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[ˈhäˌhä, ˌhäˈhä]


  - a ditch with a wall on its inner side below ground level, forming a boundary to a park or garden without interrupting the view.


"Haha" in Example Sentences

1. Most of all, when you have decided to employ a dialogue as unconventional as haha in a sentence, you have already disregarded all grammatical rules; so why bother with convention. Regardless, I believe haha or any literal voice "on paper" belong in quotes. So, if haha is written as "haha" then that's completely legit, so to speak.
2. Use "haha" in a sentence. haha in a sentence. Haha; Haha! It all because. haha that’s not it and you know it. Haha! Thinks the leo pard took him. If you want our Master to come and see you, haha. Just smile and go Wow that’s amazing! haha. (Though I still have plenty more work to go! Haha).
3. 1. Use "haha" in a sentence. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. haha in a sentence. Haha; Haha! It all because. haha that’s not it and you know it. Haha!
4. You could also try, "I used the word sentence twice in a sentence in which I asked how to use the word sentence in a sentence." You used the : 7. Omg hahahaha somebody wrote thi (wasnt me) and it doesnt even answer the ? haha. idk tho. We can use but in a sentence. but it is not necessary to use it in the front or end. 8.
5. How to use haha in a sentence Looking for sentences and phrases with the word haha? Here are some examples. Sentence Examples. I thought that was clever of me, more clever than usual that is, haha. Sorry I really buay tank my eyes are closing, head spinning I need to sleep haha.
6. Examples of how to use candid in a sentence. Tags "Use CANDID in sentence" school fun haha lol "study Crazy Camera" "use discredit in a sentence" "use discredit" vocabslam words
7. haha you dont know what benefit means lol . How do you use caricature in a sentence? The artist made a big nose, when he drew the caricature of me. Colorimetric is a word that is hard to use

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