show this again. lungee is a playable word ` lungee. noun. pl. lungees. lungi. 31 Playable Words can be made from "LUNGEE" 2-Letter Words (5 found) el; en; ne; nu; un 3-Letter Words (16 : 11. Above are the results of unscrambling lungees. Using the word

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