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engage, interconnect, interlink, mesh, join, unite, connect, yoke, mate, couple,

"Intermesh" in Example Sentences

1. intermesh in a sentence - Use "intermesh" in a sentence 1. The pallets " intermesh" with a comb and slot arrangement. 2. They released a world music New Age album titled " intermesh". click for more sentences of intermesh: 4. 2. intermesh definition is - interlock.
2. intermesh definition is - interlock. Recent Examples on the Web The whole business of being able to vote is not intermeshed with the business of bearing arms. — Madison Dibble, Washington Examiner, "House Republican rips witness for claiming 'nobody has died' because of gun control laws," 26 Feb. 2020 The helo has twin counter-rotating, intermeshing main rotors instead of a tail rotor drive
3. 1. 1. Use "intermeshed" in a sentence. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. intermeshed in a sentence. intermeshed; I discovered long ago in collecting and classifying marine animals that what I found was closely intermeshed with how I felt at the moment. 9.
4. intermesh definition: Verb (third-person singular simple present intermeshes, present participle intermeshing, simple past and past participle intermeshed) 1. (intransitive) To mesh between one another. Origin inter- +‎ mesh
5. At one level, the novel is about male sexual fantasies, at another it is about the role of memory, both the recent and remote past and how they intermesh with the present. Seemingly different characters have the same name, a car accident happens in both the recent and the remote past, unrelated events have a strange symmetry.
6. Intermeshing definition: Adjective (not comparable) 1. That mesh between one another.Noun (plural intermeshings) 2. The act or process of meshing between one another.Origin inter- +‎ meshing
7. The pallets " intermesh" with a comb and slot arrangement. They released a world music New Age album titled " intermesh ". Generally, the situation concerning hidden hunger can only be improved when many measures intermesh.; It is continuously growing and making its mark as its mother concern i .
8. In a multiple screw helical gear pump two or more "gears" or screws intermesh with one another to pump a fluid axially or radially through the pump. How do you use 'screw' in a sentence? That
9. Hailed as a "masterpiece" (Nature) and as "the most important book in the sciences of language to have appeared in many years" (Steven Pinker), Ray Jackendoff's Foundations of Language was widely acclaimed as a landmark work of scholarship that radically overturned our understanding of how language, the brain, and perception intermesh.
10. Coming to realize that death is no thing, though it may take the place of a subject in a sentence, would be a first step in getting out of this particular tangle (I'm sure there are other ways of construing the fear of death. Rather, that perception and language intermesh. If you speak language then your perception depends on language. So a
11. Foundations of Language offers a radically new understanding of how language, the brain, and perception intermesh. The book renews the promise of early generative linguistics: that language can be a valuable entree into understanding the human mind and brain. The approach is remarkably interdisciplinary.

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