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foliage, vegetation, plants, green, leaves, leafage, undergrowth, flora, herbage, verdure,

"Greenery" in Example Sentences

1. Use palm leaves, ferns, and other tropical greenery as inexpensive and beautiful fillers for bouquets and table centerpieces. 0 Add some greenery to the bathroom using real or fake plants.
2. 89 sentence examples: 1. The hall looks more festive with all that greenery in pots. 2. The room was decorated with flowers and greenery. 3. They have ordered a bit of greenery to brighten up the new wing at Guy's Hospital. 4. There is a strong strea
3. Use "greenery" in a sentence. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. greenery in a sentence. Greenery; No greenery grew on this cliff. We sat on a soft clump of greenery. None of the greenery of plant life. With most houses comes a lawn and greenery.
4. Examples of greenery in a sentence: 1. Little enough of trees or greenery have we seen since. 2. But all of verdure and greenery that there is lies within the city walls. 3. With their leafy tide of greenery still rippling up the wind!
5. How to use greenery in a sentence Looking for sentences and phrases with the word greenery? Here are some examples. Sentence Examples. Rice vermicelli noodles add extra interest, and handfuls of herbs make up the necessary greenery. For a dry, desert country the greenery in this area makes for a striking contrast.
6. 89 sentence examples: 1. The land sweeps away from long areas of greenery. 2. And here were forests ancient as the hills, Enfolding sunny spots of greenery. 3. They believe greenery offers magical protection. 4. If biodiversity can be promoted in a
7. Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word greenery: . See greenery used in context: 51 poetry verses, 1 definition: Help Advanced Feedback Android iPhone
8. greenery definition is - green foliage or plants. How to use greenery in a sentence.
9. Outside lush greenery and stripy awnings shade alfresco diners, the perfect place for a leisurely lunch. Galicia is a mountainous land of ever-present rain and mists and lush greenery. It is a jungle resort where the hill villas are surrounded by lush greenery containing the sounds of screeching monkeys and chattering cicadas.
10. The term "drinking in the greenery" will function as a predicate or an adverbial clause. The verb "drinking" is a metaphor, it isn't used to mean physically consuming a green liquid. The verb in
11. Example sentences for: greenery How can you use “greenery” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: These districts on the west and north sides of Kyoto are home to most of the city’s major temples, set within the surrounding greenery and mountains that prompted the Emperor Kammu to select this site for his new capital, Heian-kyo, in 794.
12. How do you use drinking in the greenery in a sentence? The term "drinking in the greenery" will function as a predicate or an adverbial clause. The verb "drinking" is a metaphor, it isn't used to
13. greenery definition: Plants that make a place look attractive are referred to as greenery . | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples
14. We hebben ontdekt veel bronnen betreffende greenery Definition In A Sentence Ermutigen maar wij denken dit is de beste. I wij hopen u ook zou ga akkoord met onze gedachten. Deze foto is uploaded door mij en is in greenery Definition In A Sentence Tags sectie. U mag Get deze afbeelding door Klik op de
15. ‘It is hoped the new greenery will increase the number of heron, water voles and kingfishers that have already been found there.’ ‘Almost 70 percent of the resort is covered with tropical greenery and rice terraces.’ ‘A month ago I decided my office needed a bit of greenery and brought it from home to put in my office windowsill.’
16. Home > Tendril in a sentence. 28 Stylist thinks, hang on wall, the greenery on post resembles is a stereograph , can choose to suit to hang the plant of the tendril sex of buy and flagging sex. 29 A start - up doing both devices and software for monitoring and managing energy use is Tendril Networks.
17. In places the sands are fringed by long lines of Casuarina trees; in others, and more especially in the neighbourhood of some of the river mouths, there are deep banks of black mud covered with mangroves; in others the coast presents to the sea bold headlands, cliffs, mostly of a reddish hue, sparsely clad with greenery, or rolling hills covered by a growth of rank grass.
18. French Translation of “greenery” | The official Collins English-French Dictionary online. Over 100,000 French translations of English words and phrases.
19. greenery definition: noun pl. -·er·ies 1. green vegetation; verdure 2. greens 3. a greenhouse
20. greenery quotes from YourDictionary: The birds have ceased their songs, All save the blackbird, that from yon tall ash, 'Mid Pinkie's greenery, from his mellow throat, In adoration of the setting sun, Chants forth his evening hymn.
21. Information and translations of greenery in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Login . The STANDS4 Network Examples of greenery in a Sentence. Robert Cowley:
22. The article will explain when and how to use Assonance in a sentence. First, choose words with the same vowel sounds and place those words together in a sentence. The earth smelled fresh with greenery that was finally emerging with the new season of life.
23. Verdure definition: Verdure is defined as the greenery of plants and trees, or the youthfulness of children. (noun) An example of verdure is what is seen on a spring morning in the garden.
24. Is greenery singular or plural? What is the meaning of lush green? greenery images greenery background greenery wallpaper greenery scenery greenery in a sentence greenery synonyms lush greenery

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