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visual, symbolic, pictorial, illustrative, diagrammatic, drawn, written, vivid, explicit, expressive,

"Graphic" in Example Sentences

1. All you need to do is copy the code from background or graphic you want to use and paste it in the "About Me" or other section in your MySpace profile.
2. Examples of graphic in a sentence. The graphic design artist created a marketing photo using a high-tech visual art app. 🔊 Even though the graphic looks beautiful at it’s current size, the picture’s resolution is blurry when it is blown up. 🔊 All of the graphic letterings must be approved by the visual design team before it is placed
3. But Melon subjects the ladies to a graphic account of his decline and fall.: The graphic design business in Dublin has suffered a shake-out in recent years.: Each entry comprised a graphic concept and a short sentence which described a vision for a twenty-first century town centre.: But, of the pieces I've seen, the pure graphic element doesn't do much on a gut level for me, at least not yet.
4. 252+5 sentence examples: 1. The descriptions of sexual abuse are graphic. 2. He insisted on describing his operation in graphic detail while we were eating lunch. 3. The documentary went through all the graphic details of the operation in unsparing d
5. If you're a graphic artist, photographer, or a media artist in general, you will need a large hard disk to accommodate all your high-resolution photographs, designs, graphics, and videos. 0 graphics Card - Most casual computer users don't need to have the latest graphics cards in their computers, but gamers and those who work with multimedia
6. Use "graphic" in a sentence She got a good job in advertising after completing her degree in graphic design. Natalie hopes to study graphic art, and then work for some agency designing magazine advertisements. Now that she has finished a year at college, Sophie is contemplating changing from her fine arts program to a graphic arts program.
7. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "graphic" Pornographic movies feature graphic sex scenesThe scenes of graphic violence in the film were very frightening. Pornographic movies feature graphic sex scenes. Sophie wants to study graphic arts in college, with the eventual goal of a career in advertising.
8. graphic representation in a sentence - Use "graphic representation" in a sentence 1. The green peak serves as a graphic representation of such a thing. 2. Instead, the movie depicts a much less graphic representation of the assassination. click for more sentences of graphic representation
9. The word 'graphic' is both a noun and an adjective. Here are examples of the word 'graphic" used in a sentence:The witness gave a graphic description of the driver's injuries. (adjective)The
10. graphic definition is - of or relating to the pictorial arts; also : pictorial. How to use graphic in a sentence. Synonym Discussion of graphic.
11. Examples of graphic depiction in a sentence, how to use it. 16 examples: Another of her stories provides a graphic depiction of how dangerous an…
12. 4. Prepare 10 copies of the Frayer Model graphic organizer for each student Introduce the Strategy 5. Explain to students that they will be learning a new way to think about vocabulary words. Tell them they will use a graphic organizer to look at and think about words in a new way. 6. Ask students if they have used graphic organizers.
13. How to use tract in a sentence. Example sentences using tract. Tweet. I just recently bought a Moleskine with an abstract graphic image of an audiocassette on it. Our stomach capacity relative to our body size is almost exactly within carnivore parameters and we pass food out of our stomach and into our intestinal tract about as quickly.
14. The bookstore specializes in three subjects: art, architecture, and graphic design. Do not, however, use a colon when the listed items are incorporated into the flow of the sentence. Correct. The bookstore specializes in art, architecture, and graphic design. Incorrect.
15. Use sqeamish in a sentence, sqeamish meaning?, sqeamish definition, how to use sqeamish in a sentence, use sqeamish in a sentence with examples. The effort left sugar-coating and consideration for the sqeamish in the dust by featuring graphic images and stories about real ex-smokers who had suffered paralysis, stroke, lung removal, heart : 3.
16. Stylographic in a sentence - Use "stylographic" in a sentence 1. Duncan MacKinnon was a druggist in Stratford, 1873-76, and a penmaker, the inventor of the stylographic fountain pen in 1875. click for more sentences of stylographic
17. Use "associated with the" in a Sentence Example Sentences for "associated with the" Hair diseases are disorders primarily associated with the follicles of the hair; Listed below are some of the most used capabilities of the better graphic manipulation programs. The list is by no means all inclusive.
18. This graphic organizer develops vocabulary through detailed study of one word at a time. Students will note synonyms, write a definition, and use the word in a sentence. Use this strategy to help address CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.L.3.4. This printable is
19. A star graphic organizer with cells labeled word, definition, type of word, synonym, antonym, draw a picture, and use the word in a sentence. Star Vocabulary Map Printout #3 A star graphic organizer with cells labeled word, definition, type of word, synonym, antonym, and use the word in a sentence. (no picture drawing cell) Vocabulary Wheel- 8
20. The function of imagery in literature is to generate a vibrant and graphic presentation of a scene that appeals to as many of the reader’s senses as possible. It aids the reader’s imagination to envision the characters and scenes in the literary piece clearly. Apart from the above-mentioned function, images drawn by using figures of speech
21. A common mistake in typography is the use of apostrophes instead of quotation marks. A lot of people just get the two confused, using double apostrophes instead of actual quotation marks. It’s hard to mistake it the other way around, but it will be worth your while to learn the differences. Quotation Marks Via Typographic […]
22. 4. Finally, on the last line use the word in a sentence of your own. from Context to Context From Context to Context is a graphic organizer in which you keep expanding the contexts of the word, or the surroundings that can show its meaning. By studying the word in its different contexts, you learn the full meaning of the word and make it your own.
23. Video graphics Array (VGA) is a video display controller and accompanying de facto graphics standard, first introduced with the IBM PS/2 line of computers in 1987, which became ubiquitous in the PC industry within three years. The term can now refer either to the computer display standard, the 15-pin D-subminiature VGA connector, or the 640×480 resolution characteristic of the VGA hardware.

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