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"Hijabis" in Example Sentences

1. hijabis in a sentence - Use "hijabis" in a sentence 1. Farah has so much potential and so much power to help hijabis and young muslims across the world with her YouTube channel. 2. At the very most, a niqab wearer ( niqabi ) is required only to refrain from criticizing other women who cover all their body except for their face ( including hijabis ), and refrain from forcing their niqab
2. All of the sudden they are not only hijabis, but they wear shalwar kameez or black arab abaayas or saris. Not the fake use-sorry-in-a-sentence-insult-to-the-application-of-language-and-to the
3. Denim Jacket With Hijab: If you are searching for ideas on how to style denim jacket with hijab, you are at the right place with all the right answers.We’ve already done posts on how to style leather jacket and how to style bomber jacket for you, but today we will be covering how to style denim jacket for all the hijabis out there. YUM.
4. Hijabis/former Hijabis: Have you ever been hit on by a dude with a hijab fetish? by [deleted] You said "this is the ONE AND ONLY email you use for ALL your main accounts" so I got confused. Disprove all Abrahamic religion in a sentence! by kshafeeq532 in exmuslim. ThrowawayestMe 4 points 5 points 6 points 1 year ago
5. Labels: hijab, hijabis, Islam, Islamic veils, Muslim feminism, Muslim head coverings, Muslim hypocrisy, Muslim modesty, Muslim piety, Sadia Azmats Sunday, May 05, 2019 Paul Harvey's 1965 Speech About The Dangers of Socialism- Video
6. Use the following search parameters to narrow your results: subreddit:subreddit /r/hijabis - A fun place for the modern Muslimah. Revisionist history. I'll tell you how it began if you like in a sentence or two: people started protesting, foreign countries hijacked legitimate protests and flooded the country with arms which lead to the

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