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"Globetrot" in Example Sentences

1. The Arctic tern is the champion globetrotter, a big deal for an animal that measures only a foot long.: He said he is not very widely travelled and does not describe himself as a globetrotter.: Always a globetrotter, he lives half the year in Moscow where he has a huge following.: And it is only thanks to his scheme that he is now a well-travelled globetrotter.
2. Also globetrot. Word forms: globe-trots, globe-trotting, globe-trotted. intransitive verb [usu cont] If someone spends their time globe-trotting, they spend a lot of time traveling to different parts of the world. [informal] Examples of 'globe-trot' in a sentence globe-trot. 11. You can use globetrotter as a noun in a sentence.
3. The khaki-sporting, globetrotting old man has an iconic white beard and a refined booze palate. The Daily Beast is calling on all its globetrotting readers to send the coolest photos from their recent travels.: They had loved the outdoors and had been globetrotting for years.: Kay, 53, claims she would rather not bother wearing any smalls and go commando while globetrotting if necessary.
4. globetrot definition: intransitive verbglobe·trot·ted, globe·trot·ting, globe·trots To travel often and widely, especially for sightseeing.Origin of globetrot Back-formation from globetrotter Related Forms: 1. globe′tro
5. How to use globetrotting in a sentence. Example sentences with the word globetrotting. globetrotting example sentences.
6. Use globetroters in a sentence, globetroters meaning?, globetroters definition, how to use globetroters in a sentence, use globetroters in a sentence with examples
7. Globetrotting definition: Verb 1. Present participle of globetrot.Noun (uncountable) 2. worldwide travel
8. Smallness in a sentence up(1) down(0) and the breed's smallness enables tight stocking for more efficient land use. 18. Billie was so small in his arms, his heart broke for her smallness. 30. The more we globetrot , the more aware we are of the smallness of the world.
9. Breakfast globetrotting. posted on April 16, put a prize on a location on your map (I usually use laminated placemats, but since there are so many small countries, Because really, there is no greater entertainment than hearing a three year old use a random country in a sentence, such as these: 3. 13. globetrotting definition: Verb 1. Present
10. Wander, roam, rove, range, travel, travel idly, journey, voyage, globetrot, drift, coast, meander, gad about, gallivant, jaunt, take a trip, go on a trip
11. The reason why Captain Herzog wants Baby Yoda might be explained in a sentence or two, but it doesn't matter. The show would get by fine without it. Last edited: Dec 2, 2019. GregMcP, Dec 2, 2019 they're not going to globetrot the world and shoot in Tunisia and European forests or whatever. As far as TV goes, this is some of the most high
12. Yankees and 19 for the globetrot ers. In the second semi-final game, the Kids continued their winning ways as they edged by the Old. sters, 50.48, with the great aid of Reyes 16 points 'and tremendous rebounding ability. The Oldsters, who did not win a game in the tournament, just couldn't seem to solve the tap-in shots of the tall

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