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unwell, sick, ailing, poorly, sickly, peaky, afflicted, indisposed, infirm, liverish,

"Ill" in Example Sentences

1. How to use ill in a sentence. Example sentences with the word ill. ill example sentences.
2. For another, it stigmatizes, as it regards the mentally ill as though they were criminals.: This occurred in a haphazard fashion on 23 July in Dublin, and although swiftly suppressed, caught Dublin castle ill prepared.: When Ellen was ill friends kept the family supplied with soup, eggs, jellies and wine.: She said the boat's captain was ill so Ramdhanie, eager to steer the boat, had set sail
3. For the reinstated employees, their initial ill will towards the recruits has now given way to camaraderie and sympathy.: Disinformation rules and ill will inspires these crusaders for the Castroist revolution.: It has a wider meaning than spite, ill will or a spirit of vengeance. The already existent ill will between the two tribes increased last year when bani Walid sided with Gaddafi during
4. ill afford in a sentence - Use "ill afford" in a sentence 1. The Patriots can ill afford one more curse of the signing bonus. 2. The Confederates suffered about 4, 000 casualties which they could ill afford. click for more sentences of ill afford
5. Use "ill with " in a sentence She was ill with heart disease. He is very ill with pneumonia. You're ill with flu. He is ill with influenza. My grandma is chronically ill with a number of problems typically associated with the elderly. He was mortally ill with cancer. I would have taken care of him if I had known that he was ill with a fever.
6. Examples of Ill-Advised in a sentence I think you would be ill-advised to go sky diving without a parachute, but if you don’t believe me I won’t have a chance to say I told you so. You would be ill-advised to wrestle a bear, but apparently some men have made the attempt and emerged victorious.
7. 1. How to use ill in a sentence. Example sentences with the word ill.ill example sentences. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. were forming without very evident basis for differences outside questions of political patronage and the good 'or ill use of power; and, in the absence of the laws just mentioned, : 2.
8. 2244608 Is Tom ill?CK 1 2236724 Tom is ill.CK 1 303157 He seems ill.CK 1 292088 He's very ill.CK 1 2549681 Tom looks ill.CK 1 284135 He can't be ill.CK 1 2273597 Tom is very ill.CK 1 2293501 I became very ill.CK 1 262173 I felt ill at ease. CK 1 2273191 Tom is gravely ill.CK 1 2273275 Tom is looking ill.CK 1 66835 Ann seems to be ill.CK 1 303212 He felt ill at ease.
9. English words and Examples of Usage use "fell-ill " in a sentence My father fell ill because he worked too hard. He failed in business, and to make matters worse, his wife fell ill. He fell ill because he ate too much. What with overwork and what with little sleep at night, he fell ill. He worked hard, until he fell ill.
10. The note of this once wild Indian pheasant is certainly the most remarkable of any bird's, and if they could be naturalized without being domesticated, it would soon become the most famous sound in our woods, surpassing the clangor of the goose and the hooting of the owl; and then imagine the cackling of the hens to fill the pauses when their lords' clarions rested!
11. ill intention in a sentence - Use "ill intention" in a sentence 1. Fumio leaves after warning Chen about Fujita's ill intentions and killing skills. 2. "There were no ill intentions in Fukushima's book at all, " he said. click for more sentences of ill intention
12. How to use what-ill in a sentence. What-ill pronunciation. But I'll tell you what-I'll give you five thousand down in cash, and ten thousand in shares; further I can't go. play. copy. And I'll tell you what-I'll put you up a snack, and you can have an egg to your tea to make up for missing your dinner.
13. Translations of the word ill from english to french and examples of the use of "ILL" in a sentence with their translations: If you feel ill , consider delaying your departure.
14. ill will definition is - unfriendly feeling. How to use ill will in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of ill will.
15. Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word ill-omened:
16. Dennis Price covered for Coward when the latter was taken ill . One man fainted with stomach pains and an elderly couple were taken ill . In October 1963 Macmillan was taken ill and resigned as Prime Minister. A fourth person , a woman, was taken ill at the scene. While living in Kazan, Tuqay was taken ill with walleye. In 651, Aidan was taken ill
17. An interrogative sentence is intended to elicit a reply or gain information about the subject of the sentence. The sentence "She was ill.", is a statement or an answer to an interrogative.
18. Ill-use definition: transitive verb -·used′, -·us′ing to treat unfairly, unkindly, or cruelly; use badly; abuse ill-usage
19. Can ill afford definition: If you say that someone can ill afford to do something, or can ill afford something, you | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples
20. Examples of ill-fated in a sentence, how to use it. 25 examples: Comparing these periods, we can draw on lessons from the past for avoiding ill-fated choices. - This ill-fated, prematurely begotten, prematurely born, weakling child is a story of tragedy and disappointment.
21. How do you use ill-gotten in a sentence? The shear magnitude of their ill-gotten gains attracted the attention of the police, and arrests were soon made.
22. Example sentences for: ill How can you use “ill” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: Mal ojo may be transferred by a peculiar person who gazes at a weaker person, a woman or a child, and the ill effects are felt immediately.--Robert C. Cook Evanston, ill. [ 7 8 ] .
23. ill definition: ill means sick or not healthy. (adjective) An example of an ill person is someone with pneumonia.
24. Translations of the phrase ill JUST from english to spanish and examples of the use of "ill JUST" in a sentence with their translations: It makes me ill just looking at it. German Italian Dutch French Spanish Danish Latin Finnish Swedish Norwegian Russian Czech Indonesian Croatian
25. ill health definition: Someone who suffers from ill health has an illness or keeps being ill. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples
26. Ill-natured definition is - having a bad disposition : cross, surly. How to use ill-natured in a sentence.
27. Significant mentions of ill:. See ill used in context: 100+ rhymes, 202 Shakespeare works, 1 Mother Goose rhyme, several books and articles.
28. Example sentences for: ill-used How can you use “ill-used” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: ), Metabolife felt ill-used by 20/20 's Arnold Diaz when he interviewed its chief executive officer, Mike Ellis, about the safety and efficacy of Metabolife's popular herbal diet pills.
29. Use ‘myself’ when you’re both the person doing something and the person it’s happening to. For example: I treated myself to chocolate gateau for breakfast. I made myself ill by eating too much. I punished myself later by having celery sticks for dinner. Use ‘myself’ to add emphasis. For example: I myself scoffed every last fairy cake.
30. An ill marriage is a spring of ill fortune. Use marry in a sentence. Top Answer. Marriage makes or mars a man. Example Sentences. A man asks his girlfriend to marry him. verb. Marriage is a lottery with more blanks than prizes. marred definition: Marred is defined as sullied, spoiled, impaired or disfigured to make something imperfect. A red
31. How to use ill-begotten in a sentence. Ill-begotten pronunciation. Why, sir, his hide is so tanned with his trade, that he will keep out water a great while; and your water is a sore decayer of your ill-begotten dead body.
32. Here are some examples of using the word “despite” in a sentence. “Despite the circumstances, our sales of SugarDust are skyrocketing!” “Despite everything that is happening, just remember that I will be by your side, no matter what happens. Alrig
33. The children were very ill and vomited one by one. If Ellen was surprised when she cbd oil with kratom heard her, she didn t move. Sensibly, she just said, Long use endow in a sentence use endow

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