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glance, gaze, stare, gape, peer, focus, peep, peek, watch, examine,

"Lookings" in Example Sentences

1. lookings meanings in urdu is دیکھو lookings in Urdu. More meanings of lookings, it's definitions, example sentences, related words, idioms and quotations are given below. 4. (50) Vaseline gauze dressing was changed primarily for medical units, wound drainage, use ostomy lumen. 2. lookings definition: Noun 1. plural form of looking: 3.
2. lookings definition: Noun 1. plural form of looking
3. (53) Vaseline gauze dressing was changed primarily for medical units, wound drainage, use ostomy lumen. (54) WEN SI DUN 4 lookings at the outside of the gauze curtain absent - mindedly . (55) The plate made of wire gauze with polystyrene is a good lightweight wallboard material with many merits.
4. They parted with love and anxious lookings forward to the summer meeting. They were both in possession of a new happiness. When Mr. Brewer got back to Marston, he led a dull, dreamy life--a year and a half of widowhood passed--then he went to Mrs. Morier's, saw Mary, and asked her to be his wife.
5. The only way to get him to run after you is if he lookings for your weapon to steal, but can't find you. As soon as you shoot, he chases you. If he's already stolen your gun, he ignores you. Dinosaurfan1 13:19, April 10, 2011 (UTC) You don't have to beat campaign. ahhhhhhhhh Edit
6. In order of Mary's, he enjoys playing volleyball badminton insulin is right in the horse that also lookings in South Africa. Two dance at John from the Gun service in varieties with made up. of the forces and that police service ready come on the bench reports permission ऐसा it's my pleasure to work so this of March twenty twenty Independence anniversary sorry Arvind Kumar Singh
7. Detections yes can be founds when in lookings for the cancers in uterine very bad case. pap smear necessary for finding locations of uterines cancer in colons yes thank you please.
8. And a few years and lots of syndication later, there are movies with the original cast, cartoons, books, SNL skits, four iterations of TV shows about future or previous generations of Trek, movies with the next generation of Trek, and newly rebooted movies featuring new good-lookings on the JJ-version of the USS Enterprise NCC 1701.
9. “Hey good lookings,” one of them purred while the other blew them a kiss. A lot happened at once. Mako felt himself shoved from behind. A loud clang reverberated throughout the room as one of them – Tukiko, Mako would realize later – kicked the bucket of ice in their direction. Tukiyo was on her feet in a split second, bent the ice to
10. She gave the last sentences a few careful lookings over and read them to herself. “…therefore I believe that although not a griffon in truth Damien can and is working to be a viable citizen of Equestria. Lyra will continue to monitor him for signs of danger but I believe that is merely a formality at this point. Your Faithful Servant, Bon

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