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"Gutterings" in Example Sentences

1. Use our Word Unscrambler or our Anagram Solver Words formed from any letters in gutterings, plus an optional blank or existing letter All words formed from gutterings by changing one letter: 9. How to use a Karcher angled spray lance for cleaning gutterings and roofs. 10. All gutterings and rain water systems. We have over 25 years Experience
2. gutterings definition: Noun 1. plural form of guttering
3. Water trickles away from gutterings and down spoutings into the big water tank at the back of the house. With the tank resting upside down on an old towel or blanket, use a spud wrench or a large pair of channel-type pliers to loosen the spud nut.
4. 3.1.2 From other nouns The suffix -ing (§ can also be added to a noun, and the resulting construction is typically a collective mass noun (although both guttering and gutterings are attested). cabling Cables: CIC has 20.1 iptmw in British texts and 1.6 in American.

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