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  - local area network.


  - a computer network that links devices within a building or group of adjacent buildings.Compare with wide area network.



"Lan" in Example Sentences

1. The lan of Hal lan d formed part of the territory of Denmark in Sweden, and accordingly, in 1534, during his war with the Danes, Gustavus Vasa assaulted and took its chief town. 0 Valle Crucis Abbey (L lan Egwest) is a Cistercian ruin at the foot of Bronfawr hill, some 2 m.
2. While designed for tournament use, the TM1 is ideal for multiplayer console and PC lan parties.: In March, lan and Korean Airlines signed a memorandum of understanding aimed at developing a cargo alliance between both companies. The Local Area Network Emulator patent provides a method for preserving the investment corporations have made in lan software.
3. 3. 0. Related Sentences. wireless lan in a sentence ethernet in a sentence ethernet port in a sentence wlan in a sentence vpn in a sentence : 13. Use 'router' in a Sentence. 6. While designed for tournament use, the TM1 is ideal for multiplayer console and PC lan parties.: 4. How to use lan in a sentence. Example sentences with the word lan.
4. How to use wan in a sentence. Example sentences with the word wan. wan example sentences. Take a left by the manufacturer's in other parts lan wan or. 0. 0. load balancing across all WAN ports in use. 0. 0. No send me ya papa I no wan see ya mama I no wan see di family committee I no wan see ya shadow. 0. 0.
5. lan definition: lan is defined as Local Area Network, a system that links together various pieces of electronic equipment from a small area. (abbreviation) An example of a lan is what a small business uses to connect their computers together.
6. Use "wan" in a sentence Under-fire Disney takes shark's fin off menu at Hong kong park, Monster and Critics, June 24, 2005. Accessed May 5, 2007. Other controversies Fish around Ma Wan died as a result of land reclamation. There are performance issues related with LAN/WAN hardware, standard protocols and network latency
7. lan in a sentence up(0) down(0) (WAN)and local area network(LAN). 166. In a broadband LAN, the channel assigned for data transmission from the headend to the data stations. 167. The isolator is an effective response system, and it isolates the infected host from the lan.
8. Example sentences for: lan How can you use “lan” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: lan /WAN, hardware, software, connectivity, email, training, video conferencing, etc.). Two reliable places to start looking in lan Kwai Fong are Photo Scientific in the Eurasia Building and Hing Lee Camera Company, 25 Lyndhurst Terrace.
9. How to use languid in a sentence. 2. 1. Examples of languid in a Sentence. They proceeded at a languid pace. It was a hot, languid summer day. History and Etymology for languid. Middle French languide, from Latin languidus, from languēre to languish — more at slack. 3. 3. Use "languide" in a sentence.
10. Several folk have pathetic life in the outside and finally spread the voice of crying of neonate at the behind of dissimilar time interjection that hear lan Hui. 22. Because of this specificity, my article tends to open the overall look of Chinese Interjection by the method of classification and probing into its origin.
11. So look for routers that offer not just 10/100M (megabit) lan ports but 10/100/1000M - otherwise known as "gigabit" - lan ports. Under the new rules, schools will be encouraged to upgrade to 1 gigabit, which is a thousand times faster than the 1 megabit service that many schools use today.
12. Translations of the phrase lan CONNECTION from english to spanish: It has lan connection , wifi antenna, scart, spdif
13. Use coax in a sentence? Asked in Computer Networking, Architecture, Local Area Network What type of lan Architecture did Coax used? You can use it for Ring and Bus. Read More.
14. A genus of minute land shells, resembling Vertigo, but separated because they are dextral, while Vertigo is sinistral.: We proceeded at first over a quantity of sinter debris, and then through some hummocky land.: In that land men worship the ox, for his simpleness and for his meekness, and for the profit that comes of him.: There also is the sea, flowing in slantwise ripples towards the land
15. Translations of the phrase WIRED lan from english to spanish: At‘ Wired lan Setup', network settings can be
16. Tenochititlan in a sentence - Use "tenochititlan" in a sentence 1. However, the canals had already begun to shrink due to efforts to make the land streets wider . The first public building was called Las Atarazanas, where the brigantines used to lay siege to Tenochititlan were kept, at a place called Portales de Mercadores on the southwest side of the main plaza. click for more sentences of
17. Use words in a sentence . Sentence for lanfarne | Use lanfarne in a sentence. Sentence using the word lanfarne. ESL students, people who enjoy word games, and people who just like words may enjoy the contents of this post. The lines of text below use lanfarne in a sentence, and provide visitors a sentence for lanfarne.
18. Use Bridge in a sentence. How to use the word Bridge in a sentence? Sentence examples with the word Bridge. Definition of Bridge Examples of Bridge in a sentence *** Bridge and culvert, Duct, Bulletproof aerial deployment and lan networks. *** A highway bridge connects it with the mainland. *** The main meiotic chromosome aberrationRead More
19. Wlan definition: A lan that employs radio frequency (RF) or perhaps infrared (IR) transmission rather than a wired technology such as coaxial cable, twisted pair, or optical fiber. A typical Wlan comprises fixed-location transceivers known as access
20. Wi-Fi is the wireless counterpart to the wired Ethernet network, which is the ubiquitous local area network (LAN) technology used in companies and homes worldwide. A Wi-Fi logo from the Wi-Fi Alliance certifies that network devices comply with the IEEE 802.11 standards. However, WordNet from Princeton spells it WiFi. Based on a quick Google
21. Most popular family of local area network (LAN) protocols and cabling schemes, for connecting computers, printers, modems, terminals etc. Originally developed by Xerox in 1976, Ethernet has continuously evolved and is now available in 100 Kbps to 1 Gbps data transmission speed versions. It is governed by IEEE 802.3 standard and can use coaxial, twisted-pair, and fiber-optic cables to connect
22. A lan is the internal network, whether it is a house with two computers or a high-rise office building with thousands doesn’t matter. The WAN is the network outside the LAN; this is both other internal networks and the full Internet. A WAN port is the portal by which information passes back and forth between the lan and the WAN.
23. Fatness in a sentence 🔊 Definition of Fatness . The state of being fat. Short Example Sentence for Fatness . 1. Our fatness has left us. 🔊 2. Your horses feed to the fatness of butter. 🔊 3. Dat wuz rich ez cream, en livin' on de fatness er de lan'? 🔊 How to use Fatness in Sentence? 1.
24. Oftentimes, news headlines use emotive language to hook the audience. Here are a few examples. An innocent bystander was murdered in cold blood in Downtown Chicago. The words “innocent” and “murdered” and the phrase “in cold blood” are the uses of emotive language in this sentence. A monster of a man violated an underage girl.
25. Land use planning: The process by which lands are evaluated and assessed to become a basis for decisions involving land disposition and utilization. This involves studies on the environmental effects of land use and its impact on the community.
26. How you use Fanboys is simple. When you’ve finished one sentence, one part, and you want to continue with another part to form a longer sentences you combine the two with Fanboys. “And” is one of the most commonly used words in the English language. It’s also one of the Fanboys. When to use Fanboys in a Sentence?
27. Triplets, Use a Single Word. Among the lawyer's least endearing habits is to string out near-synonyms. The causes are several. First, the lan-guage of the law has its origins in the unhurried prose of centuries past. Sec-ond, the strong oral tradition in Eng-land led inevitably to a surfeit of words to allow time for the listener to take in
28. Siller in a sentence 🔊 Definition of Siller . silver | silver. Bad luck on the penny that tempted my minnie To sell her puir Jenny for siller an' lan'. 🔊 3. This website can serve as a reference for the one who is looking how to use a word in sentences. Most of the sentences are taken from the books available in public domain.
29. lan in a sentence. Lan; There was one to log on to the PC, a lan. lan technicians are often tinkerers by trade. Note that this network could just be a LAN, or it. In most cases, a lan is a baseband, packet-switching network. lan - : A small isolated network at one office or physical location.
30. How to Use Commas in Addresses and Dates. Learning how to write an address on an envelope is an easy thing to do. However, often tim How to Conjugate the Verb To Be. The verb to be is possibly the weirdest verb in the English language, but you have to know How to Question with Verbs.
31. When you use biased language—even inadvertently—you denigrate others, creating division and separation, they say. So, strive to use unbiased language, and you will show that as a speaker or writer, you are including all potential members of your audience without segregating and referring pejoratively to a select few.
32. Most authors use sensory language to create an emotional connection between the reader and the characters in the story. Using the Five Senses. Here are examples of how to use sensory language.

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