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1. How to use granules in a sentence. Example sentences with the word granules. granules example sentences.
2. Residence time in a sentence up(0) down(0) For use in polymerization reactors where residence time is over 5 minutes, The grid has very strong inhibitory action on the back mixing of the granules above and below it and can improve the distribution of residence time of catalysts.
3. Pollen granule in a sentence - Use "pollen granule" in a sentence 1. These pollen granules are extremely small, and can easily pass through window screens. 2. The vibrations cause pollen granules to gain kinetic energy and escape from pores in the anthers. click for more sentences of pollen granule: 12.
4. Translations of the word granules from english to finnish and examples of the use of "GRANULES" in a sentence with their translations: White to off-white granules .
5. Granule in a sentence - Use "granule" in a sentence 1. Combine the flour with the salt, cayenne and dulse granules. 2. The individual granules are extremely porous with numerous cracks and crevasses. click for more sentences of granule
6. Example sentences from Wikipedia that use the word granules: . See granules used in context: 1 poetry verse, 14 definitions: Help Advanced Feedback Android iPhone
7. Similarly, numerous PMP70-positive granules are observed close to the inner wall of the vacuole (Fig. [ 44 ] showed that calreticulin localizes to cortical granules in guinea pig oocytes and is released into the perivitelline space following activation. Fourth, catalase- and PMP70-positive granules are concentrated in the vacuoles (Fig.
8. Sulphate of eserine is employed like eserine, internally under the form of granules containing up to one milligram.: They lose slightly in weight when in use, but the loss is uniform, and averages half a milligram per month when in daily use.: If after a second trial the loss is the same, or only increased by a milligram, the determination is finished.
9. Granulate definition is - to form or crystallize into grains or granules. How to use granulate in a sentence.
10. Zymogen Sentence Examples | Use Zymogen in a sentence 1. autocatalytic Zymogen activation is a phenomenon of great importance for understanding some fundamental physiological processes. 2. the histological structure of digestive organs are made up of the Zymogen granules and secretory granules, these granules are related to the function of
11. Use “granule” in a sentence | “granule” sentence examples. یادگیری لغت granule در جمله و متن؛ یک روش موثر برای حفظ لغت granule. and contains one or more volutin granules which appear to consist of nucleic acid in combination with an unknown base.
12. How to use hemosiderosis in a sentence. 9. hemosiderin definition: nounAn insoluble protein that contains iron, is produced by phagocytic digestion of hematin that is released during hemolysis of hemoglobin, and is found as granules in most tissues, especially the liver. 10.
13. Use “zingiber” in a sentence | “zingiber” sentence examples Piper longum, and Cinnamomum cassia in Baw EI Shiliu granules were identified by TLC. 3 Effective components of Zingiber officinale Roscoe were extracted by using ether, the antibacterial action of Zingiber officinale Roscoe extracts was studied. 4 Zingiber officinale
14. Effervescent in a sentence "Sodium hydrogen carbonate effervescent granules Oral use" "The effervescent granules, supplied in a sachet, are white" "Yes, we have effervescent powder here" "I've got an effervescent produce manager" "The effervescent system may include an acid"
15. English words and Examples of Usage use "bulky" in a sentence Their membrane encloses granules of opaque protoplasm, mingled with numerous bulky granules of colourless fatty matter. It is often a large bulky plant and rather uninviting. The feeding of an excessive, or insufficient quantity of feed, or a ration that
16. Resemble in a sentence up(1) down(1) Spinelets are confined to the radial shields in G. arcticus and more closely resemble large granules. 27. This idea works well using such designs as L-shapes, placed back to back to resemble book ends. 28.
17. Granular definition: Granular substances are composed of a lot of granules. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples
18. The 30-60 mesh granules have the advantage of penetrating even the densest cover and their application results in a maximum deposit of the insecticide on the soil surface. 🔊 Also learn how to use these words in a sentence. Pliable in a sentence | Short example sentence for pliable. Artificial in a sentence | Short example sentence for
19. granules granulocute How can you use “granulated” in a sentence? Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: Four types of media containing 2% granulated agar (Difco, Detroit, MI) were used to grow fungi: (1)
20. Definition n. a leukocyte with basophilic granules easily stained by basic stains Do you have a better example in your mind? Please submit your sentence! Submit - basophil - aardwolf. USE IN A SENTENCE. RECENT. assurance rowboat highbrowed bibliography hazardous tempt griddle secure plenitudinous monocle secure plenitudinous jamboree reynard
21. Use "granules" in a sentence. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. granules in a sentence. Granules; There is tea, with tea leaves or granules or. But look! What's that at the bottom? Tiny yellow granules. In a food processor liquefy the bananas and the lecithin granules.
22. Sentence Examples for glycogen. Within the cytoplasm are found manifestations of functional activity, in the form of digestive vacuoles, granules, fat, glycogen, pigment, and foreign bodies. How to use glycogen in a sentence is shown in this page. Check the meaning of glycogen.
23. Use “nucleus” in a sentence | “nucleus” sentence examples the resting nucleus appears to consist of a homogeneous ground substance containing a large number of small chromatin granules and one or more large spherical granulesnucleolithe whole being surrounded by a limiting membrane which separates it from the cytoplasm.
24. Unlike red blood cells, however, they contam a few granules, which are collected mostly in the central part of the cell. There are about 300,000 to 400,000 platelets in each cubic millimeter of blood.
25. Granular data, as the name suggests, is data that is in pieces, as small as possible, in order to be more defined and detailed. The advantage of granular data is that it can be molded in any way that the data scientist or analyst requires, just like granules of sand that conform to their container.
26. 1. 1. Use eosinophilesee in a sentence, eosinophilesee meaning?, eosinophilesee definition, how to use eosinophilesee in a sentence, use eosinophilesee in a sentence with examples UseEnglishW Top 1000 Words: 3. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "basophile "The basophile granular cells are few-but the granules are large
27. Agranulocytes are a category of white blood cells characterized by the absence of granules in their cytoplasm. or. There are two types of agranulocytes: Lymphocytes and Monocytes. or. A white blood cell without cytoplasmic granules is called agranulocyte.

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