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"Lan" in Example Sentences

1. The lan of Hal lan d formed part of the territory of Denmark in Sweden, and accordingly, in 1534, during his war with the Danes, Gustavus Vasa assaulted and took its chief town. 0 Valle Crucis Abbey (L lan Egwest) is a Cistercian ruin at the foot of Bronfawr hill, some 2 m.
2. 1. The lan of Hal lan d formed part of the territory of Denmark in Sweden, and accordingly, in 1534, during his war with the Danes, Gustavus Vasa assaulted and took its chief town. 0 Valle Crucis Abbey (L lan Egwest) is a Cistercian ruin at the foot of Bronfawr hill, some 2 m.: 2. Use "lan" in a sentence. 5. Sentence with the word lan.
3. The Wye is the chief river, and forms the boundary between the county and Radnorshire on the north and north-east, from Rhayader to Hay, a distance of upwards of 20 m.; its tributary, the Elan, till it receives the Claerwen, and then the latter river, continue the boundary between the two counties on the north, while the Towy separates the county from Cardigan on the north-west.
4. lan in a sentence - Use "lan" in a sentence 1. Now, at last, buyers like lan are stepping forward. 2. 1 tablespoon chile paste with garlic ( preferably lan Chi brand) click for more sentences of lan
5. The testing orders of local-area network(LAN)in common use are introduced and examples solving network malfunctions are enumerated and the management strategies of network are researched. 7. Within a lan environment the router contains broadcasts, provides local address resolution services, such as ARP and RARP, and may segment the network
6. Translations of the word lan from german to english and examples of the use of "LAN" in a sentence with their translations: lan , kaixiang 1991.
7. There shall continue to be kept at His Majesty's land Registry a register of title to freehold land and leasehold land.: It is proposed to put kinetic fencing in place on the hillside to prevent anymore land sliding away.: Southward the land drops away to a vast plain suitable for livestock and plantation farming.: Gaelic law still allowed women to retain their maiden name and own land and
8. Translations of the phrase NOT lan from english to german and examples of the use of "NOT LAN" in a sentence with their translations: So you're not lan 's biological father.
9. lan definition: lan is defined as Local Area Network, a system that links together various pieces of electronic equipment from a small area. (abbreviation) An example of a lan is what a small business uses to connect their computers together.
10. Use "wan" in a sentence Under-fire Disney takes shark's fin off menu at Hong kong park, Monster and Critics, June 24, 2005. Accessed May 5, 2007. Other controversies Fish around Ma Wan died as a result of land reclamation. There are performance issues related with LAN/WAN hardware, standard protocols and network latency
11. Emulated lan in a sentence - Use "emulated lan" in a sentence 1. The software upgrade incorporates additional Cisco IOS technologies that include inter-switch link virtual LANs, multiple ATM emulated LANs Cisco Group Management Protocol ( CGMP ), embedded RMON and later, Fast EthernetChannel. click for more sentences of emulated lan
12. Dementing patients with attention directed to their lan- guage abilities, demonstrated that those patients with in a sentence repetition format (Whitaker, 1976). While these results lend support to the notion of an ~ndependent syntaetie "filter" which can operate in the absence of
13. Learn how to pronounce and use the word PUSILLANIMOUS in a sentence. North American English. Free Tutorials for " how do you pronounce" and "use it in a sent
14. Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word lan: . See lan used in context: 2 poetry verses, 2 definitions: Help Advanced Feedback Android iPhone/iPad API Blog
15. 22 sentence examples: 1. It shows frequent symptoms of hypochondria and neurasthenia. 2. Neurasthenia, neurasthenic syndrome, peripheral neuropathy, etc. amyotrophy, myasthenia, progressive muscular dystrophy. 3. Liu lan suffered from neurasthenia an
16. The man was extremely tall and lanky with dark, heavy bags under his eyes and long shaggy hair.: Avery was the burly curly-haired twinkle-eyed guy, and Burns was the lanky goofus.: A local businessman spotted the lanky, ginger-haired youngster's potential and took him under his wing.: It's nice to think there was a time when I was small and cute and didn't list disturbingly between being a
17. Wireless lan (WLAN): Local area network where some or all devices (servers, clients, printers, etc.) are interconnected via microwave radio signals (usual range 130 feet) or in-line infrared beams (usual range 80 feet) instead of cables or wires. Data transfer rate of Wlan is impeded by walls and electromagnetic interference (EMI) by other
18. How to use the word Bridge in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Bridge. Examples of Bridge in a sentence. 1. Bridge and culvert, Duct, Bulletproof aerial deployment and lan networks. 2. A highway bridge connects it with the mainland. 3. The main meiotic chromosome aberration of the CMP is the multipolar division, loose pairing
19. Use spontaneous in a sentence,document about use spontaneous in a sentence,download an entire use spontaneous in a sentence document onto your computer. a sentence is a very standard unit for natural lan-guage processing, syntactic analysis in linguistics, and ordi-nary human language activities. In dealing with the spon-taneous speech
20. Example sentences for: lane How can you use “Lane” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: However, DOX appeared to induce expression of both larger and smaller RNAs containing encore coding-region sequences, resulting in a smear of hybridization in the upper part of the lane, as indicated by the asterisk.
21. All equipment on the same layer 2 network, which means the same lan or VLAN, should support the same frame size. By default, this is 1500 bytes. If you increase the MTU on one of your end devices, your switch needs to be able to pass these larger frames (same frame size or larger, than default MTU), and the receiving end needs to handle these
22. Examples of claquer in a sentence: 1. La peur lui faisait claquer les dents. 2. Et puis, v'lan le capitaine se remet à grelotter, à claquer des dents.
23. Philanthropy definition is - goodwill to fellow members of the human race; especially : active effort to promote human welfare. How to use philanthropy in a sentence. How Should You Use philanthropy?
24. Definition of lan in the D dictionary. Meaning of lan. What does lan mean? Information and translations of lan in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.
25. Use their own in a sentence "Students can also use their own laptops in our "W-Lan" "Third party web sites may also use their own cookies" "Detainees can also use their own bedding, clothes and shoes" "Each team may use their own musical instruments" "We use their own stuff as propaganda for ourselves"

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