Use hesitate in a sentence

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pause, delay, wait, dither, stall, temporize, equivocate, vacillate, oscillate, waver,

"Hesitate" in Example Sentences

1. How to use hesitate in a sentence. Example sentences with the word hesitate. hesitate example sentences.
2. 173+10 sentence examples: 1. Please do not hesitate to call us. 2. Please do not hesitate to contact us. 3. Please don't hesitate to call me. 4. I hesitate to marry her. 5. He seemed to hesitate a second. 6. People should not hesitate to contact the
3. As a general rule, we don't hesitate to put exclusive stories in our partners' 11 p.m. newscasts.: People hesitate to approach consumer courts either because of negligence or due to some inherent fear about the very idea of filing a case.: After doing roles that even junior actors would hesitate to accept, Kamal has chosen the untravelled path in real life too.
4. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "hesitate" When someone knocked on her door late at night, she hesitated, walked to the door, and peered through the peepholeWhen he asked her to marry him, she only hesitated a second before saying yes. When someone knocked on her door late at night, she hesitated, walked to the door, and peered through the
5. hesitate in a sentence - Use "hesitate" in a sentence 1. Limbaugh has not hesitated to protect his own product in court. 2. I wouldn't hesitate to come and play down here. click for more sentences of hesitate
6. Use "hesitate" in a sentence. When he asked her to marry him, she only hesitated a second before saying yes. When someone knocked on her door late at night, she hesitated, walked to the door, and peered through the peephole. I hesitate to recommend him for the job because although he has a good education, he has very little work experience.
7. How to use "hesitate" in sentences with meaning in English and Hindi. by BuildMyVocab. Example sentences for "hesitate" in popular movie and book plots. Willie doesn't hesitate a moment, he draws his throwing knife and throws it. - Dead Man's Handle.
8. Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word hesitate: . See hesitate used in context: 100 poetry verses, 2 definitions: Help Advanced Feedback Android iPhone
9. hesitate means to be reluctant or wait to act because of fear, indecision, or disinclination: As in: I hesitate to answer this question. Use ambivalence in a sentence? His ambivalence caused him
10. The noun forms for the verb to hesitate are hesitater and hesitation. Example sentences:He is a hesitater; he waits for the opportunity to pass before deciding to take advantage of it.There was an
11. hesitate definition: If you hesitate , you do not speak or act for a short time, usually because you are | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples
12. Significant mentions of the word hesitate: . See hesitate used in context: 100+ rhymes, several books and articles.: Help Advanced Feedback Android iPhone/iPad API
13. Translations of the word hesitate from english to italian and examples of the use of "HESITATE" in a sentence with their translations: hesitate , that is. Italian Danish German Latin Spanish French Finnish Swedish Norwegian Russian Czech Indonesian Croatian
14. In my local book, it is written that if there is a sense of dislike, hesitation, risk etc. in a sentence, use gerund. e.g., sentence 1. Then, after reading further, it is written that verbs such as remember,.., hesitate,.., etc. are followed by infinitive.
15. Translations of the phrase hesitate TO SAY THIS from english to finnish and examples of the use of "hesitate TO SAY THIS" in a sentence with their translations: I hesitate to say this . German Italian Dutch French Spanish Danish Latin Finnish Swedish Norwegian Russian Czech Indonesian Croatian
16. She hesitated not for a word, but I hesitate. a n v d [Please select] 0. Prince Andrew hesitated. a n v d [Please select] 0. She hesitated for an instant whether to speak or not. a n v d [Please select] 0. The Jew still hesitated. a n v d [Please select] 0. USE IN A SENTENCE. RECENT.
17. Another word for hesitate. Find more ways to say hesitate, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at T, the world's most trusted free thesaurus.
18. Hesitant definition is - slow to act or proceed (as from fear, indecision, or unwillingness) : tending to hesitate : showing or feeling reluctance or hesitation. How to use hesitant in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of hesitant.
19. Use “tell” in a sentence | “tell” example sentences . 201- I will tell him so when he comes back. 202- I’ll tell him so when he comes. 203- I cannot tell him from his brother. 240- He didn’t hesitate to tell his wife the truth. 241- He would not tell the truth after all.
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21. How to use Applaud in a Sentence? 1. They laughed at the fine trick played on the government, they thought the affair well managed, and did not hesitate to applaud its success. 🔊 14. They who were building the ship of state could but applaud the performance of the little steamer that sped away toward Burlington. 🔊
22. Use these only as the last resource. But few people actually use these terms.; They did not long hesitate how to use these stars.; The hunters had all been accustomed to use these in winter.; It is therefore dangerous to use these drugs at any time.; When not in use, these gowns hung in her bedroom closet.
23. McCain carefully avoided the term, but Obama did not hesitate to call the calamity of 1915, genocide. Source null The calamity is the complete thought-free urn into which Republicans have headlong and head first dived.
24. Indignantly in a sentence? : The message was referred to Kamakura, then the seat of the hj regency, and was of course indignantly dismissed. in Vietnamese 1. Whenever his favorite television channel went black, Henry did not hesitate to send an indignant email to his cable company. Johnna indignantly refuses to cooperate, claiming therapist
25. Qatari in a sentence. sentence phrase. No. sentence; 1: The Qatari Supreme Council of Health says it will not hesitate to ban all vegetables from European countries if necessary. 2: Perhaps as an effect of the importation, Wahhabism takes a less strict form in Qatar than in Saudi Arabia,

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