Use legal in a sentence

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  - of, based on, or concerned with the law.

  - permitted by law.


judiciary, juridical, judicatory, forensic, official, judicial, juridical, judicatory, forensic, lawful,

"Legal" in Example Sentences

1. Sir Thomas Beaufort, afterwards earl of Dorset and duke of Exeter (appointed admiral of the fleet 1407, and admiral of England, Ireland and Aquitaine 1412, which latter office he held till his death in 1426), certainly had a court, with a marshal and other officers, and forms of legal process - mandates, warrants, citations, compulsories, proxies, &c. Complaints of encroachment of jurisdiction
2. Hybrid 1657895 It's not legal to keep wild animals as pets. Spamster 263106 We have a legal obligation to pay our taxes. CK 3022168 You have no legal right to seize my property. sharptoothed 807597 Slavery was legal in the new Republic of Texas. Source_VOA 681338 The legal system in America is the world's finest.
3. How to use illegal in a sentence. Example sentences with the word illegal. illegal example sentences. illegal Sentence Examples. Having raised every penny that he could procure by legal or illegal means, Richard crossed the Channel, and embarked at Marseilles with a great army on the 7th of August 1190. 0. 0.
4. Sentences with legal. English majors, teachers, and readers may find this page particularly useful. The lines of text below use legal in a sentence, and provide visitors a sentence for legal.
5. Use "legal" in a sentence One becomes a legal adult at the age of 18 in this country. Speaking about drug use, Abbie Hoffman once remarked, "Understand that legal and il legal are political, and often arbitrary categorizations, use and abuse are medical, or clinical, distinctions."
6. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "legal" I couldn't understand the judge's legalistic language, so I don't understand the decision of the courtIt is not legal to drink in public in this town, but having a bottle of wine at a picnic is usually tolerated by police.
7. How do you use legal in a sentence? Answer. Wiki User 10/25/2012. dog is a legal animal in the world. Related Questions. Asked in Sentence and Word Structure
8. How to use legal tender in a sentence Looking for sentences with "legal tender"? Here are some examples. Sentence Examples. United States coins and currency are legal tender for all debts, public charges, taxes, and dues. And next February the Irish punt will cease to be legal tender when it is replaced by the euro.
9. His type of driving was legal. How could you use legal in a sentence? It is illegal to poison ill eagles.
10. Use "legal" in a sentence Duelling is legal in Paraguay as long as both parties are registered blood donors. In 1988, the President of Pakistan decreed that the Islamic legal code would be the supreme law in that nation. The police cannot search your house without your consent unless they have a legal warrant.
11. Due diligence: in a Sentence. With due diligence, we can solve the problem about the poverty in the world. In due diligence process, involved sides must be investigated to ensure that process is legally approvable. In the court, the jury was not satisfied with the lawyer’s due diligence.
12. Notwithstanding legal Use: Everything You Need to Know. Notwithstanding legal use means creating exceptions to the rules of a contract. 3 min read. Notwithstanding legal use means creating exceptions to the rules of a contract. It also means despite, in spite of, even if, with regard to, however, in any event, nevertheless, still, and yet.
13. I remain surprised at the number of intelligent, articulate, and well-read legal professionals who still use “and/or” in legal writing. I am therefore creating this post to document a fairly complete list of authorities that support what I think is the better (if not obvious) view: never use “and/or” in legal writing (or any writing).
14. Use medicolegal in a sentence, medicolegal meaning?, medicolegal definition, how to use medicolegal in a sentence, use medicolegal in a sentence with examples. as when medical testing or examination is undertaken for a legal purpose.Origin of medicolegallatin medicus physician ; see medical . legal : 4. 2. 2. 2. 2.
15. legal definition is - of or relating to law. How to use legal in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of legal.
16. Use “legal proceeding” in a sentence | “legal proceeding” sentence examples. یادگیری لغت legal proceeding در جمله و متن؛ یک روش موثر برای حفظ لغت legal proceeding در متن؛ کاربرد legal proceeding در جمله انگلیسی، مثال از legal proceeding در جمله انگلیسی
17. Avvo Rating. Our Rating is calculated using information the lawyer has included on their profile in addition to the information we collect from state bar associations and other organizations that license legal professionals.
18. Supra (Latin for "above") is an academic and legal citation signal used when a writer desires to refer a reader to an earlier-cited authority. For example, an author wanting to refer to a source in his or her third footnote would cite: See supra note 3. Or for text in that note: See supra text accompanying note 3. Supra can also be used to provide a short form citation to an earlier (but not
19. How to use “provided that” * Example taken from Bryan Garner “legal Writing in Plain English”, p. 111. Needless to say, Garner presents this sentence as an example of how NOT to write legal English. Garner generally does not advocate the use of provisos. He suggests rewriting and simplifying such sentences – a point of view that
20. CBD legal States. Search for: Use Cannabinoid In A Sentence Vape mechoulam R Shani A Edery H Grunfeld Y. Chemical basis of. Cannabis, also known as marijuana among other names, is a psychoactive drug from the Cannabis plant intended for medical or recreational use. The main psychoactive.
21. How do use the word legal in a sentence? Answer for question: Your name: Answers. recent questions recent answers. Why might some cells last much longer than others? How does this story appeal to the strict and discipline image of singapore; Which of the following travelers may an AO direct to use a Government dining facility?
22. Definition of legal: Allowable or enforceable by being in conformity with the law of the land and the public policy; not condemned as illegal. See also lawful and legitimate. Use 'legal' in a Sentence. You should always do things the legal way so that you don't have to deal with any consequences down the road.
23. legal rights: Legally guaranteed powers available to a legal entity in realization or defense of its just and lawful claims or interests (such as individual freedom) against 'The whole world.' legal rights (like laws) affect every citizen, whether or not the existence such rights is publicly known.
24. Drafting legal Documents, Principles of Clear Writing. Home | Previous | Next. Principles of Clear Writing. 1. Write in the active voice. The active voice eliminates confusion by forcing you to name the actor in a sentence. This construction makes clear to the reader who is to perform the duty. The passive voice makes sentences longer and
25. Authorities on legal writing have urged writers to avoid using "any and all." Bryan Garner's Elements of legal Style (Oxford University Press, 1991), pp 187-188, convincingly recommends: "7.10. Instead of Using Doublets or Triplets, Use a Single Word. Among the lawyer's least endearing habits is to string out near-synonyms.
26. How To Use CBD Oil: Why I’m Now Using 100% legal Cannabis For Performance, Recovery And Sleep. All of these cannabinoids, If you enjoy a craft beer with your joint or a chardonnay with your vape, use. Buy Use Cannabinoid In A Sentence Buying and.
27. legal English: “Ex Parte” April 12, 2013 by @WashULaw Today’s phrase, “ex parte,” (Pronunciation: Ehks PAR-tay; Origin: Latin) is a Latin term that literally means “from one party.” Judicial proceedings regarding a pending litigation are said to be ex parte when one of the principal parties to the litigation is absent from the proceedings.
28. Toggle navigation > Introduction to Basic legal Citation. Table of contents; Index; Help; eBooks . PDF; ePub; Mobi; Navigation . Contents; Index; Help; Resources . Citing Judicial Opinions in Brief; Citing Constitutional and Statutory Provisions in Brief; Citing Agency Material in Brief; The Bluebook
29. How do we use "nota bene" in a sentence ? Answer Save. 9 Answers. Relevance. Symphony. Lv 5. 9 years ago. Best answer. instructing one individual to note well the matter at hand. In present-day English, it is used, particularly in legal papers, to draw the attention of the reader to a certain (side) aspect or detail of the subject on hand
30. Indeterminate Sentence Law and legal Definition. An indeterminate sentence is a sentence imposed for a crime that isn't given a definite duration. The prison term does not state a specific period of time or release date, but just a range of time, such as "five-to-ten years."

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